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Before you upgrade to Winows 10, Make sure your printer is compatible

As Windows 10 hits the market, people have already started upgrading to the latest Microsoft Win 10.  The printer is a very important device which is attached to almost all PCs,  so it is very important to take special care of this device. Though most of the latest printers are compatible with windows 10. But it is a good idea to make sure that your printer will also run smoothly with Windows 10 before you upgrade to this latest OS.

Make sure your printer is compatible with Windows 10. Before your upgrade your windows

Almost all printer manufacturers have already launched their latest Windows 10 printer drivers or are in the process of releasing them soon in the future. Some devices are still some devices that are not compatible with the new win 10 or the company is still working on its drivers. If you find the driver for your printer then you can upgrade without thinking twice. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they launch the newer driver version for your printer. In recent major Windows upgrades, some old devices have stopped functioning completely and the only option that remains is to buy a new printer. Some vendors have included their drivers in the newer windows, but for some printers, you need to download the drivers from their official websites to work properly on Windows 10.

Below here, we are giving you links for the respective printer vendors to check the compatibility of your printer. Hopefully it will help you.

Brother Printers

Canon Printers

Dell Printers

HP Printer Possible error after upgrading to windows 10

HP Printer support for windows 10 compatibility

Epson Windows 10 Support

If you have already upgraded to windows 10 and drivers for your printer are available but the printer is still not working on Windows 10. Ask your questions to our tech community and our experts will help you get rid of the printer issue.

Upgrade to Windows 10

How to install / update drivers in Windows

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