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Blue Screen of Death: Microsoft confirms bug in March 2021 update

Once again, a Microsoft update arrives with errors. This is now the case with one of the March updates. Specifically KB5000802, for those who have installed the latest major version of Windows. The problem is that this update causes some computers connected to printers to launch a blue screen. In particular, users report encountering a blue screen at the very moment they try to print a document or image from an app.

Blue screen of death

Initially, the Windows 10 March update only brought patches and solutions to various bugs. However, although it is a small update compared to the new versions of Windows, everything indicates that it introduced a bug in the printing process. Apparently, this problem was difficult to find because it does not affect all printer models. Therefore, it is easier for it to have gone unnoticed by pre-release testing. It was only when hundreds of millions of Windows users started using it that the bug was discovered.

Affects earlier versions

Although the problems occur mostly in versions 2004 and 20H2, released in October 2020, the bug arises in earlier versions. This is how the blue screens caused by printers appear in versions as old as 1803, which corresponds to April 2018 Update. In that case the problematic update is KB5000809. For Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 Update, the update is KB5000822. As for the Windows 10 November Update, which is version 1909, the installation is KB5000808.

All these versions show the blue screen with the message “APC_ INDEX _MISMATCH error“. Specifically when trying to print to some printers in certain applications. Based on research, it appears that Kyocera, Ricoh and Zebra brand printers are more likely to produce failure. However, there are reports from other brands as well. So it is not known if the error comes from a driver or a feature of the printers. At the moment, Microsoft states on its website that they are investigating the bug. However, we do not provide a solution and invite you to wait for further information.

“Después de instalar esta actualización, es posible que reciba un error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH con una pantalla azul al intentar imprimir en determinadas impresoras en algunas aplicaciones.”


Although officially there is no solution, the user community recommends a common strategy. To resolve this, as on other occasions, the best option is to go to settings and uninstall the corresponding update. Or, in case you don’t have it, avoid updating it it. Waiting for Microsoft to provide a concrete solution to the error in the near future.

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