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Windows 10 update causes blue screen of death

Security updates for operating systems are constantly presenting bugs. However, the latest Windows 10 update has major bugs. Among those that stand out: blue screen of death, performance issues, infinite boot cycles and more.

Blue screen of death

A fix that threw up another problem

On the other hand, the update corresponds to the cumulative KB5001330. It addresses version 20H2/2004 of Windows 10. It fixes five major security flaws and repairs other vulnerabilities. Despite this, the update does not escape common bugs of other kinds.

In this sense, the security patch has been available since Tuesday. And within moments of its release, users reported the bugs on various forums and websites.

Most serious bugs

The problems reported by users are varied. However, the most serious is that the update does not finish installing. This causes endless boot cycles. And as if that were not enough, there is also the dreaded blue screen of death.

In this regard, a user commented on the Windows 10 subreddit: “I updated and I’m stuck in an infinite loop”. Another user said: “The same thing happened to me with the KB5001330 update in Windows 10 Home 20H2. I found that when I rebooted, disabling the driver signature application finally allowed me to boot the system”. In addition to these comments, complaints are not lacking in the Microsoft support forums. In these complaints the most reported error codes are 0x800f0984 and 0x800f0922.

On the other hand, users who manage to get the KB5001330 update installed are few. And after going through the infinite loop of rebooting after installation, they observe a sudden drop in performance of the most demanding games. Other players also speak of stuttering problems or sudden stops of the game for a few milliseconds.

Finally, Internet users are advised to slow down Windows 10 updates. This is in consideration of the bugs reported lately. It is expected that Redmond will solve this problem in the near future.

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