I’ve been using Norton Antivirus for more than 15 years. Therefore I am the witness of all the evolution that Norton has gone through. So here I am going to share some interesting facts and my personal experience with Norton products.

Norton 360 Antivirus

About Norton

Norton has turned to a new corporate identity as NortonLifelock. Along with it, Norton has also changed its product name from Norton Security to Norton 360.

In fact, you may don’t know that Norton 360 was also the name of an older product that Norton had discontinued in 2014. At the same time Norton merged all its products (Antivirus , Internet Security & Norton 360 and 6 more products) into one single product with the Name of Norton Security. And then in 2020 Norton has reinitiated its brand ‘Norton 360.

But this time Norton 360 is more justifying its name, as it provides overall security from mostly all kinds of cyber threats from device security to identity protection. Overall I have seen that Norton has taken a number of bold steps to ensure honest and quality protection for end-users. I’m listing some of them here that have set new standards in the antivirus industry.


Norton is providing more than just device security. So Norton 360 is a comprehensive security suite which includes extra security like identity protection and privacy protection.

Lets understand the products offered by the Norton

Norton Antivirus Products

Lets know about the Norton Products, which are a little different then other available security products.


Norton provide 3 major security modules. Device security, Privacy protection and Identity protection.

Norton is now more then just a device security. So some people may get confused about its new products or subscription plans. We are categorizing subscription plans according to type of protection offered module wise.

Device SecurityDevice Security + Privacy ProtectionDevice Security + Privacy + Identity Protection
Norton Antivirus Plus
(1 Windows / MacOS)
Norton 360 Standard
(1 PC / Mac / Android / iOS)
Norton 360 Deluxe
(5 PC / Mac / Android / iOS)
Norton 360 Premium
(10 PC / Mac / Android / iOS)
* Premium is not available in USA.
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select
(5 devices)
Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage
(10 devices)
Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate
(Unlimited devices)
* LifeLock products are available in USA only.

Lets know more about these 3 types of protection in short. What they are and why we require them.

Norton Security modules

Device Security

Device security simple means the antivirus module.

Device here means any Windows / Mac powered PC, or Android / iOS based smartphone. And Security means to protect the devices from malicious programs like Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, Scamware etc. Products under device security are just focused to protect the device from all kind of threats. Norton Antivirus Plus is the only product under this category.

Privacy Protection

Basically it includes Free Secure VPN, Privacy Monitor & PC Safecam.

Privacy here means that you have the right to share certain personal information and behavior on your computer. Nowadays, it’s becoming a big issue because some big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon are trying to gather as much information as they can about user behavior. They use these data to monetize, advertise and market their products. Some people really doesn’t like this. So if you are concerned about this, you can choose a product that offers privacy protection. Norton 360 includes both device security and privacy protection.

Identity Theft Protection

It includes features like Dark web monitoring, Lifelock Identity alert system, US based identity restoration specialists, stolen wallet protection, Million dollar protection package, credit monitoring, SSN & credit alerts, Identity verification monitoring, Bank & credit card activity alert, court record scanning, Home title monitoring etc.

Most of our work on the Internet these days, such as online shopping, online payments, etc. And some bad people’s eyes are on stealing information like credit card details or other personal information. So basically identity theft means that someone uses your personal or financial information to commit some kind of fraud.

By joining hands with LifeLock Norton has integrated many useful tools to alert yourself when some one uses your identity to commit some fraud. And also provide tools keep your identity safe from the bad guys. Norton 360 with LifeLock subscription plans include additional Identity theft protection in the Norton 360 product.

Norton 360 Features

It ranks on the top among the best antivirus products, and there is no doubt it is a powerful antivirus product. According to our test it promptly defend attempt of file encryption. It warns when data transferred to outside from the system or some one hijack the CPU for cryptocurrency mining. Here are features and Norton Security suite is packed with.

Virus protection promise

Norton virus protection promise is a guarantee for 100% virus free environment. They said that it is unlikely that any virus enter into system if you have an active subscription, But if anyhow it happens then users have access to get the help from Norton Experts. And if they are unable to remove the virus, you get the 100% refund of your subscription. All Norton products comes with this virus protection promise. For more information visit official page.

Million Dollar Protection Package

This is a unique feature provided by Norton powered by the LifeLock identity protection. It covers you if your money stolen or any expense occurred due to Identity theft. It includes lawyers and experts fees limits up to your subscription plan from $25k to $1 million. What more do you require from a security company? So nothing matches with NortonLifeLock. This reimbursement plan is only available with the N360 with LifeLock plans.

