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    hello, Which adblocker are you talking about to be specific?

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    Hello, By default HDMI cable is set to transfer both video and audio. However, you will be forced to make manual changes in settings in order to change the default channel for sound. With an HDMI cable connected, the system sets up the default sound to HDMI. Follow these steps to make changes to your windows 10 laptop.

    • Disable the HDMI sound driver in the device manager.

    That way the windows will not enable HDMI as the default sound driver and you will be able to use your normal speakers. Go to Device manager, open Audio inputs and outputs then Disable the HDMI sound driver.

    • Set default sound device

    This is the best way to change the default sound device for your PC. Open the Control panel -> Hardware and sounds -> Sound and set your default speaker the press ok to save settings.

    Screenshot (159)


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    This is a common problem that arises running Microsoft store applications in Windows 10 the major problem being windows update services or corrupt windows store application. It can be fixed using various methods as demonstrated below.

    • Troubleshoot the Microsoft store.

    Using the available system troubleshooter, you can easily solve the problem Widows 10 store error 0x80070422. Open Settings or press Windows + I -> Update & security -> troubleshoot -> Scroll down to additional troubleshooters -> scroll down to windows store apps then click on it -> Run troubleshooter. Restart your PC after scanning is complete.

    Settingswindows store apps

    • Set windows service to run automatically

    At times the windows update service my stop thus preventing apps from being downloaded from the Microsoft store. To fix this issue, we have to set the update service to automatic. To do that, Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R combination keys -> Type services.msc -> Hit enter button and scroll down to windows update and set to automatic. Also find these services and set to automatic.

    1. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
    2. Cryptographic Service
    3. MSI Installer

    Windows update service

    • Reset Windows store

    If the Widows 10 store error 0x80070422 still persists, it will be better to reset it to default state. Most problems will be eliminated.

    Press Windows + R combination keys -> type WSReset.exe and click OK or Enter to start the process automatically. Restart your PC once the process is complete and check if the problem is solved.

    Windows store reset

    • Fix the error by using .BAT file.

    This procedure is straightforward done by running .bat file with some command lines in a notepad.

    Copy and paste the following commands in a notepad then save it as repair.bat and choose All Files Under the save as type. You can save it anywhere in your PC there after you can run the .bat file as administrator(optional). It will the run in CMD by showing a pop-up then executes automatically. This is an advanced mode for solving Widows 10 store error 0x80070422.

    sc config wuauserv start= auto
    sc config bits start= auto
    sc config DcomLaunch start= auto
    net stop wuauserv
    net start wuauserv
    net stop bits
    net start bits
    net start DcomLaunch


    Once the process is complete, close the command prompt and check whether the problem was solved. Try any of the methods above and let us know the one which worked for you.

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    Hello, most probably you turned on the BitLocker for data encryption. When turning on the BitLocker in your operating system’s hard drive, normally you are prompted to enter a BitLocker password or PIN, or alternatively insert a USB Flash Drive that contains the startup key you saved earlier when you turn on your computer. Without the startup key, you cannot sign in.

    If you turned on the BitLocker you must enter the unlock key to unlock it.

    In case your Microsoft account is linked to your PC, the key was most probably uploaded automatically to your Microsoft account. Follow this link using a different computer to sign in a find the BitLocker key.n

    If non of the above methods works, then you will be needed to wipe your disk because there is no password utility that is able to bypass the encryption of your hard drive.

    Always keep your Password or PIN safe.

    For more info read here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/finding-your-bitlocker-recovery-key-in-windows-10-6b71ad27-0b89-ea08-f143-056f5ab347d6

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    When you change the computer name in a network, you have to share again because that is how your computer was being able to be identified in the network. Go to network and sharing and do the necessary. Follow the procedure you used previously to share your computer in the network. Makes sure your computer is visible to the network.

