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  • windows 10 default browser problem

    When I am opening any browser my default browser opens and he opens 3 windows like http://zjstx.com/ http://ppgzf.com/ and after a time again opens 3 windows(they are not the same) they opens random.

    I was changing default browser

    I was searching viruses

    Please help!

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    Your browser got hijacked by an adware program that keeps redirecting it to their sites. Resetting them and making sure everything runs smoothly is essential. The problem is not about default browser settings but rather an attack on your browser settings. We have had a detailed explanation on how to remove those adware programs  and reset the browsers respectively. Follow the link below to solve your problem. https://www.techsupportall.com/community/topic/getting-ads-by-ssoption-how-do-i-remove-it/

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