Download Norton Removal Tool For a Complete Uninstall

If you are facing issues in Install, uninstall or in License activation then this tool can be useful to fix these issues. Or for any other reason you need to remove the Norton security from the system use the NRnR utility. As security software install deeply in the system to give maximum protection, so uninstalling them from the control panel or add / remove program alone leaves some entries behind. To remove all these entries completely use the official removal tool provided by Norton.

Download Norton Removal Tool

This is an official utility provided by Norton Security to remove their security products completely from the system. Download from the below link. This utility works well in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. This is also known as Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. (NRnR)

How to uninstall Norton?

Below is a brief guide to use the NRnR utility to uninstall Norton completely from the system.

  1. Download Norton remove and reinstall tool from its official website (Link is given above)
  2. Run the downloaded file. Click on ‘Install anyway’ if Windows asks and Click on Agree button.
  3. Now select the options if you want to reinstall or remove only. For remove only option you need to click on the ‘advance options’.
  4. Click on Remove button and restart the system.
Norton Remove tool
Norton Remove and reinstall tool


Q: How to uninstall Norton completely from the system?

A: You can use the NRnR tool to remove it completely from the system.

Q: Why there is removal tool whereas we can uninstall it from control panel or add / remove programs?

A: Yes normally you can uninstall it from the control panel. But if you faced some issues like freezing issue, installation issue or activation , renewal errors etc. then in that case this utility is very useful.

Q: Norton removal and reinstall tool is popping up every time on startup?

If you have recently used this utility then you need to remove it from the system. Delete it from the startup items or uninstall it using the add / remove program.

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If you are still facing issue in uninstalling then a third party uninstaller software can also help you. Download Revo uninstaller.

It would be helpful for the other users if you provide the reason to remove Norton from the computer.

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