Norton Family (Parental Control)

This feature is only available with the multi user licenses to control the screen time and and other things for the kids. Means Norton Family feature is comes with all plans that have more then 1 device protection. It helps parents to monitor their kids and put restrictions on them like websites allow / disallow, set screen time etc. There are options to add multiple parents and multiple kids to manage them separately. New Norton Family School Time feature is also useful tool to set the school timing to restrict children from online activity on school days. It tracks the all online activity and also prepare a report for this. Though this feature is only available for Windows, Android and iOS. Norton for Mac has not this feature yet. More information here Norton Family.

Norton Family Parental Control
Norton Family Parental Control

Dark Web Monitoring

Parental control is a very useful specially in the pandemic time when all the students are taking classes from there homes. So monitoring a child is very essential and Norton fulfill this requirement. It is available for the 360 plans to protect and alert about the personal data breach on the internet. It is a web service included with in Norton 360 and is provided by LifeLock. Dark Web Monitoring service regularly search the Dark Web places where identity information is traded. So it notify as it found your private information there. It looks for Driver License, Insurance IDs, Addresses, Email IDs, Phone numbers, Bank or investment account numbers, credit card numbers, gamer tags, SSN etc. Dark web monitoring is includes with all the Norton 360 products. More about Dark Web Monitoring.

Dark web monitoring by Norton LifeLock
Dark web monitoring by NortonLifeLock


To browse anonymous on the internet Secure VPN is includes with the selected Norton plans. VPN or Virtual Private Network are useful to keep your private data safe and secure. Norton VPN includes the Bank-Grade Encryption means you can browse internet securely even on public WiFi network. It also let you browse anonymously to protect online privacy.

It also blocks unwanted tracking by the advertisers and other companies. Other benefit of using a VPN is that in certain regions some apps or websites are not accessible while you are travelling, But with the help of VPN you can easily access them. So actually VPN adds another layer of protection to your antivirus software. It hides the original IP address and also encrypt the data that hackers can’t spy on you. Norton Secure VPN has strict no log policy. So it means. VPN also helps you to hide your true location. It has servers approx. over 30 countries.

Norton Secure VPN
Norton Secure VPN

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a safe place on the cloud to save important files. In cloud backup important files stays safe even if your computer suffer ransomware attack or hard disk failure or even if your device get stolen. Cloud backup is now includes with all Norton plans. It automatically backup the selected files to the secured cloud drive. backup is convenient and you can easily access the files across the devices. It is a good habit to store your important files in a secure cloud backup to protect from ransomware attacks. another great option is that it can backup the file according to the file types. Backup can be schedules on weekly or monthly.

Norton Cloud Backup
Norton Cloud Backup

PC Tune ups

Every device require a tune up to keep it running smoothly. All Norton product include this feature which optimize the PC for better performance. It fixes common issues that slowdowns the device and cleanup junk files from the system. A startup program manager let you disable the resource consuming program from the startup. It automatically start optimizing PC when your PC is in idle mode.

Norton  PC Tune up
Norton PC Tune up

Internet Security

Under internet protection it comes with 4 browser extension which you need to install on the browser to setup. Though it is totally optional. The extensions that it includes:

  • Norton Safe Search.
  • Norton Home Page
  • Norton Safe Web.
  • Norton Password manager.
Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security

Antivirus Protection

Obviously an Antivirus must have this feature. And Norton Device security comes with many features to protect from all types of online threats like viruses, malware & spyware, ransomware etc. It includes many world class technologies to detect and stop the known and unknown type of threats like SONAR Protection, Smart Firewall, Intrusion prevention system, Email protection, Browser protection, Download intelligence, advance machine learning by testing what files do, Reputation Protection (Insight), Behavioral protection etc.

Norton Security Antivirus
Norton Security


It is a feature to protect your camera being accesses by the unauthorized programs. It alerts when any program get access to the web camera. It is also called camfecting when cybercriminals control the camera remotely without the knowledge of user. So SafeCam is a great feature provided by Norton to combat this threat. This feature comes under privacy protection. except antivirus all 360 products include this feature.

