How to fix slow computers and make them faster

How to fix slow computers

Computer systems become slow with time – that is normal. We are here giving you free tips that how to fix slow computers

following are the some causes due to which PC gets slow over time

1. Low Hard disk space

If you have remaining less then 1 GB on your or drive it means this is the main cause of slow computer. Computer used the hard disk space for swap files which helps to speed the up the work. So if you are running out of space then delete some unnecessary data from the hard disk to free up some more space. And restart the PC.

2. Unwanted Background Programs and Startup Items.

It may be possible that unnecessary programs are running in the background which slowing down your PC. Remove any unwanted or unnecessary startup items which get load automatically when computer starts.

To determine what programs are running without your knowledge and just how much memory and CPU they’re using open Task Manager.  If you’re running Home windows 7 run Resmon to obtain a better knowledge of the way your computer has been used.

Please make sure that any security program, antivirus or spyware programs is not scanning in the background. It cause the system slow down during scanning.

3. Missing windows update or outdated drivers

Be sure that you have all the updated device drivers, browser plugins and windows update. Some times this may be the cause of your problem. Suppose you just update the windows but not the driver. And Old driver is not compatible with the new windows update. So take care specially Graphics driver is the main cause for this.

4. Corrupted OS or other Data Corruption

Some times a particular area on your hard drive get conflicted with other file or a OS file can get corrupted during any program installation or uninstallation. Or may you get some bad sectors in your hard drive which cause your computer to become slow.

Run Scandisk to find out these type of error. Or run a windows Repair utility which can fix these common issues.

4. Computer or Processor is Overheating

Some times it may be possible that Fan of your processor or the exhaust fan of computer which throw our the heat outside from the computer stopped working due to dust, dirt or hair. And this make the processor overheated which slows down your PC speed. So make sure that your computer’s all fans are working fine.

5. Need a Memory upgrade

If your computer is more then 1 year old it may be possible that your system need a memory upgrade. As mostly software upgrade their software time to time. And if you have recently upgrade any software possibility is that it needs more RAM consumption to work properly, which cause the computer to be slow. So upgrade Increase your RAM as well time to time as your software / games get updated.

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