Defer or Disable Unwanted Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes up with automatic windows updates. Though it was also available in previous versions but there was option to disable them. In the initial release there of windows 10 there was no option available to disable or stop the Windows 10 updates or upgrades. But in the latest major updates provided by Microsoft have introduced a new feature to defer this updates.

We do not recommend to stop the Windows updates completely as they are essential for the security. But you can defer them.

How to disable / defer Windows updates / upgrades in Windows 10

Below are some method to stop or defer the Windows10 updates.

1. Method 1 : Stop / Block Windows 10 Updates using show hide update tool by Microsoft

Use the Shоw оr Hіdе Uрdаtеѕ tооl provided by Mісrоѕоft to stop / block the windows 10 updates.

Download show or hide update tool by Microsoft

Download Show Hide Update Tool by Microsoft

Click on Next. It will scan your system for updates

Show Hide Scanning Updates

After scanning following screen will be displayed.

Show Hide Updates in Windows 10
In the next screen select the updates that you don’t want to install. Hidden updates will not update.

Hide Updates in Windows 10

By use of this tool you can skip the update components to disable in future updates. They will not be installed Whenever windows updates are installed. However you can un-hide them to let them install in future.

2. Method 2 : Turn off  / disable Windows updates By disabling update service

The another method is using Windows update service. You can do so from the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools. Go to Services. in Services look for Windows Update and stop the process.

You can turn off it by right clicking on the process. Click on properties and select Disabled. It will disable the windows update service.

Disable Windows 10 Updates

Disable - Manual Updates

Note : From the release of Windows 10 Microsoft has declared it as service. It means now all updates or upgrades will only be provided through the online update service. And no newer version or service packs or offline updates will be provided by the Microsoft.

It is also useful to keep them updated because to install the newer updates you also require to update to the prior updates. So if you will later on switch on the automatic updates it may take longer time to update as it needs to be install all the prior updates.

Method 3: Using Group Policy Editor

This method is not useful for home users as Home edition of windows 10 have no option of Group Policy editing. But Pro versions can use this method. If your version of windows have Group Policy feature you can change some settings using the Group policy editor. Run gpedit command from the Run and explore the following policy settings.

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update

Double click on the Configure Automatic Updates and set the settings as per your requirement.

Defer updates by setting network connection as Metered

Another method is to Set your Network connection as ‘Metered. It will prevent Windows 10 to download the automatic updates through this network connection. And it will automatically defer defer the updates until you will connect to the another Internet connection or Wi fi.

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