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Update: McAfee 2016 Released

Click on the above link to go to the newer version McAfee 2016 post. Below post was written for the 2014 Edition.

McAfee is a well known name in Internet security products which is now a part of Intel. McAfee have security products for Consumers, Small Business and Enterprise level security solutions.

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McAfee 2014 Review

McAfee’s 2014 edition of its security products has been launched. In this new release the main feature that you can find is Improved anti-malware engine. The McAfee AM Core engine is updated to make it more powerful against Malware attacks and also to keep light on system resources.  Now in McAfee 2014 it has faster scanning speed and use less power of CPU as compared to its previous versions.

Just few days ago Norse Corp. also announced about its partnership with McAfee. Norse is a Cyber security Solution company. McAfee is planning to make its products more strong by combining Norse’s threat intelligence capability to its security products. As in some previous versions AV tests McAfee was not in the best performers. But now they are trying to make their product stand out of other competitors. Now in AV test mcafee got very good score in blocking Malware but in cleaning up malware from an infected system its score is so so.

The new edition will also work along with McAfee’s LiveSearch Service to protect users from Malware, privacy theft and personal data theft threats. LiveSearch is a cross-device compatible product which utilize the Dace and Voice recognition technology to protect or retrieve sensitive data from the Personal Locker folder provided by McAfee. You can also keep safe username and passwords in the personal locker folder.

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The best thing here is that now you can grab McAfee security products at best and cheap price. After these deals this product is worth to buy.

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If you face any problem in installing or upgrading McAfee Products. First uninstall previously installed McAfee product using the McAfee Removal Tool. It will do a complete and safe uninstall of McAfee Product that will remove any conflicting while you install or upgrade McAfee 2014.

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