    Network sharing

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    To enable javascript in google chrome on windows 10, Go to settings by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right corner-> click on settings -> Click Privacy and security -> Choose site settings  -> under Content, click Javascript and enable it or simply paste this link to chrome chrome://settings/content/javascript

    Javascript Chrome

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    A common update problem for windows 10. This can be caused by several factors including, malware/ virus attack, corrupt  systems files, disabled services or even drivers issues. Below are methods and solution that will fully solve your problem. Try each method and tell us the one which solved your problem.

    • Run Troubleshooter

    The inbuilt troubleshooter helps to identify and solve windows problems. Basically most problems related to your system can be handled by the troubleshooter making your work easier. Open settings -> navigate to update and security and click it -> scroll down Troubleshoot -> click on additional troubleshooters ->Windows update -> Run Troubleshooter.

    SettingsWindows update2

    • Perform an SFC and DISM scans to correct Errors.SFC stands for system file checker while DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. To perform these commands, open CMD as Administrator by clicking on search button then type CMD then Right-click and choose Run as administrator.

    First run SFC command by typing sfc /scannow and hit enter button. It will take some time so be patient while windows scans and repairs corrupt system files. once done check whether you can do the update if not go to the next step.

    Sfc scannow

    Run DISM command by typing DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and hit enter button to begin the process.

    Dism scan

    Once it is done restart your computer and check whether the problem is gone otherwise move to the next step.

    • Restart windows updates componentsThis applies to cases where the windows components is causing update issues. Use the following commands in the CMD to restore windows system files to original state. Always run CMD as an administrator and also press enter after each command or simply paste it all.

      net stop wuauserv

      net stop cryptSvc

      net stop bits

      net stop msiserver

      ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

      ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old

      net start wuauserv

      net start cryptSvc

      net start bits

      net start msiserver

      Once it is done try making an update after restarting.

    • Optionally download windows update manually.

    Go to Microsoft official site to download the latest windows updates and install into your PC. You should note the KB number of your system then go ahead and search for it in the Microsoft website and download the one that suits your computer architecture.



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    This problem is mostly caused by problems with video driver, corrupted windows files, malware and virus infection, or incompatible software program. You should be able to identify the main cause of Explorer stopping and choose the best solution for your problem. Try the following known ways to fix your issue.

    • Update display driver

    Find the right updated driver software for your using driver pack online, update through device manager or by downloading the updated version from your PC model website. To update using the Device Manager, press windows + x combination keys and click on device manager -> once open, scroll down to display adaptors, click to expand and right click on your graphics driver and choose update. Follow the onscreen instructions to update it.

    Device manager display driver

    • Run SFC scan to restore system files.

    System file checker will identify and correct system errors that has affected the normal functioning of windows explorer. Open CMD (command prompt) as admin and type Sfc /scannow and press Enter button. The process will take sometime to complete.

    Sfc scannow

    • Use a Restore point to restore settings.

    If your explorer was working earlier normally, consider doing a system restore. This will ensure all errors are eliminated and everything set to a previous state when it was working perfectly. You can access your restore points directly by searching it or using safe mode. Restore your system to a previous saved state.

    System restore

    • Scan your system for Malware and viruses.

    Do a deep scanning of your computer to remove any adware, malware or virus to get rid of any unwanted problem within the system. Choose the right antivirus software to perform the deep scanning.

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    Your browser got hijacked by an adware program that keeps redirecting it to their sites. Resetting them and making sure everything runs smoothly is essential. The problem is not about default browser settings but rather an attack on your browser settings. We have had a detailed explanation on how to remove those adware programs  and reset the browsers respectively. Follow the link below to solve your problem. https://www.techsupportall.com/community/topic/getting-ads-by-ssoption-how-do-i-remove-it/

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    Hello, Once you have utilized those software programs to remove it, you must reset all the browsers to get a clean removal from the system. Most of the Adware programs hijack and redirects your browser to advertise their products or send and receive certain type of information with or without your consent. Adware programs normally comes entangled with freeware therefore you might not notice it until it is fully functioning in your PC. The common signs includes display of unrelated ads from what you searched for, numerous popup ads, freezing browser and high bandwidth. This makes it necessary to remove it fully from the system.

