Microsoft Teams has a new ally. Salesforce has gone from being a competitor to a partner of Microsoft. This is a new and long-awaited integration of Teams. Users will be able to enjoy Salesforce’s key data in Teams’ chat rooms and spacious channels.

Microsoft teams and salesforce
Microsoft Teams improves customer experience by joining Salesforce

A key approach between Microsoft Teams and Salesforce

Customer information is a sensitive element for sales teams. Customer data management tools (CMR) are the main allies in safeguarding this valuable data from their users. The CMR par excellence is Salesforce. However, there is no doubt that Teams has the best chat capacity. Also the largest space for the teams. The possibility of accessing the contact information of each customer from their corresponding conversations would allow a greater connection of the equipment with them. This is the plus you get from the integration of Salesforce with Microsoft Teams:

“By connecting Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Teams, our joint customers can now benefit from a close connection of Teams’ chat and workspace capabilities along with key Salesforce information and actions, making team collaboration more focused and effective.”

Doug Camplejohn, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce
Multiple benefits

Microsoft Teams with multiple benefits

This alliance brings many benefits to the teams and customers. For example, it will increase the integration needed in these times of working at home between members of the organization. It also allows you to edit records directly in the teams. As well as mentioning these records in chats and channels. In addition, you have the option of anchoring them to the channel and chats of the team to find them more easily.

In this way, these possibilities allow you to have key information in the same flow of conversations between teams and customers. Also, the work is focused, organized and fast. Finally, Microsoft Teams and Salesforce joined forces to strengthen the team’s relationship with the user. And so improve the user experience with the platform. Another improvement that invites us to enjoy Microsoft Teams.

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