Norton 360 is a comprehensive security program which is capable of providing protection for your devices and online privacy. Apart from several useful features, this program, also offers cloud backups feature so that you can store important files and documents online as a protective measure against loss of data due to stolen devices, hard driver failures and ransomware attacks. Despite being a highly useful feature, some users want to turn off this Norton backup feature. In this guide, we will explain how to turn off Norton 360 cloud backups in three clicks.

Why Turn off Norton 360 Cloud Backups?

As said above, the Norton 360 cloud backups can be a highly useful feature for most users. However, sometimes users find its costly to operate or they are already using another cloud backup service and they don’t need two services for the same purpose. Also, some users may want to disable this service temporarily on their computer. It doesn’t matter which of the above reason is the cause behind your decision to disable cloud backups in Norton 360, but you can follow the steps given in next section to complete this task.

How to Turn off Norton 360 Cloud Backups in Three Clicks?

If you have decided that you want to turn off cloud backups in your Norton 360, then you can complete this task in only 3 clicks. For disabling the Norton 360 cloud backups you must open the Norton 360 program in classic view. Follow the steps give below.

  1. Right click the Norton 360 quick launch icon in the taskbar and click on the ‘Open Norton 360’ option.
  2. In the Norton program, click on the ‘Settings’ button.
  3. In the Settings page, make sure that the in front of the ‘Launch View’ the ‘Classic’ view is displayed. If not, then click on the ‘Arrow’ and choose ‘Classic’ from the drop-down options.classic-view
  4. In the Classic view, click to de-select the checkbox in front of the ‘Backup’ and ‘Backup Status Overlays‘ options under the Quick Controls.turn off

That’s it, you have successfully disabled Norton 360 cloud backups on your computer.

Now you know how to turn off Norton 360 cloud backups in three clicks. This Norton feature can be highly useful, therefore, disable it only when you are sure about it.

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