Norton power Eraser is a utility to detect the deeply integrated threats or crimeware which can not be easily detected by a regular antivirus software. Actually it is a rescue tool for an infected PC but it is also useful to remove the PUP or potentially unwanted programs from the system. As it uses aggressive scanning technology so there are some chance of false positive. So always use it carefully. This utility is available for Free.

Norton Power Eraser is small portable utility which use  Norton Insight in-the-cloud application ratings system to find if the program installed on your system is safe or malicious. If the program is unrated it will also verify it by uploading to the Symantec secure server to scan that program. It is very useful in removing unwanted toolbars and plugins in your browser from your computer’s browser.

Download Norton Power Eraser

Norton power eraser is free virus scanning utility powered by Norton In-sight. In latest Norton release it has been integrated into the product to run it easily without downloading separately.

Norton Power Eraser

Be cautious this power eraser even can remove some legitimate programs as well as it scan the system with strict mode. Though you have option that you can undo actions done by power eraser by reviewing past repair sessions But you should use this tool carefully.

Always create system restore point before scanning and fixing or running any of these kind of software it will help you to restore your system to an earlier date as it was before if something wrong get happen.

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If you feel that infections are still there after scanning with power eraser then Norton Valid license key users can also use the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

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3 thoughts on “Norton Power Eraser to remove Scamware, crimeware, viruses from the PC”

  1. I have on my windows 8 pc system a trojan gen.2 virus, how can I remove it please. I have a Norton 360 protection paid up to mid 2015.
    Thank you for your help
    Regards Michael Puche

    1. To remove it, you need to run 2 removal tools. We would like to share you some more advanced steps to remove this virus. Please follow the following steps and let us know.

      1. Download & Run an Anti-malware scan (Malwarebyes) scan. Click here to download: Malwarebytes.
      2. Download & Run Hitman-Pro Anti-malware. Click here to download Hitman Pro – 32bits | Hitman Pro – 64 bit.
      3. Download & Run Trojan Remover Anti-trojan. Click here to download Trojan Remover Tool

  2. I am getting troubled working with this Application. it got Expired and trying to renew it is what is getting me mad. I cannot do anything though the instructions are on the scree. I do not know what the problem.

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