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Microsoft to stop supporting the old Microsoft Edge

Times change and so do tools. This is the case of the Microsoft Edge browser. So Microsoft recently announced that it will stop supporting the old Microsoft Edge. The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will take its place. Giving a twist to the browsing experience on the operating system.

Chromium: a flattering addition

Apparently, Microsoft considers that the old Edge failed to make a space for itself. And that’s why it takes the decision to replace it. We recall that this browser started out being called ‘Project Spartan’. Now, the technology giant is betting on the new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. The latter is growing every day in popularity and good reviews.

In this regard, the latest data from Statcounter Global Stats show how Microsoft Edge already accumulates 8.01% market share. This figure puts it almost at the level of Firefox or Safari. In this way Edge has been approaching both of them in terms of market share for months now. For its part, Chrome absolutely dominates the segment. However, Edge’s evolution has undoubtedly been very positive.

The transition for Microsoft Edge is final

According to Microsoft’s announcements, the transition from the old to the new Edge will be completed in the next Windows 10 update, which will take place on April 13. In it the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will definitely replace the old version. This version will be removed from the system if it has not been uninstalled before.

On the other hand, the update affects Windows 10 but not Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. In addition, if you already have the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, it will not be reinstalled. It will simply remove the old version of the browser.

Finally, Microsoft warns that it will not be possible to have both versions running at the same time. And that by skipping the update, computers would be at risk. As is the case with products that are no longer supported. Not having security updates leaves computers vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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