Top 5 Best Free Antimalware Software and ToolsViruses are not the only threat these days, but other serious malware threats like ransomware, adware, scareware, scamware, personal data theft are on higher side.  Antimalware software helps to protect from all these threats. And if you have already infected then these tools are useful to get rid of malware infection.

Best Anti-Malware Software for windows 10 / 8 / 7

We have researched and listed below only the best Anti malware software, on which you can rely and are effective in removal and protection of malware.

  1. Malwarebytes
  2. Hitman Pro
  3. Zemana
  4. Emsisoft
  5. Norton Power Eraser

Never trust any unknown malware removal tool. Instead of cleaning they can severe infect your computer which leads to serious problem like money loss, data loss, private information theft etc.

These tools are effectively able to clean malware along with providing real-time protection. Mostly all of these tools are free to use to remove malware from the system. For real time protection you buy their premium subscription.

Best adware removal tools and antimalware software for 2020

1. Malwarebytes Antimalware

Malwarebytes Antimalware

FreeAlways Free for Detection and Removal
Premium14 Days Full Free Trial / $39.99 after trial
Premium benefitsReal time Protection

Malwarebytes is a well known name for Antimalware software. It is very popular as it is FREE. You can use it free for life to scan and clean malware. It works as on-demand scanner in free mode.

It is also providing a paid option where you can get real time protection. In real time protection it work in the background and stop any malware before they enter into the system. Malwarebytes is compatible with mostly all antiviruses and can be used along with any of your existing antivirus protection.

New Malwarebytes 3 includes new features like Ransomware protection, Exploit Protection, Web Protection etc. It stops you immediately to visit to a malware infected or scam website.

2. Hitman Pro

Sophos Hitman pro Anti-Malware Scanner

Free30 Days Full Free Trial
Pro$24.95  (scan and clean only without real time protection)
HitmanPro.Alert$34.95 (With real time protection)

HitmanPro which is now part of Sophos security. It is a popular name for second opinion scanner. It uses its own database along with cloud based scanning with Top 3 Antiviruses engines Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Emsisoft.

Hitman pro also uses a behavioral based technology which detects even unknown threats. according to behavior it scans the suspected files using its cloud based technology scanning engine. The best thing is that it is very fast. It has scanning power of 4 scanners but still very fast.

But this utility is not completely Free, it offers 30 days free detection and removal. After that you have to pay to use it. It has both options you use it as a portable scanner or you can install it in the computer.

For realtime protection it comes as HitmanPro.Alert with a price of $34.95. It has a strong ransomware protection, webcam protection, usb autorun protection, exploit protection. It also comes with a keyboard encryption which makes it a powerful antimalware software.

Hitman Pro is fully compatible with any of the Antivirus Protection installed on the system. Hitman Pro is very effective in removal of Malware, Virus, Adware or unwanted programs etc.

3. Zemana Antimalware

Zemana Antimalware 3

FreeAlways Free Detection and Removal
Pro30 Days Full Free Trial / $25 after trial
Pro benefitsReal time Protection

Zemana has revamped its software and is powered with ai technology for more deep scanning and protection from the threats.

Zemana Antimalware can be a new name for the user, But it is an advanced version of the old popular software which was previously know as the Zemana Antilogger.

We found it effective against malware as well as adware. Cloud based multi AV scanning with its own database signatures make it a powerful cleaner. Its low price, effectiveness and free trial make it a good choice to choose.

It comes with a 30 days full free trial which let you to scan & clean the infections, but for real time protection you require to buy a paid subscription.

4. Emsisoft Antimalware

Emsisoft Antimalware

Free30 Days Full Free Trial

Emsisoft antimalware scored very well in many AV labs. It uses multiple layer of protection and scanning engines which makes it unique .  Its user interface is with a nice look & feel and is user friendly.

It has features like Surf protection, Real time file guard, Behavior blocker etc.  In new version surf protection has been enhanced and new ransomware protection is added as another layer of protection. Its PUP protection is better then others and help to overcome adware and unwanted browser extensions etc. It also includes an option to create an emergency kit.

Apart from above tools which provides real time protection here other 2 tools which can be used as malware removal tool only. These have no option for real time protection. But if you are already infected with a malware these are worth to scan with to make sure there is nothing left behind.

5. Norton Power Eraser by Symantec

Norton Power Eraser


It is free utility from Norton. Norton is one of top trusted brand in the computer security. They have developed this tool to scan deeply to eliminate any type of malware, crime-ware, adware etc. which a traditional antivirus is unable to detect.

Even it is able to remove scam-ware from your PC as they described on their website. If you are getting lots of Pop up ads alerting that your computer is not secure? or your computer infected etc.. These ads can lead to Scam or ransom-ware. Norton power eraser is aggressively designed for these type of scam-ware. As it is very aggressive tool so it may remove even some legitimate program but don’t worry it has an option to review repair sessions and undo changes.

Comparison of best AntiMalware Software

See a basic feature comparison of all the top malware removal tools compatible with Windows 10 for 2019. It can help you to make your decision for which Anti-malware should you choose?

