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New Microsoft Edge notifications arrive even if you are not using

Cumulative notifications are not pleasant. In the case of browsers, notifications accumulate when a lot of time passes without running them. To avoid these inconveniences, Microsoft Edge now supports background notifications. This way, important information will be available about the avalanche of notifications that you do not want to open.

Microsoft Edge to the rescue with Windows 10

According to the Microsoft Edge team: “Most desktop browsers only receive notifications while they are running, causing users to miss important updates if the browser is closed. To solve this, the legacy version of Microsoft Edge brings notifications in the background. But also the new Chromium-based version included this feature.

The best thing is the simplicity of its activation. Developers don’t need to write any special code. Notifications will start working automatically.They only need Microsoft Edge 85 or later. Installed on Windows 10 version 20H1 or later.

With the recent changes we’ve made to Microsoft Edge, badges can now be shown on the taskbar at any time. This, combined with the background notification capability, removes the key limitations of badging and ensures that users can rely on taskbar badges regardless of whether the PWA or Microsoft Edge is running. 

Microsoft Edge Team

Up-to-date and accessible notifications

Edge has implemented some features to make the notification process more user-friendly. For example, the taskbar notification support. In the case of e-mail applications, they appear as unread e-mail. The same as for progressive web applications (PWA). The same would be the case for anchored sites. However, this compatibility is not new. It is already available from Microsoft Edge 81. The interesting thing about this is that it works even when the web application or site is not open. But to achieve this the user must opt for notifications before these badges appear.

No doubt Microsoft Edge has enhanced the user experience with this update. This is what their team highlights: “Between the background notifications when the browser is closed, the more reliable badging and the support for badges on anchored sites, users can be sure that they will always receive important updates for their favorite sites on Microsoft Edge. It’s worth waiting to see what other surprises this team will have in optimizing this browser.

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