EXE file association Fix for windows XP – Vista – Windows7 – Windows8

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EXE file association Fixes for windows

Symptoms & Solution

Download EXE File Association Fix for Windows XP  |  Vista  | Windows7  |  Windows 8

If the exe files won’t open and start and it give you an error message “open with” program, please update this .REG file to solve this problem.
Here is the EXE fix for executable files, EXE fix is in zip format. Download the zip file which contains .REG Default association files, import this .REG file to fix their related file types. The problem will be fixed in just few clicks, EXE file association Fix for windows XP,  Vista, Windows 7


  • EXE file Association Fix Download for Windows XP Download
  • EXE file Association Fix Download for Windows Vista Download
  • EXE File Association Fix Download for Windows 7 Download
  • EXE File Association Fix Download for Windows 8 Download

Click below link to show All File Association Fix for Windows XP


Click below link to show All File Association Fix for Windows 7



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