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Skype is going to recall its minimize to system tray feature in Windows 10

Skype users are frustrated as in Windows 10 Skype app, Microsoft has removed minimize to tray option after clicking on the close button. As like its previous versions users were get used to clicking on the close button to minimize the Skype to system tray.

minimize skype

If you are still looking for solution to this issue then you have two option. Either wait for the next version of the Skype. Or if require to solve it immediately then you have the option to switch to the software version instead of the Windows 10 app.

Download Skype for Windows

Instead of downloading the Windows 10 app download old Skype for Windows platform.

  • Open up the skype.com and scroll down a little but where it show ‘Download Skype for Windows 10’.
  • Click on the down arrow key to open up more download options.
  • Select the last open ‘Skype for Windows’
  • It will download the software version of the Skype and it is fully compatible with the Windows 10 as well. Refer the below screenshot

Download Skype

Skype for Windows standalone software works smoothly in Windows 10 as well.

How to enable Skype to minimize to system tray?

If you have downloaded the Skype program for Windows (not the Skype app for window 10 as mentioned above) and still facing the same issue. Then you need to change the Skype settings to fix this issue. Follow below instructions.

  • Click on the profile image and select settings. Or click on the 3 vertical dot icon and select the settings.
  • In the settings select the General tab and switch on the option where it shows ‘On close, keep skype running‘.

Note: This option is available only in the standalone software version of the Skype and not in the ‘Skype App’

Enable / disable skype to minimize to system tray in Windows 10

Install Skype as an app in Windows 10

To download the Skype app for Windows 10 you can do so by opening Microsoft store and search for the Skype app.

Download Skype App for Windows 10


Q: When will be this feature recalled?

A: Actually, it has been already implemented in the insider preview of the Skype, which is available for the testing purpose. Very soon it will be rolled out for all users after testing. So you can expect this in the next update of the Windows.

Q: There is confusion with Skype software and Skype app.

A: Skype software is the traditional skype which is available to download and install freely on any version of Windows. You can install it in Windows 10, 8 or 7. But Skype app is only available for Winodws 10 through Microsoft app store. Skype app is more integrated with the Windows 10.

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