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Microsoft Teams advances and includes Microsoft Forms to the family

Microsoft Teams continues to grow. Consequently, Microsoft’s tool for teleworking keeps adding features to strengthen it. It now adds Microsoft Forms to improve the experience with surveys and forms in meetings. It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams was an ace up the sleeve for the technology giant. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought losses to the community at large, those in Redmond succeeded in the midst of it thanks to Team. This platform allows businesses to meet and communicate through chats, videos and other integrated applications.

Now, with the inclusion of Microsoft Forms, Team continues to succeed. This forms tool is recently available to all users in the web and Office application. Considering the popularity of surveys for Google users, this news for Microsoft users is positive.

Microsoft teams
Microsoft animation to present the teleworking platform

Microsoft Forms in Microsoft Teams

With the inclusion of this tool, in the meeting platform users will be able to create surveys in a particular tab. This way, participants will see the survey. In addition, users outside the platform will be able to answer it. And the surveys can be modified or adapted according to the convenience of the creator. All this will be possible through Microsoft Forms.

Likewise, users will be able to create surveys at the right time. This is in case the meetings arise unexpectedly. In that sense, users will also be able to monitor the results at any time they require it. And if that is not enough, the results can be exported to Excel and verified later.

As we know, teleworking has room in the world now more than ever. Therefore, all the improvements that optimize this experience are favorable. We will not have to wait long to enjoy this particular novelty since it will be available in November this year. In this sense, we continue to look forward to what Microsoft Teams will bring.

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