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What is Malware? and Why we need Antimalware Programs.

What is Malware?

A type of virus that get spread through malicious software or programs is known as Malware. So malware is a short name given to the ‘malicious software’. Actually malware includes any destructive program that can start its activity by entering into your system. So malware is a medium to transmit the other destructive programs called computer virus, worm virus, Trojan virus, spyware, rootkit, adware, scareware and crimeware.

It can delete, block, copy or modify your data on the computer. They can also infect computers of your friends, family or colleagues as they spread through emails contact lists or your social media contacts. They are mostly spread through the Internet by visiting malicious website or downloading or running a malicious program from or on the internet. These days malware become very common threat to computer users to get infected.

one popular Antivirus Lab claims that they are discovering approx 38,000 new type of malware each and every day. 97% are malware threats from total threats on the internet. Today highest number of malware are created for profit and money making through forced advertising, stealing sensitive information , money extortion (Ransomware).

How to stay protected from malware?

It is very hard to stay away from the malware if you are using or surfing Internet on a windows OS. Due to the popularity of Microsoft Windows mostly Malwares are created to target the windows users. And because everyday lots of malware are created and discovered it is not easy for even top antivirus companies to detect them immediately and protect them.
So the best way to stay away from malware is implementing some good internet browsing habits along with using a Good Reputed antivirus software.

  •  Be careful when you open any attachment. Don’t open if you are not sure what it is.
  • Stay away from suspicious sites. Installing some site adviser is a good option stay away from these bad sites. Many Internet security Suites have included this feature in their software.
  • Always use the original and paid programs never trust on torrents or fake free software.
  • Never save or uninstall any software if you don’t know what it is. Some times when we open a bad site it automatically ask you to save or install some software and by mistake most of you click on that. Don’t do that it could be a malware.
  • Instead of a antivirus use internet security version of the computer security software from a reputed antivirus company. Because mostly internet security includes the anti-malware in it.

Why I need an Anti-Malware Program?

Because it is not easy to detect and protect you even for a top antivirus company where daily approx 38,000 type of new malware discovered. So you need a good antimalware program. Antimalware programs are developed to protect specially from malwares by detecting the malicious programs. There are two good antimalware in the market which use the different technology to protect you from everyday malware. They used the behavioral cloud based detection to detect the suspicious program whether it is a malware or not.
Best thing is that these antimalware programs can be installed along with your antivirus program. So it enhance the security of your computer without any conflicting.

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