How to Fix Windows 10 Update issues with Windows 10 Update Assistant


I have installed a fresh Windows 10 on a computer and trying to update it to 1909 version so that the computer could be up-to-date properly. But, Windows 10 update is getting an error message that stated “Windows update could not process, try again later”  with an error code.



As I have done research on it, this could be a bug in the Windows 10 version from where you have installed this Windows 10 on this PC. Eventually, the Windows 10 that you just have installed could be buggy. Don’t panic — because this could be fixed easily even in one click. See the solution section below.


We are sharing with you its solution with you that would be going to be very simple. You just have to update your Windows 10 with the help of Windows Update Assistant. So, let’s see how to fix the Windows 10 update issue with the update assistant tool — A magical remedy. Follow the following steps.


  1. Open this URL
  2. Click on Update Now button to download the Windows Update Assistant tool or download Windows 10 update Assistant from here. See the below screenshot.
  3. Execute the downloaded Windows Update Assistant utility.
  4. Follow its on-screen instructions to complete the update process.
  5. Sometimes it requires to reboot the computer even twice. So, please allow it to reboot the computer. After reboot, it will auto-update your Windows to the latest version.

That’s it.

If this doesn’t work then more advance solution of Windows 10 issues.


Here you have seen that how Windows update assistant tool has fixed this Windows update issue automatically. Personally, I have seen that Windows update assistant is the most powerful tool when your Windows update failed to update.

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