Norton SafeCam
Norton SafeCam

Software updater

In 2022, Norton adds this new feature in its security suite. Software updater checks for all the software / apps installed on a computer and inform the user for all the outdated versions. It also provide an option to auto update the software or you can manually update the apps to the latest version. Some times outdated apps become the vulnerable to the new threats, so it is always a good practice to update them regularly. Norton software updater tool helps to manage it.

Norton software updater

Norton 360 Review (Personal Experience)

As I am using the Norton 360 personally from a long time and has also tested other antiviruses. So here is my finding and honest review regarding the new Norton 360 Lifelock.


  • VPN has no data limit.
  • VPN comes with strict no log policy.
  • Virus protection promise.
  • stolen funds reimbursement with LifeLock plans.
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Powerful smart firewall.
  • Useful Parental control.


  • Norton Family School Time is not available in Mac version.
  • Identity protection is not available in all countries.

Honestly I have not used browser plugins Safeweb and password manager. I am using the default Chrome password manager. Chrome help me to retrieve all the passwords in other device just by logging in to the chrome. I don’t know how safe it is. I will research on it at some other time.

Secure VPN is very helpful and now there is no need to buy a separate VPN service. Previously I was using the HMA VPN. VPN is smooth to connect and I am not noticing much difference in speed in normal browsing behavior, though some test may give an exact picture about it.

Norton parental control is also a useful feature, I tried it to limit the screen time for my 8 years old child. He takes his online classes at home and it makes me easy to monitor the kid from my office. The only thing that I am missing is that there is no option to limit the time for particular games or apps.

There is option for instant lock and kid can ask for permission for more time. You can add multiple child accounts and set the school timing and allowed hours for the child. For emergency unlocking for parents there is also an option to unlock with the PIN.

Performance wise and protection wise I am very much satisfied with it. Norton always give surprises as it mentioned less and provide more such as there is no where mentioning of the Fake pop up ads protection. These ads popped by mostly fake support scammers. I found it accidently and it stopped that immediately. And I had taken the immediate screen shot of it. So it also included the fake tech scam protection.

Tech Support Scam Pop-up message blocked by Norton 360
Tech Support Scam Blocked


Conclusion of my personal experience with the Norton Antivirus is very much satisfied. It is light weight and does not task efficiently in the background. VPN and parental control are great features apart from its security capabilities.

Norton Security is an excellent security system which is not only effective but also cheap.

It have many layers of protection and scanning engine to protect completely from any type of threats. Personally I am using it from years and found not any issue using this software. Neither my computer got infected in presence of the Norton.

They are also providing a money back guarantee under their 100% virus free promise. So I think it is worth to go with Norton Security. It is more affordable if you use the Norton Coupon Codes.

Norton Subscription Plans

User interface for all the subscription plans are the same only difference is the features enabled for you. Check the modern user interface of the Norton 360.

Basically Norton provide 3 type of subscription plans.

  1. Norton Antivirus Plus
  2. Norton 360
  3. Norton 360 with LifeLock

1. Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton Antivirus Plus product is designed specifically for the device security only. Previously it was known as the Norton Antivirus Basic. It does not include the privacy and identity protection features. Actually, It is not just an ordinary antivirus but a complete device security which includes virus, spyware, malware and ransomware protection.

It also includes the world class smart firewall and online threat protection which protects from fake pop up ads or fake pop up ads and support scam websites etc. The product is ideal for those who have one personal computer or Mac. It promises to protect your PC from malware, spyware, viruses, phishing, software vulnerabilities and other online threats.

The product has a provision where it alerts you about emails and links before you open them. This is because there are links which may claim they are from your bank and instead steal information, which can be used by con artists, hackers, and identity thieves for malicious purposes. This is called phishing protection.

Ransomware is becoming rampant where unauthorized people have access to your data and information and ask for ransom. They may even go to the extents of hoarding the information and restrict your access to it. Norton Security protects you from such unauthorized activities.


  • Protection for 1 PC or Mac.
  • Antivirus, Anti-spyware, Malware & Ransomware Protection.
  • Smart firewall.
  • Password Manager.
  • 2 GB Cloud Storage.
  • Online threat protection.

2. Norton 360

It has additional layer of privacy security which includes Secure VPN to keep you anonymous while you surf the web. It has an option where kids are protected from over-sharing online. The product also has an offer where as a parent you can manage the number of hours your kids are online and offline.

New version includes the school time feature in it. Taking care of your family is not enough, the premium product goes ahead and has an option of automatically backing up your financial files, photos and personal information on your PC.


