Desktop icons are not Showing – Icons Disappeared


Desktop icons are not Showing

In windows 7, 8, 8.1, windows 10, Vista, XP, and Server as well.


My desktop icons are not showing. Most of my programs are also not showing in start menu.

Solved Answer.

There may be three reasons behind this.

  1. Sometimes a desktop setting “show desktop icons” get disabled unusually. See Solution 4 for this.
  2. If you can’t see your taskbar along with your desktop icons,  that means the explorer.exe file could not loaded properly. See Solution 2 to fix this.
  3. Might be a possibility that a virus came in to your computer and change the desktop file’s attribute as hidden. And also change the same settings in the system registry as well. See Solution 1, Solution 3 for this.

We are giving you some possible methods to fix this issue, please follow the steps carefully.

4 solutions to fix it

Solution 1 – Run Unhide Tool Automatic Fixit

unhide-tool-logoDownload Unhidetool.exe
(Freeware Utility)

Run this Unhide tool to fix the desktop icon hide issues.

Solution 2 – Reload Explorer.exe (Fix it Myself manually)

Note: Apply if the taskbar not appeared

On the desktop (No icons Screen) Press Ctrl+alt+Delete key together to open the Task manager

  1. Press Ctrl+alt+Delete key together and task manager will open
  2. In the task manager Alt+Ctrl+Del and click on the tab “Processes” and here Find Explorer.exe in the list and click on End process. (It should be killed)Desktop icon not showing (1)
  3. Now Go to file menu and click on new task (run) command Run box will be opened.
  4. Type there eplorer.exe and hit enter button

Desktop icon not showing (3)

Desktop icon not showing (2)

Solution 3 – Registry Fix

  1. Press Windows+R ( to launch Run.exe)
  2. In the Run program, type there regedit and hit enter
  3. Then in the Registry Editor program. follow this folder path route
    HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WINDOWS NT / CurrenVersion / Winlogon
  4. Now click on  Winlogon and after clicking then look right side pane.
  5. Here you have to find the Item called “shell” and click on twice (Double click)
  6. In the Value Data Edit box, Type Explorer.exe (The value od this key “Eplorer.exe) then click on OK
  7. Now restart your computer, and after restart Problem will be fixed.


Desktop icons are displaying

After that your desktop should be restored, you will get your desktop back.

If you still not getting your desktop that means there not problem found in explorer.exe now we have to go to solution 2

Solution 4 – Enable “Show Desktop Icons” option

  1. Right click on clean area of desktop
  2. Then click on “View” >> and then go to “show Desktop Icons” and click on it to make it checked.
  3. You will appear you desktop icons back.

Desktop icon not showing (4)

If you still not see the desktop icons that means Virus has changed some registry settings, please Download the Unhide tool  and run it to unhide all the desktop of start menu data to solve the “no desktop icons issue 

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  1. Jeff Zahnd says

    I appreciate the help, my icons tend to be removed when I use my mouse key that I configured to “close program” to many times to close multiple windows, and if i click the desktop it basically removes all my desktop icons and i cannot bring up the menu using the right mouse click. your manual instructions worked perfectly, and the program you wrote is now sitting on my desktop 🙂

    only issue i had is when trying to donate some money via paypal, it said something about not being able to receive my donation 🙁 Would like to throw ya a few bucks for your time and help 🙂

    1. Roger says

      Thank You! Damn thought it was a virus turned out it was just the explorer problem! Big THANKS

  2. parvez says

    thank you very much my friend. solution 4 works for me

  3. umakant says

    when i tried to run explorer.exe it says only a part of readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemory was completed… desktop icons still not showing

  4. Yllorsky says

    Thnk you so much my friend. Solution 3 works for me. God bless you more.

  5. Sujit Talukdar says

    Its really helpful,
    Thank you

  6. Suresh says

    Dear Sir,
    My desktop icons not showing & when i give explorer.exe icons r showing on desktop.But after restart the system again desktop icons r missing ..
    pl give me the permanent solution

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try sfc /scannow, it will solve that issue.

      1. akas says

        it’s Same problem with me …but i don’t know what’s sfc…can u explain it please

        1. Techexpert says

          Here microsoft help page explain how you can run sfc scannow command: Click here

  7. crystal pederson says

    i cant hardly remember my password n all my icons are gone off my desktop i really need help on my computer i cant do nothing on my computer so would you help me i need help please this is really urgent i am bored so would you help me on my computer sign crystal pederson

    1. Techexpert says

      Sure, we will help you to solve this issue. We need more info about your issue. So please give me answer of my questions so that we can help you in a right way.
      1. Is “taskbar” appeared in the bottom of the screen ?
      2. Did you tried all above listed methods on this page?
      3. Have you installed any antivirus recently ?

