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The name “Norton” has become synonymous with robust, reliable and comprehensive security coverage. The latest product, the Norton Security certainly keeps up with this tradition. This is a complete internet security suite rather then just a simple Antivirus software. In year 2014 Norton has stopped its products Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 and launched a new powerful security product the “Norton Security“. In this article we have tried to cover up everything that you need to know about Norton Security.

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  1. Download Norton Security
  2. Norton Security Install, Upgrade & Renewal Guide
  3. What’s New in latest edition
  4. Norton Security Review
  5. Norton Security Coupon codes
  6. Norton Security Products variant & Comparison

Download, Install, Upgrade and Renewal

Norton Security Download

You can download a 30 Days Free trial of Norton Security to experience it. You can install on any of your devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) upto 5 devices.

Download Norton Security 30 days Free Trial

How to install Norton?

Just download and it can be installed within a few clicks. Installation is fast and easy. Just login with your Norton account or use the license key to activate its subscription. For Smartphones and tablets you can download from their respective App Store. See the below video how easy is it to install the Norton Security. If you have previously installed any other antivirus software then it will ask you to uninstall that software, So allow that to uninstall that. It is common installation practice by any antivirus software to remove other installed antivirus as it can cause problems installing two antivirus software simultaneously. But you can install the Antimalware Software along with your antivirus software. Read about Malware & Antimalware software.

If you have already purchased the Norton subscription, You can manage devices and download Norton from Norton my account after logging in to your account.

More Norton Support Videos on YouTube

How to Upgrade Norton Security?

If you are an active subscriber and want to upgrade to the latest Norton version. Then you can use this tool to remove and reinstall the Norton product. It do the things automatically. Download this official Norton Removal and Reinstall tool. Please note that this will uninstall all Norton old version products and only install the latest release automatically. If you are already using the latest release in future you will get the updates automatically.

Renewal of Norton Security

You can renew your Norton product online without any hassle. But for the subscribers who are still using the old products like Norton 360 etc, they have only one one option to renew it to the latest product Norton Security.


If you are facing any issue in installing or upgrading Norton security or seems any compatibility issue. The basic troubleshooting step is to Uninstall and reinstall  the Norton product using its Official Norton Removal Tool to completely remove it from the PC. And then try installing it again. It will solve most of the problems. But still you have some issue then try contacting directly to the Norton Support department of their Customer Care. Please also beware of Fake Norton Calls claiming as Official Norton Tech Support.

If you are unaware about Fake tech support, Read about Tech Support Scam

What’s New in latest Norton Security

Technology advancement has brought with it, advantages and disadvantages. Hackers everywhere are always trying to make use of loopholes to steal, destroy or manipulate data. Individuals, companies, corporations, non-governmental organizations and governments from all over the world are not immune to the attacks that may happen to their systems at any time. Antivirus companies are always trying to improve their products to stay ahead of the hackers. The new Norton Security also does this regularly throughout the year check here what’s new for year 2019.

  • Fully Compatible with Windows 10
  • New Modern and clean User Interface.
  • New Next Gen Anti-malware engine.
  • New intelligent boot time protection.
  • Enhanced browser protection without any plugin which experience faster browsing speed.
  • New Socially Engineered attacks protection.
  • New redesigned SONAR Engine.
  • More tuned to Windows 8.1 updates.
  • And many other security enhancements to its existing features.
  • NPE – Norton Power Eraser is now integrated into the new security suite.
  • 100% virus free promise for paid subscribers.

Norton Products Comparison

Norton Security 2019 promises to offer you 100% protection against viruses. The product comes in three plans namely; Norton security standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and finally Norton Security Premium and a Professional version for Small Business security. See the below Image for the quick comparison between its products.

Norton Security Standard vs Deluxe vs Premium
Norton vs Other Top Antivirus Software

A new type of license has been also introduced by Norton which is cheaper in option but have limited support and is also not giving Virus Free promise for that license type. Norton Antivirus for 1 PC for 1 year just for $19.99

Norton Security Coupon Codes & Pricing

The pricing given in the above paragraph are the regular price of the products. But Symantec is very active in launching different promotions in different areas time to time and also some regular promos. Stay with us and you have the chance to buy in cheap and best price through our updated Coupons. You can even get upto 50% discount and save upto $70 on their products.

Norton Security Coupon Codes 2019

You can checkout the below links to find out the Coupons.

Norton Product Variants

Norton Security Standard

The product is ideal for those who have one personal computer or Mac. It promises to protect your PC from malware, spyware, viruses, phishing, software vulnerabilities and other online threats.