Norton 360 products includes all the features of antivirus plus and additional below features.

  • PC SafeCam
  • Secure VPN
  • Parental Control with school time (Available in Deluxe subscription)
  • Privacy Monitor.

Subscription Plans

Norton 360 comes with 2 subscription plans. Standard comes with 1 device license and deluxe with 5 device license. Premium plan is not available in USA but in other countries it is available for sale.

  • Norton 360 Standard (1 device, 10 GB cloud storage)
  • Norton 360 Deluxe (5 devices, 50 GB cloud storage )
  • Norton 360 Premium (Outside USA only) (10 devices, 75 GB cloud storage )

3. Norton 360 With LifeLock

As its name indicates it is Norton 360 integrated with Lifelock Identity protection services. For those who carry out online purchases and payments, the product will protect them against identity theft and ensure that the transactions are safe.


Norton 360 with Lifelock includes all Norton 360 features and following additional features provided by Lifelock.

  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Lifelock Identity alert system .
  • Million Dollar protection package.
  • Data breach notification.
  • Credit monitoring.

Above all features are available in all 3 plans under Norton 360 with Lifelock. Here are some more additional features which available as per your subscription plan.

  • Court record scanning.
  • Home title scanning.
  • Bank and credit card activity alerts.

Note: Lifelock services are not available in all countries.

Subscription Plans

Norton 360 with LifeLock comes with 3 subscription plans. Select comes with 5 devices & advantage with 10 devices license. And ultimate plan includes unlimited no. of devices.

  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select (5 devices, 100 GB cloud storage).
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage (10 devices, 250 GB cloud storage).
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate (Unlimited devices, 500 GB cloud storage).

Explore All N360 Lifelock plans

Other then above here are some other products are also available for special needs.

4. Norton 360 for Gamers

Norton has also introduced a new product designed specially for the gamers. It is a product build by gamers for the gamers. Why a special antivirus for Gamers? Actually, antivirus for gamers includes some special features like DDoS, doxxing protection, Gamer tags identity protection through dark web monitoring. It includes gaming account protection and minimize interruption during game play. It detects the full screen mode and silence all notifications except severe security issues.

  • Covers up to 3 devices
  • Device Security
  • Norton Secure VPN
  • Dark web monitoring

5. Norton Small Business

Norton was serving business users under its Symantec brand. Symantec was recently acquired by the Broadcom. And there is no Symantec brand exists now . But anyway there is a product under Norton brand for the small business. Norton Small Business Antivirus is a perfect product for SOHO users. It comes with 5, 10 & 20 devices license options. Norton Business Antivirus provide a centralized console to manage all the devices from a single place.

Checkout : Norton business antivirus

More about Norton

Some facts about Norton that took my attention

  • Norton released version-less products in 2013. Previously, there was a trend to release a new product each year with year suffix, such as ‘Norton Antivirus 2022‘. So Norton broke the trend and released a version-less product, which is expected to be updated several times a year. Obviously still there is version for the development use, but not for the public.
  • Norton was the first to announce that bare antivirus are useless in modern cyber world. So in 2015, the Norton Antivirus product was scrapped and approximately 9 products merged into a single product named Norton Security. In addition I want to make it clear here that antivirus means basic antivirus product, which all companies offer with less security features at a cheaper price and not the other variants like internet security or total security etc. Truly, bare antivirus is not able to stop the emerging threats like malware, ransomware etc.
  • In 2019, Norton Security became more than just a device security software and started providing full 360 degree protection against all types of online threats under its new name Norton 360. It includes malware protection, protection of privacy and identity theft which includes Secured VPN, Parental Control and dark web monitoring, secured cloud backup, pc optimization etc.

Why Choose Norton Antivirus?

Below are some other strong points to choose the Norton as your security partner.

  • Norton has an experience of more than 25 years in consumer cyber security.
  • The product has over 200 million users worldwide which show that the product is trusted to offer what it promises.
  • 100% virus free promise.
  • It has won several awards recognized globally.
  • Good ranking in independent test labs.

Alternatives of Norton 360 and comparison

As per my research currently McAfee is the strong competitor and best alternative in terms of features. So lets compare the Norton and McAfee.

