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Free AVAST Antivirus Download

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS is the best in its class. You can download it for free and always be free for life. It includes the free real-time virus protection. So we can say that Avast! Free Antivirus is the complete antivirus software. It can be used in place of other paid antivirus programs. Mostly free antiviruses are not giving this real-time scanning feature but Avast do. Its latest released version Avast Free Antivirus 2016 includes full functional antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, heuristics engine features. Its real time protection protects all files, email, p2p transfer, Instant messaging surfing etc. Its free for life but an yearly registration is required to continue to use for Free. Registration is free as well. so it is a complete Free Antivirus program. In New 2015 version Avast added new Home Network Security feature which gives you a secure internet browsing environment. It is the only Free Antivirus which is giving such a good feature. Home network security means it will scan all your Wi Fi networks for any intrusion in the Network.

AVAST  free Antivirus Download

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Avast free antivirus download


  • Provides protection against viruses and malware in real-time.
  • Hide Alerts in any full screen mode application. You can also say Game Mode.
  • It can detect the previously unknown possible threats.
  • Good reviews and long track record of positive feedback.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, windows 8, windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Light weight it take less resources of system.
  • Automatic updates latest virus definition.
  • Includes anti-malware along-with anti-spyware and antivirus.
  • Browser Cleanup.
  • Software updater.
  • Remote Assistance.
  • FREE to use.


  • Its free for home use only. And can not be used in commercial environment.
  • After one year, registration is required. But it is free.


Download Free Avast!

Many people thinks or misunderstands that it is free so it is not a Full featured antivirus program. But actually Avast is full featured antivirus program. It includes all the features that a paid antivirus provide.

Techsupportall.com always recommend internet users, that they should use Internet security suite. Because all antivirus program whether its paid or free lacks Firewall, antispam and privacy protection features.

Installation Tip:

During installation of Free Avast! Anti virus it can ask you to install the free Google Chrome internet browser and Internet Explorer (IE) toolbar. These are not required but optional. So you can unchecked the box to skip these additional installations. You are also required to register yourself with Avast antivirus to continue use the Free Antivirus after 30 days trial. No Worry, this registration is totally free. You also have to register once every year to continue using Free Avast AntiVirus. Which is also free to continue to use this Great features Avast Free Antivirus software.

But for Features such as the firewall and Safe Zone need a premium membership. Basic Avast Antivirus is free to use but to activate more advanced features you have to purchase a paid version of the Avast Antivirus. Or you can go for Avast Internet Security to get all advanced features.

How to Register Avast to use it free for one year.

You can use the Avast Free version for the lifetime but registration or registration every year is mandatory to keep it free. Registration is also free. Check out the Video guide below.

Download Avast Antivirus for Free

Use the following links to save money using TSA avast discount coupon codes, voucher code and promo codes. If you are planning to get advanced features and want to buy Avast. You have many option to choose from Avast Antivirus Pro, Internet Security or Avast Premier. The best choice is to go with Avast Internet security.

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Download free Avast Antivirus 2015, Avast Free Mobile security download. Avast is known to be the best security solution for PC and Smartphones.

Avast Passed the BBC Test for Secure online banking transaction in year 2012 which blocks the Zeus virus a financial malware successfully.  And again in 2013 passed the test conducted by MRG-Effitas for Sage online banking and browser security test. So this shows that Avast is really one of the best antivirus software.

AVAST  2016 review

This post was last updated on:2017-03-19 | First Published:2013-02-20

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  1. My avast updated recently but now I cannot excess my google chrome. It keeps on blocking it. I have to disable avast before I can continue. What is the use of having an anti virus if I cannot use it to protect me while I am on the internet

    • Maybe there your Google Chrome has got infection of adware / malware through internet, we recommend you to please uninstall and re-install Google Chrome from Google official website.

  2. very good antivirus

  3. its best

  4. AVAST
    Avast antivirus is the best that can avoid all viruses from the device that’s way prefer always.
    I thank you.