    Some people who had this issue considered removing the unknown programs through control panel then later resetting their browsers. You can also stop the services of those programs through Task manager under services to ensure that it does not start with windows nor run in background. Consider running your antivirus software to remove any unwanted programs from your system.

    Follow this link to reset all your browsers and all the problems will be solved.

    Getting ads by SSOption how do I remove it?


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    The new windows 10 has a new way of removing some installed apps which might not be visible in control panel. ytmp3.cc a research and advertising tool is designed to run in background in presence of internet access to send and receive data with or without your consent. Normally hijacks your browser’s default homepage and shows several advertisements which in most cases are not useful for you and annoying. Sometimes resetting browsers might not be enough since these kind of adware normally comes with free software programs and might hide their original identity from control settings.

    • Use the new settings panel to remove it.

    Proceed to Settings -> Apps -> Then click on apps & features scroll down then find ytmp3.cc applications and click it to uninstall

    Apps and features

    • Reset Microsoft Edge browser.

    Note: This will delete everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Proceed to settings -> profiles then Reset settings.

    Reset Edge

    • Stop service Through Task Manager

    Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc combination keys to open Task Manager. Start with startup programs and disable it from starting up when windows loads. Next is to use services to find and stop it from running in case you can’t find it in Control panel or in settings.

    Task manager servicesTask manager programs

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    Another way to get rid of it is by resetting your browser settings to default and removing Via new windows settings panel. Some applications might not be listed in the control panel but is visible through apps and features panel available in settings.

    By the end of this, SSOption will be fully out of your system. SSOption normally hijacks your browser and makes changes to your homepage settings and keeps popping up or opening new tabs while you are using your PC which is annoying. The bandwidth usage will also go high and your computer will start to lag after sometime. This product was meant to create high traffic for advertising firms by creating fake links meant to disrupt you when using your PC while sending some data in background.

    SSOption normally comes bundled with freeware software. Most people install it without their consent only to find out later when it has become a problem. Always install software programs you are familiar with to avoid problems.

    To fully remove out of your system, Go to Settings -> Apps -> Then click on apps & features scroll down then find SSOption applications and click it to uninstall. Also consider removing any other application that looks suspicious because sometimes these apps uses a different name to hide identity.

    Apps and features

    Next is to remove it from all browser first by Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Those processes mostly affects your browsers that is why you noticed while using your Chrome browser. You also noted this app requires internet access in order to run those background processes by sending and fetching data from your PC. Follow the following processes to reset your browsers.

    • Chrome

    Note: This will remove everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Go to settings access using the three dots at the top right corner -> Advanced settings-> click Reset.

    Reset chrome

    • Firefox

    Note: This will delete everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Proceed to settings-> Help->Choose troubleshooting Information-> then click Refresh Firefox.

    Reset firefox

    • Microsoft Edge.

    Note: This will remove everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Proceed to settings -> profiles then Reset settings.

    Reset Edge

    For any other issue let us know.

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    In that case since you have already tried Resetting windows without any success, it means essential system files are either missing or corrupted due virus or malware infection. To restore your PC faster, you need to have a USB drive at least 8gb, internet access and PC. Creating a reset disk is necessary since you have to repair those missing files or do a clean installation in that case.

    The best way to do this is for you to enter the advanced mode in settings so that you can access advanced tools in order for you to be able to makes changes and correct files created by malware, virus, failed updates or drivers by either uninstalling updates, or use the restore point to take back your PC to the previous state without loosing your personal data. You have to enter recovery mode for you to make those changes. If you don’t know how to enter check shared link and follow the instructions. https://windowsreport.com/how-to-enter-recovery-mode-in-windows-10/


    • First perform a restore point.