Malwarebytes vs Hitmanpro vs Zemana vs Emsisoft vs Melicious Software removal tool vs Norton Power Eraser

ProductInstall typeFree periodReal time ProtectionPrice for Premium



InstallerAlways FreeYes
(with paid subscription)
Hitman Pro Antimalware

Hitman Pro

Installer and
30 DaysYes
(with hitmanPro.Alert purchase – $34.95)
Installer and
30 DaysYes
(with paid subscription)
Emsisoft Antimalware software


Installer30 DaysYes
(with paid subscription)
Norton Power Eraser





Q: What is Malware?

A: Malware is a term which defines all type of malicious software which can harm a computer in any way, which can include Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Worms, Scamware, Adware, Ransomware, Scareware etc.  These days malware attacks increases a lot and necessity of a good anti-malware programs has been increased widely.

Q: If we have antivirus installed, does still we require an Antimalware?

A: Though today’s all antivirus software also includes the malware protection but a dedicated antimalware provide an extra layer of security.  Due to compatibility issue you can’t install two antivirus but you can install an antimalware along with the antivirus. So it provides you an extra layer of security without slowing down computer.  See the list of Best Antivirus.

Q: What is the difference between an antivirus and antimalware?

A: Antiviruses are mainly focused on virus protections as they have virus signature database. Whereas anti-malware are based on behavioral based detection technology which enhance the protection from other kind of unknown threats as well. Though today antiviruses have also integrated this technology to compete with the antimalwares. Know more about Antivirus vs antimalware.

Q: Which antimalware do you recommend as the best one?

A: Today in a fast changing world where every day lots of malware getting discovered, It is very hard to recommend a particular software as the best. Every software have their own methodology to detect the threats, So it is common that one software can miss threats and another one can catch them. Taking a second opinion is always a good idea.

Q: There are some cheap tools which detects more threats in the system?

A: There are lots of tools these days in the market but you can not trust blindly at anyone as there are lots of fake antivirus tools which are being promoted by fake tech support companies to charge you by scaring that you are infected with the viruses. You can read the Tech Support Scams for more detail about it.

There is no harm in using all the above tools to clear every possible malware. As mostly these  tools are portable tools, so you don’t need to install them, you can simply run them as an On Demand Scanner to make sure that there is no malware residing in your PC.

Check out the Best Adware Removal tools to specifically remove unwanted software, unwanted toolbars & popup ads etc.

Please let us know if you have something which can be added in to the list. Write your experience and comments in the comments section.

20 thoughts on “Top 5 Free Antimalware Software (Free & Paid)”

  1. When I try to start Windows 10 PC of Core 2 Duo for the first time in a long time, the fan is fully opened right after the start. When I checked the status on the task bar, Malicious Software Removal Tool is half the CPU

    1. Malicious Software Removal tool is a security app from Microsoft. Maybe it is doing a full scan of your computer, that’s why it is taking too much memory or CPU uses. We suggest you to please let it finish the scan and then run a scan once more after reboot the computer. Do update your winows once as well. If this trick doesn’t work for you, then we suggest you to please disable it from your computer and then install a good anti-virus for your computer like Norton, AVG, mcafee.

    1. Ya – for one stop installing stupid stuff on your pc, and dump win 10. der!! that way there is nothing to “prevent” in the first place! It’s called “preventative measures”.

      And I am aware of the: “you can just turn it off” logic(???)
      and my reply to that has always been: “why is there in the first place” Why does a computer software need to monitor its owners – especially that deep? Those like you that offer advice on ways to curcumvent it, are just perpetuating it.

      Ask yourself this – if you have someone outside your window peeping on you (or your kids) as well as your neighbors: do you tell your neighbors that : “you can just close your shades!” or do you call the cops? It is a slieghtly exaggerated example – but the principle is the same. Don’t show people how to circumvent the keylogging, spying and other crap on the system – show them how to avoid it all together. AV’s don’t do it, and win 10 certainly doesn’t. an my 30+ yrs personal xp outweighs anything here.

  2. Only people under 5 feet tall know about the existence of Microsoft’s Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

  3. I purchased malwarebytes, The free version was very good, the professional version at times stopped, the professional version also slowed my pc processing down a good bit, it took me 3 months to find this out. Some searching online told me that malwarebytes professional had a bug in it that malwarebytes did not want to fix. I uninstalled it and my pc sped up. Installed it and it slowed down. Investigating malware hunter by glary utilities now.

  4. I want to buy an antimalware. I have Norton antivirus installed on my Windows 10. Which one will you prefer. Hitman Pro or the Malwarebytes? I am confused between these two.

    1. Can you please elaborate the problem? which antimalware program you are using? and which protection is getting disabled?

    2. Same problem with Malware Bytes 3.0 and 3.6,so uninstalled and installed Malware Bytes 2.2 working great not more protection turning off.

  5. i used malwarebytes in free trial and it is awesome it detected me a lot of viruses and malwares including TROJAN fking shit and it deleted it and i think its gone so i really like malwarebytes

  6. I am searching a good antimalware with realtime protection. Can you please help me to choose between hitmanpto.alert and emsisoft antimalware paid versions.

    1. I will suggest you to go with hitmanpro.Alert. one reason is that it integreated multiple av engine for on demand scanning. It has behavioral engine and last but not least is the hitmanpro.alert has great anti-ransomware protection. ALongwith it you will get its hitmanpro.kickstart free of cost with your subscription.

  7. Antimalware is a must have software these days. Free software is a good option. I like malwarebytes as best because it is free.

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