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  • How to fix Widows 10 store error 0x80070422?

    When I open Microsoft store, suddenly popups error message: 0x80070422. How to fix it and open my store again.

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    This is a common problem that arises running Microsoft store applications in Windows 10 the major problem being windows update services or corrupt windows store application. It can be fixed using various methods as demonstrated below.

    • Troubleshoot the Microsoft store.

    Using the available system troubleshooter, you can easily solve the problem Widows 10 store error 0x80070422. Open Settings or press Windows + I -> Update & security -> troubleshoot -> Scroll down to additional troubleshooters -> scroll down to windows store apps then click on it -> Run troubleshooter. Restart your PC after scanning is complete.

    Settingswindows store apps

    • Set windows service to run automatically

    At times the windows update service my stop thus preventing apps from being downloaded from the Microsoft store. To fix this issue, we have to set the update service to automatic. To do that, Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R combination keys -> Type services.msc -> Hit enter button and scroll down to windows update and set to automatic. Also find these services and set to automatic.

    1. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
    2. Cryptographic Service
    3. MSI Installer

    Windows update service

    • Reset Windows store

    If the Widows 10 store error 0x80070422 still persists, it will be better to reset it to default state. Most problems will be eliminated.

    Press Windows + R combination keys -> type WSReset.exe and click OK or Enter to start the process automatically. Restart your PC once the process is complete and check if the problem is solved.

    Windows store reset

    • Fix the error by using .BAT file.

    This procedure is straightforward done by running .bat file with some command lines in a notepad.

    Copy and paste the following commands in a notepad then save it as repair.bat and choose All Files Under the save as type. You can save it anywhere in your PC there after you can run the .bat file as administrator(optional). It will the run in CMD by showing a pop-up then executes automatically. This is an advanced mode for solving Widows 10 store error 0x80070422.

    sc config wuauserv start= auto
    sc config bits start= auto
    sc config DcomLaunch start= auto
    net stop wuauserv
    net start wuauserv
    net stop bits
    net start bits
    net start DcomLaunch


    Once the process is complete, close the command prompt and check whether the problem was solved. Try any of the methods above and let us know the one which worked for you.

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