How to fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 using Hotfix


Blue screen of death or BSOD Error is a big headache for computer users. As it comes suddenly and hangs or freeze the computer completely with displaying some message on a Blue screen. We can not do any other thing on this stage except switching off the computer and restarting it. If blue screen error come again and again it can corrupt the hard disk and crash your windows 7 OS. Which can results in data loss.

Fix blue screen error

Cause of Blue screen Error

There are many cause of this error it can be due to some hardware issue or can be due to some software issue. Instructions on how to fix the blue screen error in windows 7 OS.  You can follow the steps given next in this tutorial.

Fixing Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 using Microsoft Hotfix

Microsft has given an official fixit by which you can fix blue screen error in windows 7 with this utility. Follow the below steps for this.

  1. Open your Internet Browser like Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome
  2. Go to the link . This is an official link to download the hotfix from Mircosoft windows website.
  3. Select the option “Download Hotfix Available”.
  4. Accept the terms.
  5. Then type your email address and unique code and click on Request hotfix.
  6. Then check your inbox. You will get the confirmation email on your email ID.
  7. Get your latest update to fix the blue screen error.

Hopefully it will fix the problem and you can get rid of this blue screen error in windows 7.

If not it means it can be due to some other issue. You Can follow other steps to remove this error.

1. Scan for Malware and Viruses with a reputed antivirus and anti malware software.
2. Update your windows Installation. So you must have to download the latest security patches released time to time by windows.
3. Run Scan disk to fix hard drive error if there any.

If none of the above work then you can try a last fix by Changing your RAM. This is the common hardware which damaged and can cause this blue screen error.

If still unable to resolve the issue then ask technical help or take the computer to a repair shop.

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Angry Swede

I have tried all methods suggested on the internet including microsoft hotfix and none of them helped.
Microsoft,as usually, was least helpful


Please explain when are you getting this error message? Please provide me the error code as well.


I faced consecutive 3 blue screen from yesterday. Can it be for installing Bitdefender antivirus? faced the problem during streaming videos from internet. don’t know if this is coincidence. what to do?


my computer has this problem (blue screen error)!
It doesn’t appear always or anywhere, it appears only when I play games like (Call of duty or Prototype).
While playing games this error appears after 15-20 minutes.
what do you think? Where is the problem? Hardware or Software?
Any solution?

rj alao

Only one step to fix the blue screen is change your RAM… trust me guys


RJ Alao is correct – swap the RAM – mine is fixed now


My computer get massage blue screen during repairing windows 7 is
I want to solutions of this error

hope saraneti

and by the way is there a possiblibiy of fixing a broken pin on a laptop harddrive?

hope saraneti

hi….. im having some blue screen problems on my compac pc…. i have tried to boot the machine in safe mode but it still shows the blue screen and restarts…………… please help


my problem,Blue screen. tried holding F8 menue, screen fades unable to do anything,Think its a software problem. any advice?


Good for ur Information

Thank U

vamshi krishna