Norton vs McAfee

Identity theft protectionYesYes
Virus protection guaranteeYesYes
VPNYes (Unlimited)Yes (Unlimited with autorenewal)
Parental ControlYesavailable with 10 devices
Webcam protectionYes
Password ManagerYesYes
Backup encryptionNoYes
Secured Cloud StorageYes (50 GB)No
Devices5 (N 360 Deluxe)5 (Total protection couples)
Price (Regular / first year)$104.99 / $39.99$99.99 / $29.99
Norton vs McAfee

Here we have compared 5 user license product. Regular price wise they are almost equal but McAfee offers a 2 years promo in $49.99. Norton provide unlimited VPN without any conditional whereas McAfee provides unlimited with the autorenewal option on (Otherwise limit will be 200 mb / day / device).

McAfee provide Parental control with the 10 devices license option. The last considered point is the Secure storage. McAfee doesn’t provide cloud storage but provide option to store the sensitive data in encrypted format on the same PC. Whereas Norton does not provide encryption option but a secured cloud drive to store the important data.

Norton Antivirus Installation, Setup and Renewal

With in a few clicks it will be ready to protect your PC. Installation is easy and fast. Just login with your Norton account or use the license key to activate its subscription. Use the respective app store to download and install on a  smartphones and tablet. If you have already purchased the Norton subscription, You can manage devices and download Norton from Norton my account after logging in to your account. https://login.norton.com or visit the setup page. https://www.norton.com/setup.

If you have previously installed any other antivirus software then firstly it will ask you to uninstall that software. So allow to uninstall it. It is common installation practice by any antivirus software to remove other installed antivirus as it can cause compatibility issues. Installing two antivirus software simultaneously is not recommended. But you can install an Antimalware Software along with your antivirus software. Read about Malware & Antimalware software.

What requirements are needed to run the program?

In order to ensure that Norton software successfully operates on your PC, you should check the requirements list. You should have any of the following operating systems installed: Vista 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, Windows 11 in 32 or 64 bits and Windows XP 32 bits.

Many PC users are concerned that will this security system run on older devices with older installed operating systems or not. Unfortunately, Norton Security perhaps is not fully compatible with older systems and devices and it is preferable that anyone with an older device should consider another security program. New Norton is fully compatible with Windows 11 & 10.

Apart from Windows it can also be installed on Mac computers and can also be installed in Smartphones or Tablets. Norton mobile security is fully compatible with Android and iOS based devices.

Troubleshooting Norton installation or activation issues

For older version you can use this tool to remove and reinstall the Norton product. It do the things automatically. Download this official Norton Removal and Reinstall tool. Please note that this will uninstall all Norton old version products and only install the latest release automatically. If you are already using the latest release in future you will get the updates automatically. If you are not sure if product is updated then visit to check and do the things manually by visiting here

If you are facing any issue in installing or upgrading Norton security or seems any compatibility issue. Then basic troubleshooting step is to Uninstall and reinstall it using its Official Norton Removal Tool. It will solve

most of the problems. But if still you have some issue then try contacting directly to the Norton Support .  Please also beware of Fake Norton Calls claiming as Official Norton Tech Support. If you are unaware about Fake tech support, Read about Tech Support Scam.

How is the help and support department?

Norton antivirus is one of those few security systems that are easy to follow and install. However, if there are still issues, Norton provides its users with a very gracious help and support system. It has a 24/7 help and support system which helps the users a lot. Many users appreciate this aspect in their feedback and share how this has made the whole process a lot easier for them.

Symantec has gone so far and claimed that if anyone who has installed and configured the program correctly, gets a security violation on their systems, the company will refund their purchase money. If this is not a reasonable guarantee then what is it? Norton is offering its money and reputation in exchange for any problems with the Norton Security.

Norton Antivirus pricing and coupon codes

Here is a comparison of all the Norton products with their regular price and promo price and major features provided in them.

NAPN360 SN360 DN360L SelectN360L AdvantageN360L Ultimate
Backup space2 GB10 GB50 GB100 GB250 GB500 GB
Parental ControlYesYesYesYes
Identity ProtectionYesYesYes
Regular Price / year$59.99$84.99$104.99$149.99$249.99$349.99
Promo price (1st year price)$19.9929.9939.99$95.88$179.88$251.88

Norton Promos

62% off Norton Secure VPN
5 devices at $29.99*


Norton 360 – 66% Off
Save 66% for the first year on Norton Lifelock and Norton 360 products


More coupons & Promos


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  1. is there any cheap license for 1 device. As I don’t require a 5 device license. So is there any option to buy a single device license in cheaper price.