    Head to Windows 10 Advanced Startup Options menu->Click Startup Repair->Click System Restore->choose your username and finally choose a restore point  then begin the process.

    Restore pointsafe mode

    • Uninstall updates.

    Some windows updates my cause problems and BSOD blue screen of death errors. Sometimes when you try to perform a restore point it doesn’t end successfully therefore uninstalling updates as shown in the recovery mode above will be so useful to undo the changes that were made. This will restore the windows system files back to the previous state where it was working best before the update was made. This might help you fix your issues and if not successful move to the next solution.

    • Install windows a fresh

    Make a fresh windows installation using a bootable DVD or USB drive. Check your windows properties and download the right version for your PC. This will ensure that all system errors and windows files are fully removed from the system. It is faster and safe as long as you do it carefully. While installing windows be careful not delete your data or make a back up before doing a clean install. The process will take around 30 minutes to complete which will surely save you take that would have been used troubleshooting. Create and download your bootable windows 10 image here ->https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10


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    This is a common problem for chrome browser especially after making an update. The major causes of the crushes are incompatible extensions, Low disk space, small RAM less than 2gb, too much background tasks and virus infection.

    • If you started having issues after making a direct update from an older version, I would recommend that you uninstall it and delete all the data then do a clean installation or simply reset your chrome under settings.

    Reset chrome

    • Since chrome has many background processes running, a good memory size and at least 2GB of RAM will yield best results. From my analysis, Chrome consumes a lot of resources and if the system cannot hold it, then it will crush with errors. See the screenshot below

    Screenshot (135)

    • Disable your extensions. Extensions helps to bring more features to your chrome by providing an additional support for other applications such IDM integration module, adblock, among others. In some instances these extensions might cause errors while using your chrome which requires you to disable it. To disable chrome extensions, go to chrome://extensions/ Check if that solves your problem.

    Chrome Extensions

    • Check and remove incompatible software

    Some programs that are not compatible with chrome will cause it to crash. Managing those applications is essential by scanning and identifying them in settings.

    You can copy this link and paste it to your browser chrome://settings/cleanup or Go to settings->Advanced-> scroll down to Reset and clean up -> click Clean up computer -> click on Find to Find any harmful software in your computer -> Choose Remove and restart your chrome browser.

    Chrome Reset and clean upChrome Reset and cleanup

    • Try to us the No-sandbox flag for chrome browser 

    This mode (Sandbox mode) is known to crush Chrome browsers. This mostly affects the 64 bit version and you can avoid it by installing the 32 bit version or NO-sandbox mode. You must also note that disabling this feature my expose you to online attacks but with a good protected system you can go ahead and disable it.

    To do so, Right-click on Google Chrome shortcut in your desktop -> Click on properties -> Stay on Shortcut tab -> Find the Target line -> Type no-sandbox at the end of input -> Click Apply

    Screenshot (138)

    Use one of the given methods to solve your problem for good.

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    VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is essential while you are accessing the Internet to protect your data privacy, Identity through data encryption and hide your real IP (Internet Protocol). Downloading movies through Torrents or other sites is illegal due to copy right issues. You might get arrested by government or ISP (Internet Service Provider)  since they can monitor everything you do including the sites you visit and what you download. To mask your Identity, You need to install a VPN software which is available online and easily configured. Otherwise they will track you down and arrest you for copyright since most of those sites are operated illegally which is really bad. I will provide you a list of free and premiums versions then you can easily choose the one that suits you.

    • Cyberghost
    • ExpressVPN
    • NordVPN
    • Betternet VPN
    • Etc.

    Some antivirus software comes with their own VPN software so if you need full protection, consider using one of the following antiviruses.

    1. Norton
    2. Avast
    3. Bitdefender
    4. Avira
    5. AVG among others.

    Learn more about how to use VPN and configure it correctly, please use the following link to get updated. https://www.techsupportall.com/choose-right-vpn-service-provider/

    Let us know whether this information helped you.

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