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Avast One Review: How does it differ from Free Antivirus? How Good Is It?

Avast is well known for its free antivirus software. Now they have launched a new product named “Avast One“. Its essential version is free, and the premium version has some extra security features.

So do you want to know more about the Avast one? And how good is it? Let’s find out all the related answers and my hands-on experience with Avast One.

Avast One

What is Avast One?

Actually, these days, cyber threats are not just limited to viruses or malware. But there are many kinds of online threats that have emerged, like ransomware, phishing scams, password breaches, webcam spying, personal data breaches, privacy tracking, etc.

So security companies are looking ahead to provide complete digital security.

Avast One is the new digital security software that provides all-in-one protection from all kinds of digital threats. It includes antivirus plus privacy and performance tools.

Download Avast One

What’s Included in Avast One?

Avast One is a combination of three modules, which include different types of tools to keep the system smooth and secure.

1. Device Protection

It has tools like Web Shield, File Shield, protection against ransomware, a firewall, a network inspector, etc.

In ransomware protection, it offers to protect the important folder. By default, my document folders are protected, but you can add or remove any other folder as well.

device security features in Avast

The “Sensitive data shield,” “Web hijack guard,” and “webcam protection” features are locked in Avast One Essential and can only be used by people who pay for the “Premium” version.

2.  Online Privacy

It includes the tools to protect online privacy. VPN connection, clearing browsing data, privacy advisor, password protection, and email guardian features.

In the free version of Avast One Essential, you only get 5GB of VPN data per week. If you pay for a subscription, you get unlimited VPN data.

Single-click private mode and tracking prevention features can be accessed only by premium subscribers.

3. Smooth Performance

This module includes many tools that help keep system performance smooth.

“PC Speed Up” and “software updater” are included in the essential version, but “disk cleaner” and “driver updater” options are only available in the premium version.

Smooth performance features of Avast One - speed up. Software updater

4. Identity Protection

Identity theft is a major concern these days. So many reputed and serious antivirus companies started offering identity theft protection.

Not just the protection, antivirus companies also provide services to monitor for identity theft, and if they find any incidents, they also provide experts to resolve the issue. Not only that, they also provide identity theft insurance in case of stolen money.

Identity protection is either available as add on service or you can purchase the Avast One Platinum subscription which included identity protection services with a $2 million reimbursement coverage.

So let’s find out the main features of Avast One

Avast One features

  • It has all the features of Avast antivirus software, like protection from viruses, malware, and ransomware.
  • It provides an extra layer of security while you bank or shop. It has a security browser and provides protection from phishing scams. So it prevents you from visiting harmful sites that look similar to a bank or a legitimate website.
  • We use WiFi at home as well as public WiFi. So to stay protected on public WiFi, Avast has integrated WiFi security.
  • Password breaches are a major problem. And many big sites have been compromised by hackers who stole passwords and other personal data. So in this case, Avast will find the compromised password and suggest you to change it.
  • It also includes tools to speed up the device by cleaning up junk and optimizing the system.
  • Avast One also comes with a VPN service that hides your IP address so you can use the internet without being tracked. Avast One Essential provides 5 GB of free data per week. Its paid subscription includes unlimited free VPN data.
  • Avast One has the feature to scan email attachments for harmful content. Because this is a major source of ransomware’s spread.
  • A driver updater utility is included with Avast one’s premium plans. It automatically updates the outdated device drivers on the system.
  • In the last, Avast One also shows the protection score and provides safety and privacy tips.

Features of Avast One that I liked most

When I researched all the features and compared it with other similar kind of products, I found some good features that make Avast stand out from others. All these features are also available in the free version. So find out what I liked the most in Avast.

1. Ransomware Protection

Ransomware protection puts an extra layer on the important folders to protect them from being stolen or changed by malware. So it will stop hackers from encrypting those folders.

Avast ransomware protection

The best thing is that you can add or remove folders from this list. It will not allow access to the content of those folders without your permission. I personally found this feature to be a good extra layer of protection from cryptoware attacks.

