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New Windows 10 bug crashes your computer with “blue screen of death”

The error known as “blue screen of death” is not new. Some system failures generate these blue screens. In fact, this flaw is common. However, the novelty lies in the fact that a Window error causes this problem. In this regard, the Windows recovery attempt from the system crash produces this error. Consequently, when it is not possible to stabilize, it restarts to do so.

Cybercriminals behind the Windows error

On the other hand, a report from Bleeping Computer indicated that the error is intentional. At least this time. Cybercriminals are using this flaw to trick users. The aim of the cyberattack is to download a URL file from Windows. In this way, the operating system tries to create an icon with the link data. The unfeasibility of this operation results in a crash.

It is possible to avoid the “blue screen of death”

On the other hand, since the error is caused by human action, it is possible to avoid it. This case differs from others because of the particularity of its origin. The blue screen failure occurs when a user types the corresponding command or URL. Either voluntarily or involuntarily. The chances of this happening appear when clicking on an unknown link.

In this sense, cybersecurity managers recommend users to avoid accessing links of unknown origin. In addition, they suggest that if they receive any suspicious files or links, they should investigate them before accessing them.

So far, Microsoft claims to be aware of the error in Windows. In addition, they claim that the error will be resolved in an upcoming Windows 10 update. A Microsoft spokesperson stated that the company “has a commitment to the customer to investigate reported security issues and we will provide updates for affected devices as soon as possible”.

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