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Windows Spotlight Not Working? Fix it easily.

Suddenly few days ago I noticed that Windows spotlight on my windows 10 laptop stopped working. I spent a lot of time to fix this issue. And in the end I found that it was a permission issue. This tutorial will help you to fix the errors…

Using DISM Command When SFC Failed to Fix the Issue

SFC or System File Checker is an useful inbuilt utility in Windows to scan and fix the corrupted system files. This is command is preferred to run to fix various system file related errors. But sometimes SFC /scannow command unable to fix…

COM Surrogate Running In Task Manager. What is it?

When you open up the Task Manager, You may find a background process running with the name of "COM Surrogate". There can be more than one instance of this process. Normally in windows 10 you found 2 process running with the same name com…

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