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How do i solve Internet Explorer did not finish Installing


How do i fix while installing internet explorer error message comes  ‘Internet Explorer Did Not Finish Installing’

Solved Answer

When you try to install Internet explorer it could not installed and get this message ‘Internet Explorer did not finish Installing’ , that means here are some problem with the WINDOWS UPDATE. We have the proper solution for that error message ‘Internet Explorer Did Not Finish Installing’ please follow below steps.


1. Turn Off Windows Firewall
some time firewall might be block files in the package of internet explorer
2. Turn off the Antivirus temporally
3. Turn off the Antivirus Firewall
4. Go to the Controlpanel>>program and features>>then select the left pane option>> Turn the windows feature on or off>>then you will get this below pop up and then>>uncheck the Internet Explorer>> and restart the computer, after restarting again open the same and now check that option and again do restart.

IE not working

5. Now try to upgrade it
Download and run the installation package of Internet explorer 9.
6. If the problem resolved then turn on the firewall and anti virus as well.

If the problem persist, then follow these more usefull steps

7. Check the Windows Update is that running, or not, it should be running,
8. Please click on this link and run that fix for windows updates.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956698 click here to download
9. Click on Start button and ten type CMD and then click Run as administrator , when CMD will open then run these four lines one by one.
net stop wuauserv
cd %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution
ren Download Download.old
net start wuauserv
then restart the computer.
Then restart the computer it has automatic install the updates, then after restarting try to install internet explorer again.




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  1. The download will fail at restarting programs when I attempt to install ie 9 to ie 11, Also have tried to install ie9 to ie10 and get the same problem. I have tried everything you recommend plus other tricks we have here at our company. Any suggestion as to why it will go all the way through the download and then just fail at restarting programs ( the very last step in the installation process)

  2. hello, for me it is still not work.
    try downgrade ie11 to ie10. but could not find ie 11 in control panel and view update. so use command force to remove ie11. after could not run ie 10. error linkid=240133

  3. internet explorer

  4. I tried to type the commands but when i type the ren download download.old
    It is showing an invalid file

  5. I also get ‘Internet Explorer Did Not Finish Installing’ when I attempt to manually install IE10 (without going through Windows Update). So it’s not a problem with Windows Update. Any other ideas?


    • Here is the article windows update issue, please follow that articles steps to solve widows update issue https://www.techsupportall.com/how-to-fix-windows-update-error/

    • After I had tried to install IE 10 the first time it just stopped working while it was “configuring Windows – Do not turn of” so I had to do a hard reset of the PC. After this I was not able to install IE10, and kept receiving: ‘Internet Explorer Did Not Finish Installing’. After 3 hours of testing I found a solution (which I could not find anywhere online)!

      Booted in to Safe Mode and run the installer there. It installed with no errors.

  6. hi there, I’m having also problems with installing IE11. tried step 1-3, but step4 not working. when I click on nothing appears in the window. Tried to do it without it but again did not finish installing.
    can you help?

    regards paul

  7. Worked. Thank you!

  8. Hi,
    I’m logged as administrator with win 7 Ultimate and when I try to run a first line of the script: net stop wuauserv I have got
    System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied

    • That means your command prompt don’t have administrative rights, so please start your command prompt with administrative rights…
      Clicking on start and then click on accessories then RIGHT click on command prompt and then choose “Run as administrator” option.

  9. Thanks, you made my day

  10. Thanks a lot it’s works for me

  11. It’s installed now. thank you Techexpert

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