6 Best Free Antivirus for Windows 10


Best antivirus for Windows 10Antivirus software become must have for every computer. Though Microsoft’s free security software ‘Windows Defender’ bundled with Windows, but that is not much effective to protect you from all kind of threats. So a reputed third party antivirus software is required to protect computer from all kind of threats. In the market there are many paid and free antivirus software are available. But we are here only providing you the best and reputed Windows 10 antivirus for home users.

Best free antivirus software 2019

  1. Avast
  2. Avira
  3. Bitdefender
  4. Sophos
  5. AVG
  6. Panda
  7. ZoneAlarm

Recommending a particular software to be the best is not possible, But we gave them priority according to their experience, user interface, and user reviews etc. All software listed here are almost equally effective but features may vary. Please share your experience as well.

Best Antivirus for Windows 10 (Free)

Below is a list of free antivirus software suitable for Windows 10 / 8 / 7. We are providing a short review for each. Also read features comparison.

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is a cloud light antivirus which take very less resources of the system. Due to its trust, review and features we are putting it on first position.

Download Free Antivirus Avast 2019

Download Avast free antivirus


  • Antivirus, Antimalware
  • Anti-ransomware (basic protection)
  • Password manager
  • Wi Fi Security
  • Full screen mode which disables notifications and reduces system load when play games or watch movies.
  • Smart Scan to scan the system for unsafe settings and software which require to update.

Avast does not need an introduction these days. Avast continues to be among the best antivirus software available in the market. It provide some great features for safe online banking and shopping in its free version, so we marked it the number one choice for your new Windows 10 PC.

Avast free is fully compatible with Windows 10. It is multi-platform compatible for Mac, Android and iOS as well. Its latest version includes home network security and password management features for free.

2. Avira Free Security Suite

This year we put it on second position as it is providing extra features as compared to other free software. It also uses cloud based scanning which make it light weight.

Download Avira Free Antivirus 2018

Download Avira free antivirus

Click here to download Avira Free Antivirus


  • Antivirus, anti-malware
  • Anti-ransomware (basic protection)
  • Phishing protection.
  • Password manager
  • Avira protected Opera browser
  • Access to Free Avira Phantom VPN (1GB/month)
  • System speed optimization tool.
  • Avira privacy pal (personal assistant to safeguard your privacy).

Avira offers free security suite. Actually it is bundle of free software provided by Avira. It includes  antivirus, system speedup and Phantom VPN, free password manager etc.

Avira have refined its security products to a high quality and its free antivirus  looks very committed. It has a cloud detection technology to give zero day protection. Avira also offers a free browser safety extension to protect your browser from PUA and unwanted extensions.

It also scans malicious urls while you browse. Avira community is growing rapidly and it is the next strong competitor of Avast in free antivirus industry.

3. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Next is Bitdefender’s free antivirus. Very less people know that Bitdefender has its free antivirus product.

Download bitdefender free edition 2018

Download Bitdefender antivirus free edition


  • Antivirus, antimalware
  • Anti-ransomware (basic protection)
  • Phishing protection
  • Safe website filter

Bitdefender offers the best protection against cyber threats. It’s no surprise therefore, that the free version of Bitdefender is among the best free to download Security software.

It’s not only compact, but also runs in the background protecting your computer without troubling you. It is an install and forget type light weight Free Antivirus Solution. There is not much option to configure in it, just install and forget it. Bitdefender free antivirus also includes Free Phishing protection and fraud protection.

4. Sophos Home Free

Unique thing of Sophos is that it is providing parental control in its free version. No other software in the list is providing this feature for free.

Sophos home free

Download Sophos home free


Below are the features Sophos provide in its free version.

  • Antivirus, Antimalware
  • Anti ransomware (basic protection)
  • Parental website filtering.
  • Web protection to block dangerous websites.

Sophos also provides 30 days of free premium features for free.  After 30 days you can continue using it free features. But for premium features you need to purchase a subscription.

5. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is offering almost same things which avast is offering except its user interface. Avast & avg are now a single company.

