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  • How can I save my computer from this insanity?

    I have used multiple adware/ malware removal tools, including yours. My browsers, even steam, are still being hijacked and redirected every other click. At this point, i have no idea what to do.

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    Hello, Once you have utilized those software programs to remove it, you must reset all the browsers to get a clean removal from the system. Most of the Adware programs hijack and redirects your browser to advertise their products or send and receive certain type of information with or without your consent. Adware programs normally comes entangled with freeware therefore you might not notice it until it is fully functioning in your PC. The common signs includes display of unrelated ads from what you searched for, numerous popup ads, freezing browser and high bandwidth. This makes it necessary to remove it fully from the system.

    Some people who had this issue considered removing the unknown programs through control panel then later resetting their browsers. You can also stop the services of those programs through Task manager under services to ensure that it does not start with windows nor run in background. Consider running your antivirus software to remove any unwanted programs from your system.

    Follow this link to reset all your browsers and all the problems will be solved.

    Getting ads by SSOption how do I remove it?



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you try Zemana, Adwcleaner and HitmanPro. These are good tools for removing adware. If not tried yet, then you should try them once.

    I also recommend you to remove the adware manually.

    1) Remove all the unwanted and unknown software from control panel.

    2) Remove all the unwanted and unknown extensions / add-ons from all the browsers.

    3) Remove all the unwanted and unknown applications from computer startups.

    4) Remove all the unwanted and unknown tasks from the task scheduler.

    That’s it. Restart your computer and check whether it is solved or not. Wait for 30-60 minutes to sync the changes properly to browser’s online accounts.

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