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  • BitLocker blocked my hard disk drive, ho do I fix it?

    3 days ago, BitLocker blocked my hard disk drive. I could reach out to Microsoft, Dell & Microsoft stated to me. This is a kick-off and nobody is liable. If I choose reinstall though, I lose all of my data (that I do not have to do) I have a solution.

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    Hello, most probably you turned on the BitLocker for data encryption. When turning on the BitLocker in your operating system’s hard drive, normally you are prompted to enter a BitLocker password or PIN, or alternatively insert a USB Flash Drive that contains the startup key you saved earlier when you turn on your computer. Without the startup key, you cannot sign in.

    If you turned on the BitLocker you must enter the unlock key to unlock it.

    In case your Microsoft account is linked to your PC, the key was most probably uploaded automatically to your Microsoft account. Follow this link using a different computer to sign in a find the BitLocker key.n

    If non of the above methods works, then you will be needed to wipe your disk because there is no password utility that is able to bypass the encryption of your hard drive.

    Always keep your Password or PIN safe.

    For more info read here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/finding-your-bitlocker-recovery-key-in-windows-10-6b71ad27-0b89-ea08-f143-056f5ab347d6

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