  5. thank you so much

  6. hello sir iwant your product 90 days tril pack ‘plz send to my mail id’ thank you,…………

  7. Thanks you guys!!

  8. i need code avast at 83020

    • You can get all the Avast latest deals on this page : http://coupons.techsupportall.com/discount-tag/avast-coupon-codes/ ^(http://coupons.techsupportall.com/discount-tag/avast-coupon-codes/)

  9. is free antivirus is free for always or there some time limitation?

    • No there is no time limitation on Avast Free Antivirus. But you have renew your free subscription every year which is free of cost. So it is truly Free for lifetime license.

  10. Avast changed the way of business by providing free antivirus program. You explained it very well here about the avast. Avast free antivirus is a very good option for those who need just a basic protection for their system and don’t have to spend money like students and NGO’s etc. And you also listed here promos for avast that who need it commercially can buy in cheap price. Thank you for this great piece of useful information.

  11. Thanks. Avast really a great antivirus. loving it.

  12. I use avast antivirus from the beginning from when use computer.Thanks to avast.

  13. I have both internet exlorer and google chrome on my computer and go back and forth between the two. Will Avast protect my computer regardless of the browser I’m using?

  14. Not bad at all fellas and galals. Thanks.

  15. Thank you guys.

  16. thanks avast anti virus protect on my pc

  17. I downloaded Avast FREE version and it found LOTS of threats (24 and 20 HIGH). (which my paid version of a known brand did not detect).

    I need to learn what action to take. Do I simply select “move to chest”? When do I select repair? Or delete? Thank you!

    • Thank you for contacting us.

      if Avast antivirus found’s files are not related with that path “c:/windows” then you may delete all them. You can do one thing more, you may choose “Move to chest” option and then restart your computer, If your computer will reboot fine then you can empty Avast chest section.


  18. avast antiviruos thanks free down load

  19. thanks for avast free antivirus

  20. I am using Avast Antivirus Free Edition, I would like to upgrade it to Avast Internet Security Download. Could you please provide me the link with BEST PRICE

  21. Free Avast antivirus looks good and promising. Thanks for this best free antivirus.

  22. Thanks for the Avast antivirus.

    • This program is rogue as hell, I had a major inofctien like 3 years ago, and i had a shitload of malware. Avast wasnt doing anything so i got spyware doctor and it bascially made it impossible to boot.

  23. Thanks for the link, i am a new user

  24. Avast Free 8.0.1485 beta

    Removed Browser cache already, rested as well still same message

    Removed it again, equally Desktop Internet explorer 10 and Modern mode, same results still prohibited
    I suppose i’ll wait for answer from Avast Designed or Support now, little else I can perform now

  25. Thanks. Its a good antivirus program

  26. Avast Antivirus is free to download. But for complete security environment a paid Avast Internet security suite is recommended. This post is great I got the $10 discount on avast. Thanks!!! Keep up the good work

  27. it is very good prodect for securety of computer

  28. Thanks… I have downloaded and installing your avast antivirus, should i install Internet security? what the deference between them. ?

  29. full internet security

    • This is not the full internet security. Free version of avast is a basic antivirus. I recommend you to buy the Full internet security suit if you want your computer fully protected.

  30. this is the best antivirus

  31. This is a very good antivirus tool.

  32. I recently downloaded a new version of Avast. With it I got a version of Google Chrome that I did not want. Why ? When I just got a daily update from Avast and it told me…information wise that there are too many unsolicited task bars being downloaded > did not want or do not want Google Chrome….How do I get rid of it without harming my Avast anti virus protedtion ?

  33. syed dawood shah

    that beauti it scan me and my computer

  34. syed dawood shah

    Cool antivirus no 1 i like it so i say that has free

  35. i need avast antivirus for free download

    • You can even download the free version of this as well. But free versions are not much effective to protect your computer and you are vulnerable to many threats. So I recommend you to use a Paid Internet Security software to keep your computer safe & Secure from all threats.

  36. very good antivirus

  37. i need a antivirus for free download

  38. i need a avast antivirus for free download

  39. i need a antivirus for free download

    • You can configure it for free as well… you have to click on download link which located in bottom of the banner and then another page will be opening here you find in Free download option(In left side), after installing you can configure it for free.

  40. Thanks !!! I got discount, what’s would the price for another year?

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