    1. Dear David,

      Norton launched recently single device license in some of countries. in UK and US and as a promotion giving a $15 off on this. You can check the coupons sections to get it. Thanks You!!

    1. You have to ask Norton Support about it. As per their information if new norton security has been launched in your country then you have to reinstall the new Norton Security by uninstalling your old product. You can read more in the above post. If you have already purchased the Norton Security 2015 Key then just uninstall the old product and download and install the new product. Its simple and easy. We have also embedded a video to help you for the same. Hopefully it will be helpful for you. Thanks.

  2. Patrick. It is right that product 360 is not available in most of the countries, But it is not mean that they are unable to recover your backup. Please call right customer care number for your country. Keep in mind that these days there are lots of fake tech support companies are available who claims that they are associated with Norton. But actually they are not. They just need your money. So be careful and make sure that you are contacting to the real Norton.

  3. norton is good product but i was using 360 past 8 years. now the technican told me that norton 360 is no more. i am not able to recover my online back up..
    so, finally i make my mind to change my norton 360 to kas******. i love norton.. but i love norton 360. i dont understand why norton is doing that.. someone called me , he says that he is calling from norton.. and he told me that norton is not able to remove the trozon virus from my computer please help me what to do.?

    1. they looks like a fake tech support company. Norton is giving a virus free guarantee. As per my best knowledge Norton is the only company giving such kind of guarantee. So Please make sure and contact the real norton support.

    1. PC Tune up is now under tab Performance which includes the File cleanup, startup manager and disk optimizer to your PC for faster performance. So it is still in this version.

  4. Pawan, you are right. As I know, Norton has launched its new product in America and Europe, But still they have not launched it in all areas of Asia. however it is available in some countries from some special retailers. You have to wait some more time to get the new product.

    I am from america, but having issue in installing a device. Installed successfully on 2 desktops but on my laptop it showing error every time that unable to connect to the Symantec Server alongwith a warning that your trial has been expired and click to activate your account. Still confused and didn’t found any way to solve it. My please suggest me if any one have any suggestion.

  5. I found that there is no Norton Security products launched in India. There it is still showing old products on Norton India website. My Renewal is in January but now I have to renew again Norton Internet Security Multi Device which I purchased for 5 devices 3 years ago. Please let me know when they are going to launch this new product in India.

  6. I really loving new norton. It is worth to buy. It is more lighter and more effective. UI is very great. Norton power eraser has been integrated into the new norton security. Also you can find all the optimizing tools to keep the system faster.

  7. A important question of timing: When upgrading to Norton Security for 2015 from my Norton 360 product, will the license extend to one full year from when the Norton 360 expires (in December) or will it be one year from the date of the upgrade?

    1. Norton customer support guys can answer you properly. We are giving you their contact us info herewith. Maybe it should for next one year.

      Norton customer support contact detail:-
      Billing and Account Questions Phone: 877-294-5265
      Customer Service Phone: 800-441-7234
      Phone Number for Corporate Office Phone: 650-527-8000
      Technical Support Phone: 800-745-6061

  8. Yes own you only have the option to switch to the New Norton Security product. And switching much easier than you think. I found a $20 Discount on the coupons section link given in the above post. It let you save $20 on new Norton Security 2014. Or if you can wait then wait till the Norton Cyber Monday or Black Friday Coupons out. Definitely there would be some cheaper deal on this holiday season. Still I didn’t found any But if admin can provide some upcoming offer about Norton it would be very useful for all of us. Thanks!!

    1. Black Friday deal is out now. It is flat 50% off on Norton Security. It is saving of upto $45. Hurry Up guys it will be live on Thanksgiving Day. So be ready. You can find out the coupon codes at Norton Discount Store of this website in coupons section.

  9. My norton Internet security is going to expire next month. I have to renew that. So it means I have no option to renew the same License. I have to upgrade to the Norton Security? And how can I install to latest upgrade? Do I have to uninstall the IS and download the new Norton Security?

  10. This is a great step taken by Norton keeping only a single security product instead of many variations. People usually confused between this multiple products. And as I read on your website that you have write many posts to recommend people to use Internet Security. As per my view Antivirus products are useless these days. And every Antivirus company should have take this step to remove antivirus only product. Internet security should be compulsory for all users. Thanks TSA for this great Norton Security Review.

  11. Norton did wonderful job again. Now there is no need to be confused that which product have to choose. Just choose the simply norton security. Hopefully other antivirus companies will also follow this.

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