2. Network Inspector

As per my understanding, the Network Inspector feature of Avast does two things. One scan for DNS hijacking, and two, it finds the weak WiFi password. Finding weak passwords is not much use, but DNS hijacking is a simple and powerful feature. 

DNS hijacking is a cyber attack in which an attacker changes the Domain Name System (DNS) entries to send a user to a malicious site when he tries to open a legitimate site.

Avast Network Inspector.

One of the key attributes that give it a higher cutting edge is that it not only scans but also provides a comprehensive list of all computers and routers in your network by showing IP addresses.

3. Web Shield

Did you know that there are websites that can install malware on your computer without your consent as you browse? HTTPS scanning is a third-generation web shield that scans all encrypted HTTP traffic in order to find and remove any viruses that might be a threat.

It is also important to point out that it can detect threats even in TLS/SSL protected traffic.

Avast Web protection

It also helps to stop botnet attacks, script scanning, and other useful protection under its web shield feature.

4. Passive Mode

You can easily use another antivirus along with the Avast

This is another great feature that I like most. Enabling the passive mode option will turn off the real-time protection of Avast antivirus. This is a great feature when you need to temporarily disable Avast antivirus without uninstalling it.

Passive mode to disable real time protection in Avast

It can be useful in many cases, like when you need to install another antivirus program for whatever reason. Or you need to turn it off for a short time to check anything or perform a particular task.

5. Protect Browser Passwords

Avast takes care of everyone’s security concerns to protect their digital life. We usually save passwords in our browsers. Though they are secure, but it is better if you get an extra layer of protection.

Browser Password Protection.

I didn’t see this feature in any other antivirus software. But this feature is available only in premium versions.

What is the cost of Avast One?

Avast One Essential is available for free to everyone, just like Avast Free Antivirus and Avast One Premium, which come with two subscription plans. Individual plan with 5 licenses, and family plan with 30 licenses. A platinum plan is also there which includes Identity protection features.

Avast pricing and discount

Avast One discount

Avast is, by default, providing a 50% discount on its paid subscriptions. But please note that it is just for the first payment, whether you are purchasing a monthly or a yearly plan.

So I suggest going with the yearly subscription plan to save more. On renewal, you will be charged the regular price without the discount.

Avast One is not available on Amazon. But you can buy it directly from the Avast Store. Below is a link to buy it in discounted price.

Check out the price – Get up to 70% off

For more offers you can visit to Avast deals

Avast One offer

Is it worth buying Avast One paid subscription?

  • Protect sensitive documents with its sensitive data shield technology.
  • Web hijack guard provides protection from DNS hijacking that can redirect to fraudulent websites.
  • Webcam protection prevents access to the webcam without your permission. Untrusted apps or hackers won’t be able to use the webcam.
  • One-click private mode makes you incognito to easily maintain your privacy.
  • Tracking prevention, which prevents data collection companies from collecting your behavior data.
  • Disk cleaner to keep the system junk-free
  • “Driver updater” feature to automatically scan and update the latest device drivers.
  • Avoid online scams like romance scams, tech support scams, social media scams, and scam text messages.
  • Its platinum subscription includes up to $2 million in fund-stolen coverage under identity protection and remote technical support, even beyond Avast’s products.

How Avast One is different than Avast Free Antivirus?

Avast One Essential and Avast Free Antivirus are both free software provided by Avast. But Avast One provides more features than free antivirus. Avast One is more than just an antivirus. It is actually a bundle of tools that provide antivirus, privacy protection, and optimization tools. Same as Avast Premium, Avast also has a premium version with an extra set of features.

Avast One is the modern and advanced version of Avast Free Antivirus. Its interface is more user-friendly than that of free antivirus software.

Some of the extra features that you can find in the Avast One Essential are PC speed up, VPN, privacy advisor, browsing data clean up, and security tips.

Avast one essential vs Free Antivirus
Avast one essential vs Avast free antivirus

Avast One Vs Avast Free Antivirus

Both Avast One and Avast Free Antivirus are free antivirus products from Avast. Let’s find out the differences between these two.

