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Avast Free vs Pro Premium Security (Free vs Paid)

Avast is well known for its free anti-virus protection in the cyber security market. It is available in two editions: free and paid. So are you looking for the differences between these two? And is it worth upgrading to the premium version? Let’s find out.

Some Avast free users cannot determine that they should buy Avast premium version or still stay with Avast free edition. This comparison will answer all your questions.

Comparison Table between Avast Free and Pro edition:

FeaturesFree EditionPremium Edition (Paid)
Real time protectionYesYes
Ransomware ProtectionYesYes
Network InspectorYesYes
Fake website alert and blocksNoYes
Software updaterManualAutomatic
Webcam protectionNoYes
Browser’s stored password protectionNoYes
Remote Access SecurityNoYes
Email SecurityNoYes
File protectionNoYes
Data ShredderNoYes
Real SiteNoYes
Free DownloadBuy Now

Avast launched new “Avast One”

Recently Avast has rolled out its new product line “Avast One”. It offers more features and strong protection and Avast One essential is available for free. Checkout the Avast review and difference between Avast one essential free vs Avast free antivirus

Avast free edition highlighted features

Taking a look at Avast Free, there are two main features of it.

First, Avast Free and Pro block viruses and other malware that are already on your PC or Mac, and will help protect you going forward. Avast will detect viruses, ransomware, and other threats, all in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again. Your computer will be very secure, all the time.

Avast free version download link

Avast Free Edition

  • Core Shield for Virus, Malware, and Adware protection live-time.
  • Automatic Updating Virus Definition.
  • Virus Chest  (Quarantine)
  • Realtime ransomware protection
  • Software Updater: Avast Pro also offers you an extensive update system to make sure your software is up to date for everything. Not only itself but Windows, Mac updates, Office updates, browser updates, and much more. This can help with substantial security vulnerabilities, as Avast will put a patch (or a fix) in place before you even know it’s occurred.
  • Wi-Fi Security : Another feature of Avast Free is Wi-Fi security scanning. Often a paid feature for other anti-viruses, wireless security scanning will allow you to run a wireless network scan, expose intruders that are already on the network, and prevent future intruders. The Avast software will also identify any security flaws within the network, to allow you to make changes to secure your network even more.

Avast Total / Premium Security Main Features

Unfortunately, Avast Free ends the majority of its features there, and the pro features continue even further.

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Avast premium security unlocked features

Real Site (Web Protection) – Automatic Block Fake websites

Avast Pro has a built-in web-browser script that ensures that you avoid any fake or malicious sites giving you peace of mind when you go shopping or even just browsing online. Web-safe also stops potential intruders and criminals from stealing your passwords and sensitive information such as banking information. Other software can help you with this, but Avast includes it all in one place, in one package.

Firewall – Strong security to surf online securely.

Avast Pro has an advanced firewall built-in. Unlike most other paid and free anti-viruses, Avast Pro has an advanced firewall that automatically checks each connection that comes into your network. If connections look in any way suspicious, Avast will block them and notify you so you can remain protected, ensuring that you’re protected even off the internet.

Avast Sandbox – Custom Scanning.

Avast Pro also runs any suspicious apps or apps downloaded from the web in a ‘Sandbox’ mode that can open and run the program without it causing any issues to your PC. If the app has malicious content, Avast will protect you and your device before it ever installs itself, causing you issues down the line.

Email Security

Something else that Avast Pro does that most other free and paid anti-viruses don’t is monitor your emails. No, Avast doesn’t read your emails, but rather the ‘header’ packets. These packets don’t read any information within the email but check the technical details to make an educated decision on your emails coming in and going out to ensure that you don’t receive any annoying spam or phishing emails.

File Protection

Avast Pro offers file encryption that puts a ‘bubble’ around your personal documents (if protected) to avoid any changes or access being made to specific folders. Avast is confident that it will stop all malware, viruses, and other content-stealing content from accessing your personal files that are protected using file encryption.

Webcam Security – Stop Spying

Avast Pro prevents people from using your webcam without you knowing. Avast filters genuine apps (such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime) from the list, but will notify you once the webcam is in use – so you know when someone is watching.

Data Shredder

Avast Pro realizes the concern when trying to delete data securely, and even more so with sensitive data. Avast Pro has a feature called ‘Shred,’ which allows you to shred documents and folders properly. Avast overwrites the files with meaningless data and then deletes them to prevent anyone from seeing what was originally in them.

Secure your browser

Your saved password will be secured using this paid version.

SecureLine VPN (Not Included)

SecureLine VPN with AntiTrack Premium is a different product and it doesn’t come under this Avast premium security, you’ll have to purchase it separately. Get more info about it from here.

Avast premium security privacy features

Avast Antivirus Pro

Please be aware that Avast Antivirus Pro does not provide you the complete online security as the Firewall doesn’t come in; see the screenshot below. You can go with Avast Antivirus Pro if you’re not often surfing the Internet on your computer, but I know many users are not in this category. Finally, for internet surfers, I don’t recommend Avast Antivirus Pro. I’d recommend Avast Total Security, which comes with a strong Firewall and other advanced security features for Internet users.

Avast antivirus pro

Note: However, Avast has discontinued this (Avast Antivirus Pro) product. I have provided the above information for your knowledge only.

Know more about Avast

My Verdict

Taking a look at both the free version of Avast and the pro version of Avast, there are apparent differences between them. Avast Free is an excellent tool for active-virus removal and real-time threat analysis, and with the included Wireless security, this could be enough. However, for the single-device license and the colossal amount of features that Avast Pro has to offer, it may be safer and give you better peace of mind when using the internet for both you and your family.

So, which one would you choose?

Avast Free or Avast Premium Security – Check Latest Price

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