  8. Lori K says

    I could kiss you right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    God bless you..! _/\_

  10. .shashi says

    i have installed new antivirus to my pc and my icons and start menu are not displaying and what is the solution for it

    1. Techexpert says

      Reboot your computer in safe mode and then uninstall that antivirus, also uninstall all the other antivirus if you installed previously and then reboot your computer once more. now start your computer in normal mode and install any antivirus. It happens because you had installed that antivirus without uninstall of previous one.

  11. Ali says

    its really helpful thanks

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    Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sofija says

    So,Hey,I had the same problem,here is how it goes for me…
    Solution number one : It says ”Proccesing the C drive…” for like hours.
    Solution number two:When I click OK,it says that ”this file has a virus”
    Solution number three: Nothing happend
    Solution number four:When I press right mouse button nothing happends!
    Hope you can help me !

    1. Techexpert says

      Sofiha, We’ll give you more steps, please tell me one more thing:
      Can you see your taskbar on desktop?
      Can you see your Icons on desktop?
      Can you see all the Items when you click on start button ?

  14. zwe says

    if i write explore.exe, it became error why

    1. Techexpert says

      It is explorer.exe not explore.exe.

  15. zwe says

    Also i download unhidekey.exe after it finished it happen anything

  16. Repertson says

    Hello..I’d try all sollution but nothing happen. Disktop icons and taskbar are not showing..but a second fter..the screen saver plays..please help me

    1. Techexpert says

      If you don’t see your taskbar that means your explorer.exe is not running at startup. Try solution 2 again and let me know if doesn’t solve this time.

  17. Manu says

    My IBM thinkpad T42.
    Got some problem this early Morning.
    My display icons, take bar , menu bar is not showing and also Task manger has been disabled by Administrator.
    Can anyone help me to solve this problem please.

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Manu,
      Sure, we will definitely help you in that matter. Could you please tell us. Are you in the administrator’s account of this computer?

      1. Manu says

        Yes Sir.

  18. ALVIN says

    Using solution #2, explorer.exe are not present in “processes” bar. When I type explorer.exe on Create new Task, it says Windows cannot find ‘explorer.exe’. Also I cannot browse it, where it is located? Any other solution? Thank you…waiting for your reply.

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Alvin,
      Please double check the spelling of “explorer.exe” because if you did the right spelling and then getting this error message “Windows cannot find ‘explorer.exe’” that means your “explorer.exe” have deleted from this location “c:/windows/system32” by mistake or by due to virus. Anyway, Please check this file is exist or not in that location. Please let us know the status.


  19. Ankur Garg says

    Thanku so much…

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  21. Manu says

    Sorry For That Previous massage.
    I don’t have an administrator’s account.

  22. Mike Perez says

    Unfortunately None of the Above worked I Still can’t see Icons, Taskbar, or desktop!. Can’t right click or anything nothing works but only if i put on safemode!

    1. Techexpert says

      Mike Perez, We suggest you to create a new user profile on your computer. You may create the user profile account in Safemode.

  23. Shoron says

    Thank you so much. May God bless you..

  24. Osama says

    this was super useful !!! THX A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. BaliRob says

    My problem is occasional. Sometimes after signing in just the screensaver will appear without the task bar or any of the icons. Task Manager will not come up so I have to switch off at power switch. On return, everything appears normally.

    A little irritating but is this a sign of problems ahead please?

    Also, let me commend your site – such patience and helpful replies – I have bookmarked you with thanks.

  26. Nic says

    Oh my Gosh, this helped me alot, I was freaking out but I tried solution 4 and everything was fixed…Thank you!

  27. al snyman says

    need help, my computer normally stays on all the time, this morning it showed me srgtw on screen and say ,u where in middle of something and some data is lost. what does that mean?

    1. Techexpert says

      Al Snyman, Maybe it is updating something. Anyways, keep as it is updating and let us know if face any problem after this. We recommend you please shutdown your computer after 48 hours for at least 15 minutes.

  28. honey says

    thanku so much. keep it up

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    Thank god! This save me!! I was downloading adobe’s software and all the sudden my wallpaper, icons, and the bottom bar line?, were all disappear…. Thank you very much!!!

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    Thanks dear my problem is solved.I was freaking out but I tried solution 4 and everything was fixed…Thank you!
    May God Bless you.

  31. Ansu Godfred says

    I have used all the above but it seems to repeat itself. I almost update my win xp for about 4 times a day but destop go blank after installing an application.please what should i do ?

