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Norton Online Virus Scan – Free online virus Scanner

Norton has discontinue this product and is no longer available for download. For more information visit here. For other Norton products click here.

Norton provides online scanner to scan the infected computer. It was a free of cost product but from April, 2020 they discontinue the product. It was also known as the Norton Security Scan. But you can find other alternatives of Norton security scan. Here is a list of best free online virus scanners.

Norton Free Online Virus Scanner

Norton Free virus scanner / Norton Security Scan

Online virus scanner by Norton (Symantec) is a  completely free online virus scanning service. It scans your computer and lets you know if any virus / malware / spyware are present in your computer.

But it will not clean up them, it will only show you the presence of virus. To remove them, you may need to buy Norton security. It is useful if you are doubtful whether your computer is infected or not in free of charge.

A minimal installation required to scan computer through Norton online scan. It will scan your computer through online virus definition or a cloud based antivirus instead of downloading any virus definition on your computer. That’s why it’s called online scanner.

Why choose Norton online virus scan?

Norton is one of the most famous names in anti-virus protection, so you will have the comfort of knowing that you are in safe hands. The experienced, expert staff at Norton have designed this software to work fast, without getting in the way of your everyday work. Despite this, Norton online virus scan is very powerful.

  • Use it as a second opinion to make sure that your existing antivirus is catching all threats.
  • To clean an infected PC.
  • Trusted name in the PC security industry.

How to use Norton online free scanner?

You don’t need any special knowledge or expertise to use Norton Security Scanner, because everything is designed to be easy and user-friendly.

All you need to do is to download a small setup program from the official website – this is under 1 megabyte in size. When you run this, you will see prompts that will take you through the steps of using the scanner. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 etc.

It will make a full and detailed check of your hard drive and any programs you have installed. If there are any viruses, Trojans, or other malware, Norton Security Scan will flag these up in an easy to understand way. You will then be able to decide what you want to do next, which will usually be to get rid of the malware.

We recommend to download Norton 360 trial version to protect and scan. Read a detailed review of the Norton antivirus.

If you have any question or doubt feel free to write in the comment section.


Q: Does it require internet connection?

A: As its name say it is an online virus scanner, so you need an internet connection to run this tool. For offline scanners refer to this page : Offline virus scanners.

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18 thoughts on “Norton Online Virus Scan – Free online virus Scanner”

  1. Eleanor Magee

    It keeps coming up on my computer that I have 4877 errors and now I am getting phone calls to fix my computer for several dollars. Can you help me. I have Norton security paid for. Can you help me? Thank you ERM

    1. Sure, we recommend you to run a scan “Norton Power Eraser”, “Malwarebytes”, “Hitmanpro” to fix your computer.

      1. i don’t want to down load the programme i want to run the online scan is this still available or is it download only and then to remove or repair you have to pay is that right ? so its not free ????

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  3. INorton sent an email about a ,malware that was removed and I was to click the yellow box to restore my homepage. I cannot access at all by clicking the box thus cannot get Google as my home page.

  4. the link stopped going to the good site. now we have to download a file. is it good to download?

    Norton changed their gig

    1. Yes, Norton antivirus is the best protection for computer. We recommend Norton antivirus to everyone. Norton is the no. 1 antivirus in the world.

    1. Which one advertisement do you want to remove ? Please explain me more so that we can help you to remove it.

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