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Protect businesses from cyber attacks and money extortion

Mostly all businesses use the latest firewall and Antivirus for the protection of their valuable data from hackers and viruses. But if you are not aware about the latest type of threat i.e. Ransomware your business is at higher risk of loosing data. Ransomware is a type of malware which encrypts the files on the computer or on network and make them impossible to recover. You have to pay handsome amount to the hackers to get access of your own files or Network.

Developer behind Ransomware used many techniques to get into the system and once it get downloaded into the system then there is nothing in your hand. So be aware about the latest techniques of the Ransomware and be safe. They can gain access through macros, javascript codes hidden in the legitimate documents or some downloaded file.

How to protect your business from Cyber Extortion

Safeguard your computer and other electronic devices

any electronic device like computer, mobile, router or any network device need to be safeguard with the proper password protection and administrative rights. Use a good business security antivirus.

Tips to secure your Business from malware and hackers

  • Use a reputed paid Antivirus Software or Business security Software
  • Use an antimalware software and second opinion scanner to double check the security.
  • You can also go for Anti-Ransomware Software.
  • Avoid Phishing Scams. Look for antiphishing feature in your security software.
  • Treat special offers with caution. Never trust them they can be too fool you to click on the malware.
  • Protect your online identity.
  • keep everything password protected.
  • Download with caution and never trust third party unknown sites.
  • Secure all networks including wireless access points, routers etc.

Be Aware of Current Scams

It is very necessary to be aware of the latest techniques and about latest scams in trend to keep yourself and your employees away from them. Also educate your employees and staff for safe online practices.

New methods of breaching security emerging every day

  • Don’t trust search engine links. Malwaretising is in the trend these days.
  • Avoid download directories, always download from the official website.
  • Stay away from torrents, they are measure source to spread malware.
  • Always choose custom installation as some software installs unwanted software along with the legitimate installation.
  • Always Search and look for reviews before using or downloading any new software.
  • Tech support scams are also higher these days. Keep away from these as well. Always look for trusted online technical support and Fake Tech Support providers.

Keep and eye on Social Media sharing

If your organisation is allowing your staffs to use social media, then keep an eye what people are sharing on social media. Hackers use the accounts of friends to send malicious links to malware to infected another friends computer. Invest in a security software which can scan the links shared on social media.

Data is very valuable

Data is most valuable asset for any business. So it is very important to keep it safe and secure from hardware failure and cyber crime. Keeping copies of your data to a backup device or backup location is an important task.

Data Storage and back up Devices Home office needs

  • External Hard Drive
  • Cloud Storage Service
  • NAS

Small Business are at higher risk

because large Businesses / enterprise have strong cyber security and they follow all the practices to manage a cyber attack. On other hand small business do not take the cyber security very seriously and does not take care of these kinds of threats. So Small business are the soft target of the hackers. According to some surveys there are still some small businesses which do not even bother to install a antivirus or antimalware software. That is due to the lack of awareness. Small business are loosing lots of data and money due to cyber attacks.

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