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Be safe and avoid online shopping scams this holiday season

Be Safe and Avoid Online Shopping ScamsYou live in an advanced technological era, where internet is so crucial for carrying out day-to-day tasks. There is high level of dependence on the internet, for online shopping as well. It is highly advantageous that everything can be purchased online, from the comfort of your own home. But, there is a vulgar side to this online based shopping, as a lot of scams are also out there to trouble you.

Different types of common online scams

The shopping scams are propagated throughout the internet, via email, social media, other websites and hyperlinks mainly. You need to make sure to skip attempting shopping from any online portal that is unheard of. You also have to be aware that scammers try to build up a nice impression and thereby review about them on search pages, which you usually depend on. The most troubling common online scams includes pump and dump stock scams, scareware scams, links, re-shipping and payment processed fraud, shopper-needed check fraud scam, phishing, lottery winning scams. Sometimes, trusting your instincts might help, in switching from a fraudulent to a reliable online vendor.

You need to make sure not to fall into the traps set by the online shopping scammers and lose your valuable time and money. After a particular point of time, one develops a sense of acknowledging trustable online deals from the scam ones, but taking this into account the online scams are also made better by concerned technical brains. So, you have to be always alert about online scams, which would likely adopt newer forms on a daily basis,with the advancement of technology.

Fraudulent websites ready to steal your money

If you end up shopping from a scammer, you would really be pissed off and there is hardly any way out of it. This raises the question, how to steer away from untrustworthy sites and scammers prevalent on the web. By staying alert and smart, to a very high extent scams can be kept in check. As a first step, you need to update all your antivirus, spyware… software, and firewall, which would work against many of the scam sites. It is advised not to enter personal or transaction details onto a pop-up screen emerging from any of the shopping portals. Also, make sure to not to respond to e-mails unnecessarily, providing your valuable personal details. Using a separate e-mail account, for carrying out online shopping also would be a great idea. Do not save your banking, debit or credit card information in any websites, due to safety concerns.

Think twice before filling in your bank details

Whenever you shop online, make sure you enter your personal and bank details, only after confirming the reliability of the site. A well designed shopping portal might not be trustworthy as you would anticipate. So, look out for reviews on the credibility and quality of shopping sites, before even thinking of making a purchase. Try not to click on the links sent for shopping at discounted rates, if you are not sure of its sources. There are plenty of modes of shopping scams online, awaiting your personal information, to cause trouble to you.

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