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  • Getting ads by SSOption how do I remove it?

    Sice 5-6 days I have noticed that when I go to google or yahoo.com chrome it is showing some strange ads “ads by SSOption” I have tried many steps to remove it but did not help. Please give me the right way to get rid of this from my computer permanently.

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    SSOption is an adware software program that displays pop-up ads in browser on any site that you visit in your browser. Most of these are unwanted advertisements that is so annoying. This normally consume resources in your computer and is demanding on bandwidth. It can also install other unwanted adware programs so it is necessary to get rid of it mostly affects Chrome, Firefox, Edge e.t.c. To avoid more problem consider checking before installing free Software online since it normally comes with these adware programs.

    Make sure you remove it completely from your system by opening the control panel. Tap on search button and type control panel-> open and go to program and features then scroll down SSOption-> right-click and uninstall it. Remove any other suspicious programs from control panel to avoid further problems. Do not forget to reset your browser’s home page and default search engine. See below images for analysis.

    Screenshot (88)

    Screenshot (89)

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    Another way to get rid of it is by resetting your browser settings to default and removing Via new windows settings panel. Some applications might not be listed in the control panel but is visible through apps and features panel available in settings.

    By the end of this, SSOption will be fully out of your system. SSOption normally hijacks your browser and makes changes to your homepage settings and keeps popping up or opening new tabs while you are using your PC which is annoying. The bandwidth usage will also go high and your computer will start to lag after sometime. This product was meant to create high traffic for advertising firms by creating fake links meant to disrupt you when using your PC while sending some data in background.

    SSOption normally comes bundled with freeware software. Most people install it without their consent only to find out later when it has become a problem. Always install software programs you are familiar with to avoid problems.

    To fully remove out of your system, Go to Settings -> Apps -> Then click on apps & features scroll down then find SSOption applications and click it to uninstall. Also consider removing any other application that looks suspicious because sometimes these apps uses a different name to hide identity.

    Apps and features

    Next is to remove it from all browser first by Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Those processes mostly affects your browsers that is why you noticed while using your Chrome browser. You also noted this app requires internet access in order to run those background processes by sending and fetching data from your PC. Follow the following processes to reset your browsers.

    • Chrome

    Note: This will remove everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Go to settings access using the three dots at the top right corner -> Advanced settings-> click Reset.

    Reset chrome

    • Firefox

    Note: This will delete everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Proceed to settings-> Help->Choose troubleshooting Information-> then click Refresh Firefox.

    Reset firefox

    • Microsoft Edge.

    Note: This will remove everything including bookmarks, accounts, history, themes, extensions Etc.

    Proceed to settings -> profiles then Reset settings.

    Reset Edge

    For any other issue let us know.

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