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Check out the latest Windows 10 related News, Tutorials, Errors, Fixes etc.

Search not working in Windows 10. How to fix it?

In windows 10 search box is given in the task bar near the start menu. This search bar is used for Windows search, Web search and for Cortana commands. Sometimes it happens that it is not showing any result or search box stopped working.…

Upgrade Windows 7 / 8 to Windows 10 for Free

Last week I tried to upgrade a windows 7 laptop to Windows 10. And surprisingly it is still working without any hassle. Even in 2020 you can upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free. Though I can not guarantee that it will work for

Install fonts in Windows 10 with these 3 methods

Installing fonts in Windows 10 is almost same as the previous versions of the Windows. If you are confused with the new interface then this tutorial will guide you 'how to install font in Windows 10'. How to install fonts in Windows10?…

How to Switch Users in Windows 10

Most of the time, we are not the only ones who use our devices and computers. We often times share our computers with our family. Whether it is your parents, little sister or brother or even your grandparents. Your PCs are potential to…

Cortana Tips and Tricks

Cortana is a digital assistant that assists you in performing different tasks. At first, it was available only for smartphones but later it became a feature of Windows 10 as well. You can get this Microsoft Assistant on your taskbar and…

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