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Second opinion scanners are highly recommended these days. Our life is getting dependent on tech gadgets specially on smartphones and computers. And both these devices are on high risk of cyber threats like viruses, malware, crimeware, ransomware etc. Everyone recommends to install an antivirus in the system and we mostly follow this. But still we are at risk, so sometime we require to scan our system for a second opinion to make sure that our system is really free from all threats. So here we are giving a list of second opinion virus / malware scanners.

Best malware scanners for second opinion

These below malware scanners and best fit for the second opinion scanners. For on-demand scanning they are free to use. So it took nothing to you if you think your computer has some issues and you doubt whether you existing antivirus is working properly or not. If you need real time protection then below software are compatible with mostly all antivirus, so you can install them along with your existing antivirus.

1. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a popular and strong anti malware.  It has its own set of database of malware. It is free for life to use as on demand scanner for second opinion. It also provides a 30 days trial for free for its premium version.

2. HitmanPro

HitmaPro have also its own set of malware database. Its plus point is that it uses a behavioral based technology which detects the suspicious file and scan it in the cloud with three top antivirus engine of the industry. HitmanPro only provides a full 30 days trial. There is no free version of it.

3. Zemana

Zemana is a less known name but is a powerful malware scanner even it may catch adware which other can’t catch. So Zemana is also a good second opinion scanner for your system. As like Malwarebytes it also provides free and paid options. Free can be used as on-demand scanner. Paid provides real time protection. It gives free premium trial for 14 days.

4. Emsisoft

Emsisoft is another reputed name of antimalware. As like HitmanPro it also scans the file with the 3 reputed antivirus engines.

Apart from these second opinion antivirus scanners you can also consider multi av scanners. They provide scanning with multiple antivirus and malware engines.

Best online scanners by popular antivirus companies

These online scanners are provided by the popular antivirus companies. Choose an antivirus scanner other then the antivirus installed in your system. All these scanners free to use as a second opinion scanner.

  1. Norton security scan
  2. McAfee security scan
  3. Trend Micro housecall
  4. F-Secure online scanner
  5. Panda cloud cleaner
  6. Bitdefender quick scan
  7. Eset online scanner

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