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Ansu, Remove the application which you installed. It should be fixed.

  32. Ansu Godfred says

    will it be possible if i turn off my pc for 48 days or installing mcafee antivirus solve the problem?

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Ansu, No, Mcafee will not help you. Did you followed this article steps?

  33. Ansu Godfred says

    could the hard disk be the cause of the disappearance of the icons and task bar?:-o:-o.

  34. anil says

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    Nothing was fixing mine. Tried to simply add a new folder to see if it would show and they all came back. No idea why this happened but seems to be resolved.

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    this steps work for temporally, after these step i do restart the system same problem is displaying again. please suggest for permanent solution.

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    1. Techexpert says

      You should try solution 4 from this page. It should work in your case.
      Please let us know again if doesn’t work.

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    1. Techexpert says

      Could you please explain what you did the steps so that we can help you.

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    A store Icon appears in purple on any screen I go to Why can’t I remove this?

    1. Techexpert says

      Maybe it due to monitor cable is connected properly – So, please check the monitor cable and connect that correctly. Let us know if still face this issue.

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    Icons are missing.if I press cntrl+alt+dlt also,nothing is showing
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    1. Techexpert says

      What about taskbar and right-click? Is task-bar appears? Are you able to do right-click on this black screen?

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      Yep, it’s so simple.
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    1. Techexpert says

      Sorry, we have no Idea, because we don’t support phones.

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    1. Techexpert says

      Do all these icons are working correctly? Apart from don’t show it’s names.

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  114. M Davis says

    My Problem is my DT icons are showing fine, until I go to save a (file, pic) in SAVE AS and click desktop and no icons show and it does not save to my desktop???

    1. Techexpert says

      In order to resolve this problem, you just need to turn off a setting.
      Follow the following steps:
      Go to the Settings and then click on “Update and Security“, click on Windows Defender in left side tab and after that click on “Open Windows Defender Security Center
      In this new window, click on “Protection” from Virus and Threats, and then make it turn off the “Access to Controlled Folders” option.

  115. Furqan Ahmed says

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    My icons-disappeared all network same issue maybe some virus detected so not solving my problem
    You can some help me??
    Best regards,
    Furqan Ahmed

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for contacting us.
      If thes icons-disappeared in all your computers then it could be a virus.
      We recommend you some malware removal, please run them and let us know.
      1. Malwarebytes
      2. Hitmapro 32bit / HitmanPRo 64bit
      3. Trojan Remover

  116. Mireya Miller says

    My Yahoo key icon is not working. I also forgot my password. I got a new number and never update my number with my yahoo account and is giving me the old phone number to verify if is me

    1. Techexpert says

      In this case, you need to touch with Yahoo support team directly, because only they can help you to recover your own account.

  117. James says

    My laptop : HCL ME Notebook
    OS : Win 7 Ultimate
    I have tried all the steps listed above but my problem is not solved.
    1.I have my program icons in desktop and when I right click on it, there is no OPEN option and I can’t open it.
    2.In the taskbar, the programs I pinned is not opening and the windows says :
    “CAN’T OPEN THIS ITEM ; It may be deleted,renamed or moved”
    Please solve my problem.

    1. Techexpert says

      If you are getting this message “CAN’T OPEN THIS ITEM”, it means the application which is associated with this shortcut is removed or renamed. This type of activity done by viruses. Maybe a possibility, the shortcut file association gone corrupted. Anyway, we are giving you some steps below, please perform them one by one and let us know.

      1. Download the .lnk file association default registry file and run it to set all default values.
      2. Download the .exe file association default registry file and run it to set all default values.
      3. Run the Unhide tool for once.
      4. Run Trojan Remover Tool

      After that report us back with the results.

  118. Basant kumar mishra says

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    Solution 2 was helpfull for me i opend my laptop it was opening but not showing menu ,start and any kind oter icons so tried solution 2 and this was really helpfull for me thanks so much .

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re welcome!! Happy to know that our research is helping others.

  119. Kailee says

    Didn’t work, it wont even let me CLICK the desktop.

    1. Techexpert says

      Do you see taskbar in the bottom?
      Solution 2 should work for you. Please try it once and let us know the result.

  120. harris khan says

    i couldnot solve the problem …i tried all the steps but nothing worked….still have the problem that only microsoft icons not show like MS word ,powerpoint or photos etc they work but not show properly on desktop and icons are hidden on taskbar…..please help ….

    1. Techexpert says

      1. Which operating system are you using?
      2. Could you please provide the screenshot of the problem? You may send the screenshot to
      3. Did you try Unhide tool to fix this issue? If not so please try it once.

