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How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator

How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator

In Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


I would like to know how to Run “Command Prompt” in administrator mode (Administrative Privileges), I need to run a command in that mode.

Solved Answer

That is a very simple process. This post will explain you how to start “Command Prompt” with Administrative Privileges, Please follow below steps.

There are lots of conditions that you require to use the command line rather than the normal mode command lines need admin privilege to do complete some of commands. And others unique command lines that needs admin privilege require a Command Prompt screen which is runs as local administrator. As well as here are a couple methods to open a Command Prompt screen with admin privilege in Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7.

This solution will works for Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows server 2008.


For Windows 7, Vista

1. Click on Start

2. Go to All Programs ( in XP go to Programs)

3. Click on Accessories

4. Under Accessories you will get “Command Prompt”, Right click on that and choose option “Run as Administrator”





For Windows 8, 8.1, 10

  • Open the Charms bar, and click on Search (You can also press the Windows + Q to open Search.)
  • Then Type in the search bar “command prompt”
  • Then click on “command prompt” (which is found in search results)
  • Once you click on “command prompt” there are four option will be Highlighted in the bottom
  • Choose the option “Run as Administrator” from the options




Windows 7 and Windows Vista users have lots of methods to start a command prompt or Windows command processor (co) with administrator privileges, proper rights or credentials. It is an security function in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that provide User Access Control that every one processes will start in restricted mode except if users particularly accept the level confirmation. To get command prompt, the commands may won’t run and have access denied error. Therefore users have to start command prompt will certainly full admin privileges and permission condition. Here’s several methods the raised command prompt could be started out and ran as administrator.

So that you can start a raised Command Prompt screen, whether) the Windows user account must curently have administrator rights, you need to know the password to a different account on the pc which has administrator rights. Most home pc user’s accounts are set up as administrator accounts.

If windows vista, every program completes with restricted rights to result in lots of restriction for a few basic programs. If you type cmd.exe inside the start menu search box it’ll load with a bit of limitations.


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7 thoughts on “How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator”

  1. I’m sorry to say it but its crapppp! it doesn’t work because when you want to run cmd as Administator I need a password! And thats the point why i want to chanche the password because the Real Administrator (read supervisor in person) is fired of the company ! And he say nothing about the password!

    So, how to resolved this problem?

  2. Amazing… tried every work around and zip… then this simple step… Thanks Man! Great of you to dedicate your time and knowledge. Most commendable!!!!

  3. when i clicked CMD run as administrator , it stills requires password for it.and when i am doing without it ,it is showing error5(access is denied)

    1. You must need to enter the admin password to do it, otherwise it will not be done!!

  4. i know so use tech…
    Winkey(Windowsキー)+X and next to Type Keyboard Key to “a”
    it’s fast is done to command run.

    and i think so it.
    Explorer’s . Quick access toolbar menus 1st it chooses
    ” Alt + F M A” (but explorer on top for your any mouse)
    and more.
    ALT+ 1 or some numbers key is Quick access toolbar in shortrtcuts.
    (or watch so explorer window in view, )

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