Download Free AVG Antivirus

Download AVG free antivirus

AVG antivirus is yet a good choice for the protection of your computer. The free AVG antivirus has earned good ratings from independent labs as a good free protection software for common computer threats. AVG free is available for Mac, Android and PC.

It has features like link scanning for malicious links, downloads and emails. You can also scans for PC performance problems with this free antivirus. Recently AVG was acquired by Avast but still all AVG products are continuing. So it is your choice now you either you choose Avast or AVG.

6. Panda Dome Free

Panda Dome

Download Panda free antivirus

Panda has revamped user interface and introduced new Dome. It comes with a user-friendly, modern design, USB protection, process monitoring, scan statistics. Now free panda security comes with a free firewall and free vpn.

But it is also lacking some features in its free version.  Panda is providing some features with a paid subscription whereas others are providing for free like Password manager, wifi security etc.

  • Improved protection against Phishing, Spyware, Trojan and Rootkits.
  • USB protection.
  • Real time protection.
  • Improved protection against both known and unknown viruses.
  • Rescue disk option to create a bootable rescue to scan any infected PC.

7. Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

Zone Alarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

Download free ZoneAlarm antivirus


  • Antivirus, anti-malware scanner.
  • Built in personal firewall.
  • Identity protection.
  • WiFi Security
  • Game Mode

ZoneAlarm by checkpoint is the only company offering firewall as free. It has two separate products free antivirus and free firewall. You need to install them separately.

Its antivirus includes features like antispyware, personal firewall, identity protection, wireless network protection, gamer mode and online backups etc. So it looks a nice package as your free protection.

Comparison of top 7 free antivirus programs

We have given a brief features comparison apart from antivirus, malware and ransomware protection as all of them have these capabilities. Today mostly all software have integrated the cloud based technology which make these software light weight and little impact on system.

Comparison of Free Antivirus Software for Windows 10

AntivirusExtra features
1AvastPassword manager, wifi security, game mode
2AviraPassword manager, speed optimization, free vpn, privacy protection
3BitdefenderPhishing protection, safe website filter
4SophosParental control, web protection
5AVGPassword manager, wifi security, game mode
6PandaFirewall, USB protection, usb rescue disk,free vpn
7ZoneAlarmWifi security, identity protection, free firewall, game mode

Above free antivirus program are suitable for home users. For a complete business grade security go for a paid antivirus option

Which Antivirus should I choose?

This is the common question came into everyone’s mind after seeing many option or a list of good free antivirus. First thing is that we have already make the list short to choose the best one and now it depends on your choice and requirement. Please share your experience and reviews. It will help other users to make the perfect choice to choose the best antivirus.

Windows defender comes inbuilt in windows 10 and is much better then its previous release. But still we recommend you to install a third party antivirus solution as they provide better level of protection with variety of tools. With these lots of  free antivirus software options for your PC  in 2019, now you have no excuse for going without protection this year!


Q: Are these lifetime free or is there any time limitation?

A: These are really free forever and are not time bounded limitation. But you have to register yourself to get the free lifetime license key.

Q: If these are free does they show ads to us?

A: Yes they may show you occasional ads or offers to you. Mostly these offers are to upgrade their own software to a paid subscription?

Q: Is paid and free antivirus have same level of protection.

A: Actually to stop threats they are equally effective they lacks some advance level of protection like parental control, advanced ransomware protection, data backup etc. Every company have different criteria so compare them consider the best one for you. Read : best antivirus software for windows.

Q: Malwarebytes is free can we use it instead of free antivirus?

A: Malwarebytes paid subscription can be replaced with antivirus but free version can not be as its free version does not include real time protection.

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Please post your review or suggestion in the below comment box.

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  1. rayman says

    Thanks for this great info. It is really very helpful. But there is one question in my mind that windows defender lies for free in windows 10, So are these free antivirus really more powerful than the default windows defender or we have to go for the paid antivirus.