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    1. Techexpert says

      You’re most Welcome!!

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    1. Techexpert says

      OK. Could you please explain more detail about the problem so that we can give you the steps accordingly.

  123. Abhilash says

    2008 R2 sever desktop becomes blank after 15 to 20 minutes if I restart it will come but again after 20 minutes same problem I has installed antivirus also

    1. Techexpert says

      Could you please provide more info about the problem? Does the bottom taskbar still appear when your desktop becomes blank? (Is everything else working fine?) OR you have to reboot your computer to use your computer, or re-run the explorer.exe file?

      1. Abhilash says

        Everything is working fine but I can’t able to do anything if I want to go any applications also it’s not possible but applications will be working fine

        1. Techexpert says

          OK, please answer the following two more questions.
          1. Is the taskbar available on the desktop screen? What do you see on the desktop screen? please explain a little bit more.
          2. Are you able to access those applications from the start menu? after disappearing desktop icons?

  124. Abhilash says

    No task bar is not available I need to press ctrl +alt+del then I will get task bar
    No I can’t able to access any thing after disappearing desktop icons

    1. Techexpert says

      Do you get the desktop icons along with taskbar after applied solution2 from above methods?

      1. Abhilash says

        No only taskbar, change password, logoff that’s all

        1. Techexpert says

          1. Means, don’t you get all the icons on your desktop until reboot/logoff the computer?
          2. What happens when you run explorer.exe from task manager?

          1. Abhilash says

            Ya ur right tell me how to solve this

          2. Techexpert says

            Sorry for the inconvenience, we were asking you a bunch of questions to diagnose the issue.
            As we have diagnosed the issue, we have found a problem in your explorer.exe which is crashing randomly. We suggest you some steps, please follow the following steps.

            1) Clean boot your computer
            Temporarily disable all the 3rd party applications & services from your computer’s startup using “msconfig“.
            2) Boot your computer in SafeMode and observe your computer is still crashing desktop icons?
            3) Make stable your Explorer.exe using solution3 from this article.
            4) Run UnhideTool once.
            5) Check out the computer’s error logs using “Event viewer” to get the faulty file name and path. You can share its info with us for further suggestion.

            Please let us know after that.

  125. Raj says

    Simply awesome.. Solution 4 done the smart work.. Thank you

    1. Techexpert says

      Thanks for sharing your experience here.

  126. Dee says

    Thanks a lot, buddy was having a bad day my laptop broke and my back up laptop was missing desktop and taskbar tried a lot of things but nothing worked, apparently came across your website and used regedit option that fixed it. You are a lifesaver!

    1. Techexpert says

      Happy to know that the issue has been fixed. Thanks for visiting.

  127. naing oo says

    please help me i can’t fix my problem these 4 solutions.

    1. Techexpert says

      Please explain your problem in detail so that we can diagnose it and then give you a solution.

  128. Dave hale says

    My laptop has not yet stopped the issue…. The files I had put on my desktop are not there…. I search on the windows panel… Sometimes they show sometimes they don’t…. I arrange them on my desktop then after I turn off th system.. Everything vanishes… Even the wallpaper disappears….. The taskbar is there…. The only problem is the missing files… I have tried all the above…. None has worked… Help me please

    1. Dave hale says

      It’s Like the laptop forgets everything I had put up

    2. Techexpert says

      If you can see the taskbar, it means the explorer.exe is working fine. The problem is in appearing desktop icons and files. To make sure the files are there, please double check in the explorer first.

      1. Go to the explorer, and open up “C:” drive.
      2. Then open “users” folder. All the user’s folders are there.
      3. Open up user name folder. In my case, it is “users2”
      4. Open up the “desktop” folder. Please check whether your files are there or not?

      Do you see other icons on your desktop other than files you are talking about? Please provide the screenshot of your desktop, it will help us to understand the issue’s situation properly.

  129. Cherish says

    Hi I tried solution #3 and now after restarting my computer it’s just a black screen once I go past the log in screen. Any idea why this is happening?

    1. Techexpert says

      Maybe the “explorer.exe” spelling mistake occurs this type of problem. If you did it correctly then we suggest you to please reboot your computer in safe mode state and then reboot it to normal mode. If this trick doesn’t fix the issue, then we suggest you to please restore your computer back the earliest date.

  130. Jedidah Sale says

    Hey, I still don’t know what’s happening with the windows. I can’t open some of my icons cause it’s saying “not a valid Win32 application” but it’s a Win64. Please help

    1. Techexpert says

      We have made an article which has explained how to fix “not a Win32 application” for this particular issue. We suggest you to please follow the article’s steps carefully and then let us know again.

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