FeaturesAvast One EssentialAvast Free Antivirus
Antivirus, Antimalware
Network Inspector
Simple Firewall
VPN5 GB / Week
Privacy advisor
Clear browsing data
Software updater
PC Speed up
Leaked password check1 email
Download Avast OneDownload Avast Free Antivirus

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Avast One Essential Free vs Avast One Premium

Here are the differences between Avast One Essential and Avast One Premium versions.

FeaturesAvast One
Avast One
Individual / Family
Avast One
Antivirus and Antimalware
Firewall Simple Advanced
VPN5 GB / WeekUnlimitedUnlimited
VPN Location1 Location55 locations55 locations
Privacy Protection
Leaked password check1 email5 / 30 emails30 emails
Tracking prevention
One click private mode
PC speed up
Software updater Manual Automatic Automatic
Driver updater
Identity Protection
24 /7 tech support
Avast One essential vs Premium vs Platinum

Avast provides three paid subscription plans for Avast One.

Avast One Individual

In individual license, it protects 5 devices under 1 account. These 5 devices can be Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. And this subscription starts at $4.19 per month. It includes device security, privacy tools, and PC optimization tools.

Avast One Family

A family license lets you protect up to 30 devices with one account. This plan has the same set of features as the Individual plan.

Avast One Platinum

Avast One Platinum includes identity protection as an additional feature, along with all the other features of Avast One Family. It provides protection for 30 devices under 6 different accounts.

Avast One availability

Avast One is not available in all countries right now. It is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, France, and Germany.

Avast One Review

The installation was very smooth and fast. Its light-colored theme gives it a light antivirus feel. The home page gives you suggestions and information that is important to you, as well as shortcuts to open related features.

It asked to install Google Chrome during installation. But you can skip this option.

All other options are available under the “Explore” tab. initially the back button confused me but then I get comfortable to it. Overall, its new interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can see mostly all of the options under its simple menu.

It has been tested in four different independent antivirus testing labs, and it performed very well in all the labs. So you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the Avast antivirus software.

It performed above and beyond the rest in phishing protection. So we can say that Avast has the best protection from phishing or fake websites.

Apart from the ransomware protection technology, it also offers to safeguard the important folders to avoid the encryption attempt by a hacker or ransomware attack. Not all antivirus products provide this level of protection, particularly free ones.


  • Good VPN bandwidth limit, even in free version.
  • Good score in many independent antivirus testing labs.
  • There are many good features in free version as well.
  • One click private mode is unique and good feature.
  • Passive mode to temporarily disable the Realtime protection.


  • Limited protection on Mac and Android devices.
  • Parental control is missing even in premium version.


In conclusion, I perceive Avast One as a robust security software, shielding users from a diverse range of cyberthreats. Although the most potent features are reserved for the premium version, the free essential version emanates a sense of security with its abundance of valuable features, making it an exceptional choice for fundamental protection. I discovered Avast One Essential to be a highly efficient, cost-free antivirus software, worthy of being recognized as the premier choice in the realm of free antivirus solutions. Finally, in my opinion, Avast One is good security software for protection against many different kinds of cyberthreats.

Now Avast has two main products for consumers: Avast Antivirus and Avast One. Both are available in free and premium options. With its good reputation and good lab results, it is a powerful and effective security solution.

Avast One is the newest and powerful version of its free antivirus software. So basically, there is not much difference between these two except for two main features: “PC cleaner” and “VPN” and the fresh look.

With the launch of the Avast One cyber security solution, Avast goes beyond just device security. It puts Avast in the same line as other reputed antivirus companies like Norton, McAfee, and Bitdefender, which are already providing this kind of solution.

Avast One Alternatives

For the free version you can look for Avira. And for paid version other companies that are providing the similar kind of products are Norton Lifelock, McAfee + and Bitdefender Ultimate Security. They all include the plans with Identity protection and fund stolen coverage.

I found a useful website to compare different antivirus and security products – visit AntivirusCafe.com

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