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How to remove add ons from internet explorer


How to remove add ons from internet explorer

Microsoft gives you a opportunity to fix Internet Explorer add-on problems automatically when internet explorer freezes or hangs, Download this microsoft fixit to fix this add-ons problem automatically, How to remove add ons from internet explorer

Download Internet explorer Fixit for add-on problems when IE hangs or freezes

Internet Explorer automatically fix the problems when internet explorer crashes, freezes, hangs problem or stops working or slow responding causes by internet explorer browser add-ons.

  • Internet Explorer is un-stable or doesn’t respond because of plug-ins or add-ons creating some problems
  • Internet Explorer freezesing and hangs because of plug-ins or add-ons
  • Internet Explorer starts is very slow

How to manage Addons manually

1. Click on Tools menu from the Menu bar in internet explorer (if the Menu bar is not displayed, press Alt to open it), and then click Internet Option, (you also can choose gear icon menu in IE9 & IE10)

Manage addons

2. Go to Programs and then click on mange add-ons

Manage addons in IE

3. Click on toolbars and extensions and then select your addon and then click on disable

Manage addons in Internet explorer

If this doesn’t works then go to tech support tools page and go to “Internet explorer repair tools” section you will find lot of tools for internet explorer

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