    1. Indica Jahson says

      Install and use AVAST and turn off Windows Defender…it’s main priority is protecting system files and also their database is not updated frequently enough, allowing new viruses to get right past it. AVAST on the other hand, or even AVG, updates their virus databases frequently; I haven’t had a virus in years using AVAST and have tried many times to get one. Running Windows Defender and any other anti-virus software at the same time, will significantly slow your computer down as AV software is always running and using RAM. Don’t pay for AV software, the free ones available are sufficient as long as you watch what executable files you run on your computer. Pay attention and don’t just click, click, click LOL

    2. Gary says

      Indica Jahson give a good answer of you. Windows Defender can not protect from the zero day attacks. Lots of malware are getting detected everyday and a dedicated company can only save us from them. So that why we need third party antivirus software whether that is Paid or Free. But I do recommend Paid software. Even a simple antivirus is not of any use these days. If you are serious about your security then use the Paid software otherwise at least use a Free Antivirus. Above list a very good ideas to choose a Free Antivirus for Windows 10.

    3. Bob 2 says

      I think the best free Antivirus to download so far is Baidu (full version).

  2. Raider says

    Windows Defender is only there to protect Windows from getting infected. It is not a full Virus Protection for everything that is installed.
    Therefore if you need good protection for Virus, Phising , Rootkits and other Malware then you should install an Additional Tool. – BitDefender is a very good choice imho. For 2016 Kaspersky and BitDefender were equal and have received the AVTest awards. There is lots of information available and comparisons on the Internet, please review the details, as many tools have options that you may like, especially the paid versions. This Page for free AV tools is good but do educate yourself on what other AV Tools there are and what they offer.

  3. Taylor says

    It is really useful. Can there be any comparison table that we can compare and find the best?

  4. George says

    Nice and thanks

  5. Artur Lipingue says

    I really like the app and very good

  6. patricia says

    Will go with the free Avast. My former workplace uses AVAST; this article confirms that it is the best choice for me.

  7. Jethro says

    Bitdefender Free demands personal info for activation. This is not free because personal info is valuable.

  8. Narayana Cooper says

    Avira is NOT FREE! I just clicked the link & the page I was sent to has 3 paid for options, but NO “FREE” Download anywhere on the page. What gives?

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, we just have checked and found the Free Avira download link went wrong, so sorry for the inconvenience. We just have fixed this link. Here is the direct download link to download Avira Free Antivirus 2019.

  9. HENDRO says

    How about memory resource using? Which one superlight resource?

    1. PK says

      Very soon we will do the research and update the post about the resource consumption.

  10. Mary Kinney says

    Nice share this all are useful softwares.
    I have used avira and its good freeware software and also gets regular updates.
    I really appreciate your work

    1. Techexpert says

      Thanks for your appreciation!!

  11. Donna Gustavson says

    I’m really unimpressed with Avast Free – it just took over my web browser – without permission and will not let me change it or uninstall it…..

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, some anti-viruses (Avast, AVG, Norton) have a secure search engine, and all of them wants to set it on your browser’s homepage so that you can search on the Internet securely.
      If we come to the permission point, they must get permission while you are accepting their term and conditions part.
      You can easily remove/uninstall this type of homepage by removing Avast extension from your browser. Check how to remove a browser extension.

      1. Donna says

        It would be nice to be able to do that. Unfortunately it’s imbedded and won’t allow me to remove it….. at no time would I have approved a change to their preferred search engine. When I googled the problem there was a large columns of complaints about this issue.

        1. Techexpert says

          If the Avast search came into your computer, then there must be a way to remove it. Just follow the following steps to remove it from your browser.

          Manual steps to remove Avast Search
          1. Uninstall Avast Search from the control panel.
          2. Open up the browser which is infected by the Avast Search.
          3. Go to its homepage settings and change its homepage URL to http://www.google.com.
          4. Go to the browser’s extension area and then remove/disable the Avast extension from there.
          5. Go to Search engine settings in the browser and then change your default browser to google first, and then remove the Avast one from there.

          If the above steps did not work for you, then you should remove it through Avast uninstall utility.
          If the removal tool doesn’t work for you then we please tell me, in which browser is facing this problem so that we can you its step-by-step manual guide.

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