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  • Blue Screen Of Death on Start Up


    I was playing a game and it froze and then came the BSOD, I allowed it to restart, however as the system restated, the BSOD came up again.

    I then waited for a while and no restart, so I did a hard shut down and then start up about two times and the same result. I then proceeded to remove and re-insert the RAM and GPU, it gave the same result.

    I went through all the advanced options:

    1. Automatic Repair; It could not finish this operation
    2. Restore points; It could not finish this operation

    Any advice as to solving the issue, is it hardward?

    I have a minimal system set up:

    1. 8GB RAM
    2. 500GB Storage
    3. MSI Atx MoBo
    4. RX550 4GB GPU
    5. 500w PSU
    6. Non-Activated Windows 10 Pro

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    Can you please provide a screenshot? or you can provide the exact error code and error message displayed? You can refer this article. May be it can help you. https://www.techsupportall.com/fix-stop-0x0000007b-error-windows-startup/


    Blue screen of death is a sign of errors in the windows system files which got corrupted.
    The first and obvious will be to restore the system to a previous state in case you have a ready restore point. This is done using the advance mode because you cannot access your windows OS directly. Safe mode will help restore the system to a previous saved state when the OS was functioning correctly.
    Next is to uninstall any recent updates that were installed. Most drivers and windows updates installation are known to cause problems especially when the installation ends prematurely. To uninstall those updates, you must be in the advanced mode and click on the tab as shown below.

    Restore point

    safe mode


    Another option is to reset your PC. You will choose to either keep or remove your files. However, this method fails in most cases and that will require you to create a bootable USB flash drive. You will be forced to install all the Software and drivers a fresh. Be careful not to delete your data by not deleting the partition but installing the windows in that partition to create windows.old once done copy your data and later delete it using Disk cleanup.For more check here https://www.windowscentral.com/how-troubleshoot-blue-screen-errors-windows-10#:~:text=A%20Blue%20Screen%20of%20Death%20can%20also%20occur%20because%20of,Click%20on%20System.


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