Nothing Happens when i try to open Internet Explorer



Nothing happens when i try to open internet explorer, how do i solve this problem?
internet explorer will not open ? unable to open internet explorer ? clicking on internet explorer nothing happens ? double click internet explorer nothing happens ? click on internet explorer and nothing happens ? internet explorer is not working ? can not open internet explorer ? unable to load internet explorer? cannot open internet explorer ? cannot access internet explorer ?

Solved Answers

Don’t worry, this problem can be resolve easily. A simple solution that will fix this issue. We have tried the same solution on many computers. We have explained it with the step by step instruction what you need to do. But you have to follow the steps exactly as shown below.


Actually the problem is, when you open up your internet explorer you don’t get any response from IE. Nothing happens when you try to open internet explorer.


If the Internet Explorer has stopped opening up, that means the ieproxy.dll file gone unregistered from IE module. As the cause is simple the solution would be very easy.


In order to resolve this problem you just need to register the ieproxy.dll file. You will have to run a particular command in the Run Box / CMD (command prompt) to register “ieproxy.dll” module. Follow the following steps to fix stop responding IE problem.


  1. Press and hold the “window key” and then press “R key” together on your keyboard (Window + R Key) to open run box.
  2. Run the following command into Run Box box. Copy the following command which is given below. Then paste it into Run box and then click on OK button.


regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"

Run command into run box

After click on Ok, ieproxy.dll file will be registered successfully. You’ll get successful message.

ieproxy.dll registered successfullyIf you get failed message, it means you have 64bit opertaing system. In this case you need to follow another command. Continue follow the more additional steps.

ieproxy.dll module is failed to load

  1. Run the following command into Run Box box. Copy the following command which is given below. Then paste it into Run box and then click on OK button.
regsvr32.exe "c:\program files x86\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"

The file should be registered successfully. You’ll get successful message.

ieproxy.dll registered successfully

Now restart your computer and then try to open Internet Explorer now. It should be worked fine.

If you have any question about the above instrustions. Or your issue could not resolved after followed all the steps. Then you may ask question in the comment section below, we’re happy to asnwer you here.

  1. Sandeep Vashisht says

    When i try to register then it throw message ” the module ieproxy.dll was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005

  2. John Hall says

    I tried to reregister the dll file, and every other solution out there but nothing worked. The problem machine was a Windows 2003 server. I finally copied the ieproxy.dll from my Windows 7 laptop, which was also running IE 8, registered the new dll file and pow I was off and running.

  3. John Michel says

    I lost my IE icon on my desktop. When I sent a shortcut to my desktop and clicked on it all I get is a flash of light, and nothing else. I must have hit the wrong key by accident, but now I show a non working icon even though the IE is working since I can get on the internet with other browsers. Can you help me work this out step x step. Thanks.

    1. Techexpert says

      Do one thing, do re-install your whole Internet explorer or you can follow the mentioned instruction on this page.

  4. John Michel says

    I would like to add that I have the ieproxy.dll listed under IE explorer. Never the less when I click it all I get is a flash of light.

  5. Kevin Dondrea says

    If you are receiving the dll error a lot of you are reporting, you may be trying to run the 64bit dll instead of the (x86) version.

  6. naxe says

    Trt to run the internet browsers as administrator,It worked for me

  7. Ali Fanaei says

    You are a real hero. Thanks very much.

  8. maga says

    Easy instructions, simple explanation. Thanks!

  9. Colin Hewitt says

    Spent hours on this problem. Registering this DLL worked like a charm


  10. Lakshay says

    It is not working and showing that it failed to load make sure that the binary is stored at the specific path or debug it to check for problems with binary or dependent .DLL files
    The specified module couldn’t be found .

  11. Larry Roberts says

    Internet Explorer 11 will not open with me (win 10) but I found the problem to be rapport, shut that down and IE 11 works fine!. You can restart rapport once you open IE 11. The makers of rapport are aware of the issue and are hoping to release an update to rapport to solve the problem!.

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, please do update your windows and run ccleaner optimization tool, it will help to solve this problem.

    2. Sandra.S says

      Thanks Larry. This worked for me as well.

  12. Anonymous says

    one cannot copy+past cmd commands

    1. Techexpert says

      So sorry for the inconvenience, the command code was not in under copy allowed area. We just have fixed it. So now, please go to command and click on plus icon in front command. The command will open up in new window, here you can copy the command in new window.

  13. Taryne says

    I don’t have that .dll file in my folder for the system to run so I get an error message about it failing to load. Using Windows 11.

    1. Techexpert says

      If you get failed message, it means you have 64bit operating system. We have another command for 64bit OS – Command: regsvr32.exe “c:\program files x86\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll”
      Please run above command via command prompt or RUN box, it should be worked this time. Please reply back with the result.

  14. Evelyn says

    I have a 1Th laptop and the two configurations offered do not work for restoring my internet explorer.

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