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Check out the latest Windows 10 related News, Tutorials, Errors, Fixes etc.

How to perform ‘Clean Boot’ in Windows 10

As we know, Windows 10 offers a better handle of computer resources. Consequently, the user´s experience is more smoothly than past versions of windows. In the same way, one of the benefits of Windows 10 is that we can install as many…

Open Settings or Control Panel in Windows 10

Though Windows 10 is built differently then its previous versions but Microsoft tried hard to give a similar interface as of the Windows 7 that users can easily manage their favorite Windows operating system. We will discuss this tutorial…

Mouse keeps freezing in Windows 10. How to fix it?

Recently I noticed that my mouse is freez / hangs for a few seconds and then starts working again. It  is found that many other users are also facing this mouse keeps freezing issue. Mostly users are facing this mouse not working issue in…

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