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Avast 2015 download

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Below post is related to Avast 2014 version

Download Avast and coupon codesAvast Released its beta 1 in August and now recently released its beta 3 version for its latest edition avast 2014. Beta releases are the versions before launching the product fully in the market to find out any bugs if there any. It is the Build 9 for the avast. So you can say it either Avast! 9 or Avast! 2014.

Download Avast 2014

60 Days Free Trial

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Update:  Avast 2014 completes its Beta Phase and has been fully released and ready to download from the above link.

Avast 2014 Download

New Features and improvements in Avast 2014 (Version 9).

  • Improved SafeZone : New Safe Zone that enable to experience you a safe and secure online banking and Shopping. Now Avast automatically opens all banking sites in safezone.
  • Rescue Disk : Cleaning a infected system is now more easy and powerful as you can also create Rescue disk by creating as bootable CD or Flash drive/ Pen drive.
  • DeepScreen : DeepScreen technology enables new Avast to take decision on new or unknown files more intelligently.
  • New Hardened Mode : A new mode in the new avast called hardened mode. Hardened Mode is recommended for novice or non-technical persons for strict security of the computer. It will not let to execute any unknown file or program which enables the full security for novice users.
  • Improved Cloud Scanning : Cloud scanning is now more powerful using optimized mechanism technology.
  • Improved and powerful malware cleaning : Malware and rootkit cleaning is improved and better then before.
  • New User interface & Design : Avast brings a New user interface in this edition a major interface change after its version 5. New interface has simple navigation.
  • Manage Online account from the console : The online account my.avast.com has been integrated into the user interface to easily manage all protected device from one place at avast console.
  • Faster Scanning Engine : Scanning engine is now faster to scan the files in less time. It speed is now 2x faster for exe files and for text files it is 10x faster.
  • Small and Powerful Installer : To make the installation and upgrade process and easy and fast setup/updater files are rewritten for the better & fast performance and now in very small size.
  • Improved Firewall : Firewall has been also redesigned to make it better compatible with new windows 8 platform for better performance.
  • Improved Browser Cleanup : Improvement in the browser cleanup tool.

Simply Avast! is now more powerful.

Download Avast 2014

Download Free Avast! 2014

New version can be installed on your existing avast installation and all your old settings will be preserved. All above download links are directly from the Avast website, so need to worry about any Virus or Trojan. Downloads are 100% safe.

Different variation of Avast Products.

Avast provide 4 variation of its product

  • Avast Free Antivirus.
  • Avast Pro Antivirus.
  • Avast internet security.
  • Avast Premier Antivirus.

Avast Free Antivirus is complete free antivirus for life for basic security of your computer and other variation are paid according to their features. Avast is very popular because of its fully functional and powerful Free Antivirus version. In Free Antivirus category Avast is rated as no. 1. More than 300 million users are not wrong who is using Avast.


Avast 2014 free download


Avast Cleaner

Here is the new avast cleaner to clean your old Avast installation.


How to Update from avast 8 to new Avast 2014.

Steps of the update process to update your installation of avast 8 to new avast 9 (Avast 2014).

Step 1

download and install avast8 R3.1 Beta – Avast8 R3.1 is same as the R3.0 but it has added functionality to Update the Avast8 to Avast2014 from the Interface.

You must have finish installation properly like Restarting computer when it demands or after Installation. It will help to avoid any error or problem during installation process.
Download the a8r3.1 builds :

Step 2

invoke the update process to avast
there are several ways how to invoke the update process.
– click the “Update” button in GUI.
– click the “toaster” that should appear about available update.
– insert a license.
– register program and accept the offer for 30 days Trial of Internet Security.

Please check back regularly this post for the final version out and for any bug, error and support for your avast antivirus.

Avast Discount

We also provide you the latest promotional offers and discount coupons provided by the Avast to promote its products. You can take benefit of these offers and deals and can buy Avast at cheap and discounted price.

Latest Update:

Recently Avast passed BBC test in blocking banking malware. Only a few security products were able to pass this test and avast is one of them. It means that New Avast 2014 is more powerful against malware and you are safe in doing online banking transactions.

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