For those who carry out online purchases and payments, the product will protect them against identity theft and ensure that the transactions are safe.

The product after various ratings from customers and other stakeholders, the performance levels are among the best in the industry. The new version is not only better and faster than the previous version but compared to the competition, and its performance is superior.

The product has a provision where it alerts you about emails and links before you open them. This is because there are links which may claim they are from your bank and instead steal information which can be used by con artists, hackers, and identity thieves for malicious purposes.

NS for one device comes to use with 1 PC or 1 Mac or mobile with all the great features.

  • 100% virus free guarantee.
  • Unlimited Access to Online Norton technician.

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe has all the features that the Norton Security Standard has plus a host of several other functions.

The product is ideal for those who have more than one PC or Mac because it serves 5 or more PC s or Macs, smartphones and tablets. The product protects against malware, viruses, spyware, phishing and a lot more.

Just like the Norton Security Standard, it protects your identity and online transactions.

The product comes with an advanced feature. The feature alerts you about apps which might harm your android if downloaded.

The subscription protects up to five gadgets, be it a PC, Mac, IPad, Iphone, laptop among others. Therefore, you do not have to look for other antivirus providers for your different gadgets.

The new and improved Norton Security comes with a web portal. The portal allows you to manage the different gadgets, and you can access personalized customer support from the dedicated staff.

  • Manage Security for Multiple device from a single place.
  • Use on any 5 devices in any combination like PC, mac, smartphones, tablets etc.

Norton Security Premium

The product offers all the services that the Norton Security Deluxe has and some additional features.

Children all over the world have not escaped the damage that internet connectivity has brought. The Norton Security Premium has an option where kids are protected from over-sharing online. The product also has an offer where as a parent you can manage the number of hours your kids are online and offline.

Taking care of your family is not enough, the premium product goes ahead and has an option of automatically backing up your financial files, photos and personal information on your PC.

Ransom ware is becoming rampant where unauthorized people have access to your data and information and ask for ransom. They may even go to the extents of hoarding the information and restrict your access to it. Norton Security Premium protects you from such unauthorized activities. The package also comes with 25 GB cloud storage which is secure.

  • Backup you PC files on the cloud to get an additional layer of protection from Ransomware.
  • Help you kids by teaching limited online sharing habits and learn to explore their world safely with Family Safety Feature.
  • 25 GB Online backup to keep your important file safe on the cloud.

Norton Security Review

For starters, it comes with the standard features which one would expect in a security suite i.e. a robust antivirus, a top-notch firewall and a range of web safety components. The Norton Security also come with a spam filter, network monitor, password manager, form filler, bootable disc repair option and many other features.

However, most of these features are almost a standard part of any serious security suite. They also feature prominently in previous Norton products. The ultimate question is: what’s new in Norton Security 2019? Well, the first novelty is the fact that it combines the features of all the three previous products (Norton Antivirus, Internet Security and 360) into one robust suite.


No confusion in choosing right Norton product

This comprehensive approach obviously sets the Norton Security apart from its predecessors. It means that users no longer have to grapple with questions like “should I opt for Norton Internet Security or Norton 360?” The Norton Security packs all the other 3 products together, and even adds more features. For instance, the scope of its protection stretches beyond PCs to 5 types of devices running Windows, Mac OS X, iOS 6 and Android. Now you have the option like if you need for a single device go for standard license for up to 5 devices go for deluxe and for up to 10 devices go for premium subscription plan.

New user Friendly User Interface

The most visible difference in the Norton Security is its look and feel. The suite features a brand new user interface. The interface is based on the Norton 360 UI, but souped up to make it blend more perfectly in the modern L&F of Windows 8. It features Norton’s characteristic blend of beauty and simplicity, and (of course) captivating interplay of the color green. Its main functions are organized under tabs labeled Security, Performance, Identity and Backup for easy access.

Next gen Anti Malware Engine

However, beneath the sleek UI is where the Norton Security’s true distinction lies. It comes equipped an anti-malware engine which Symantec (its maker) terms as “next-generation”. This next-gen anti malware engine offers real-time protection against threats. Rather than the standard approach of downloading definitions, this engine uses the cloud to provide real-time protection. As such, it can reduce definition files by close to 80%.

Next gen SONAR Engine

Its SONAR engine has also been beefed up with next-gen technology which makes it more adept at detecting brand new threats. This is deployed alongside aggressive threat detection heuristics, automatic botnet scan triggers and intelligent boot-time defenses to provide more robust protection. It also comes with smarter integration with Norton Community Watch, improved protection against socially-engineered attacks, and smart browser defenses which operate without requiring a plugin.

Virus Free guarantee

The Norton Security comes with a money back guarantee if the product is unable to remove a virus from your gadgets. Norton is the only security software which provide you this type of guarantee. Get virus free or take your money back. It show the dedication and honesty of the Norton Security to provide great protection to its users.

Below are some other strong points to choose the Norton Security as your security partner.

  • The product has over 200 million users worldwide; this showed that the product is trusted to offer what it promises.
  • It has won several awards from, and a host of other awards recognized globally.
  • Once the one-year subscription is over. the subscription is renewed automatically. What this means is that you have uninterrupted protection throughout.


The only downside of the Norton is the lack of an upgrade option from its old products Norton Antivirus, N360 and Internet Security software. But if you have installed New Norton Security then there is no hassle in upgrading. Whoever wants this powerful product needs to install it afresh, including people who are currently using Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360. This is bound to cause some frustration among current users of these products.


The most impressive aspect is that it offers great level of protection without compromising on performance speed. The Norton Security comes with inbuilt performance improvements. Among such improvements include faster browser experience, battery power conservation, tuned up performance for the latest Windows 8.x and Windows 10 updates and fast real-time performance.

And the reason for the lack of an upgrade option is because of the next-gen approach in the New Norton Security. In fact, the release of this product spells “the beginning of the end” for the Norton Antivirus, Internet Security and 360. Symantec says that these three products have begun their “end of life”. Support for them will continue though, until the expiry of the current subscriptions. But for those who cannot wait for their subscriptions to end, acquiring the New Norton Security is the only option.

In a nutshell, the New Norton by Symantec  certainly packs a punch. Its comprehensive, all-in-one approach certainly sets it apart from its competitors which typically still offer multiple security options. The combination of next-gen technologies, with faster performance and holistic protection across devices makes it a must-have for anyone looking for a one-stop security option. In the last the only downside is that those currently having Norton Antivirus, Internet Security or 360 can not automatically upgrade to the Norton Security. However, given its range of capabilities, installing the Norton Security 2019 afresh is certainly worth the effort.

Another good thing is that power eraser is now integrated into the security suite and you can run the NPE right from your NS security software. No need to download it separately.

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    1. Techexpert says

      Norton customer support guys can answer you properly. We are giving you their contact us info herewith. Maybe it should for next one year.

      Norton customer support contact detail:-
      Billing and Account Questions Phone: 877-294-5265
      Customer Service Phone: 800-441-7234
      Phone Number for Corporate Office Phone: 650-527-8000
      Technical Support Phone: 800-745-6061

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    I am from america, but having issue in installing a device. Installed successfully on 2 desktops but on my laptop it showing error every time that unable to connect to the Symantec Server alongwith a warning that your trial has been expired and click to activate your account. Still confused and didn’t found any way to solve it. My please suggest me if any one have any suggestion.

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      PC Tune up is now under tab Performance which includes the File cleanup, startup manager and disk optimizer to your PC for faster performance. So it is still in this version.

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      Maybe they are not from norton, please make sure their identity first before proceed.

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      pk is saying right. you have to be careful and contact the legitimate Norton customer support.

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    if i enter a norton security 2015 product key will it renew & upgrade norton 360?

    1. Techexpert says

      You have to ask Norton Support about it. As per their information if new norton security has been launched in your country then you have to reinstall the new Norton Security by uninstalling your old product. You can read more in the above post. If you have already purchased the Norton Security 2015 Key then just uninstall the old product and download and install the new product. Its simple and easy. We have also embedded a video to help you for the same. Hopefully it will be helpful for you. Thanks.

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      Norton launched recently single device license in some of countries. in UK and US and as a promotion giving a $15 off on this. You can check the coupons sections to get it. Thanks You!!

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      Years are just the numbers. Actually every antivirus company regularly updates their software and apply those changes during automatic updates. As Norton 2015 was Version 22.0 and recent windows 10 update version become 22.5 Hopefully if they need to update some major changes they will launch the 23.0 version you can call that 2016 version. Actually Computer Security is very vital and needs regular updates so almost every year mostly all security companies are launching their modified and updated version.

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      Yes they have. Please read this post for business antivirus options. Let us know if you still have any confusion. Thanks!!

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    recently I read news that Norton have some vulnerability in their products. how safe is it buying a Norton antivirus.

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      Hi Curtis, Norton is very old, reputed and responsible brand. They have already fixed those vulnerability very quickly and it is very safe to buy Norton. Every software can have some vulnerability but a good company take quick action to fix them. Don’t Worry and purchase with confident.

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