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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you try Zemana, Adwcleaner and HitmanPro. These are good tools for removing adware. If not tried yet, then you should try them once.

    I also recommend you to remove the adware manually.

    1) Remove all the unwanted and unknown software from control panel.

    2) Remove all the unwanted and unknown extensions / add-ons from all the browsers.

    3) Remove all the unwanted and unknown applications from computer startups.

    4) Remove all the unwanted and unknown tasks from the task scheduler.

    That’s it. Restart your computer and check whether it is solved or not. Wait for 30-60 minutes to sync the changes properly to browser’s online accounts.

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    Great!! Happy to know that the issue has been resolved.

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    If this problem is with Google Chrome specifically then you should try the following fix:

    1. Uninstall JAVA from your computer and reinstall it again from its official website.
    2. Uninstall and reinstall Flash player from your computer and reinstall it again from its official website.
    3. If the above two steps do not work for you, then the final option is: reset your Google Chrome to its default settings.

    Let me know the status.


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    Try to open the same thing in another browser like firefox, edge, google chrome etc. By the way, on which browser are you getting this issue?

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    Hi @Koda,

    Sorry for the delay. I was preparing a how-to replace guide for you. Actually I have made a video tutorial for that. So here is the default explorer.exe download file for Windows 7 64bit, click here to download:

    Here’s a video tutorial to learn how to replace the explorer file with the default one:

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    Thanks for providing the system information. Please give me a bit more time to arrange  explorer.exe default file and how-to copy instructions. I think you should do this last trick before buying the CD.

    Windows Repair from the CD is not the sureshot solution, because many times it doesn’t work.

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    It looks like explorer.exe file is missing in your computer. In this case, you need to copy this explorer.exe file from its CD or from another computer. I’ll provide you Windows 7’s default explorer.exe file from a fresh Windows 7, and tell you how you can copy it into your computer. Just let me know, is it 32bit Windows or 64bit Windows.
    Do you have another computer and a pen drive (flash drive) to copy this file?

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    So it seems like a problem in starting explorer.exe file.

    1) What exactly happens when you start explorer.exe file from task manager?

    2) If option 1 doesn’t work then one option remains: repair your ‘Windows Startup‘ through Windows 10 CD – Boot your computer from Windows 10 bootable CD, select the option ‘repair your Windows‘ then select advanced and finally select ‘Startup Repair‘.

    Please keep me updated.

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    It seems like a problem in the RAM. If your computer beeps once, its means it is OK. If the beeps over and over (Continue beeping), it means your RAM is faulty.

    Do one thing:  remove all 3 RAMs from your computer and put them one by one and check which one is faulty. For an Example: put number 1 RAM and then start your PC, if the computer continues beeping and has NO display, it means the RAM is faulty. Don’t use that RAM.

    Sometimes the RAM starts up normally but gets stuck while using it for a long time. So make sure the connected RAM is in working condition.

    For black screen with cursor issue, please answer the following question.

    1) Do you see the taskbar on the black screen?

    2) Is your computer showing desktop icons in safe mode?

    3) What exactly happens when you press alt + ctrl + del keys in combination on the back screen?

    4) What happens when you press alt + ctrl + del keys in combination? Does the task manager open up or not?

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    In which software are you getting this restore button? Could you please provide a screenshot of that so that I can understand it better.

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    If they have charged you for the current year that you don’t want, then you’ll have to contact Avast customer support team directly because only they can cancel your current subscription or make a refund request. Yes, it is possible to cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase or renewal.

    If this doesn’t work for you then follow the following further processes:

    You may contact Avast customer support by phone directly and ask about the refund: 1-844-340-9251 (toll-free)

    Raise tickets on their official forum:

    To unsubscribe for auto-renewal, follow this process:

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    Which restore button are you talking about? Could you please explain a bit more about your concern so that I can help with this.

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    Hi @koda,

    I have created a dedicated page for this back screen with cursor problem. I request you to please try it once if you haven’t tried it yet:

    Keep me updated.

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    Make sure one thing, your windows defender is turned off completely. Sometimes when you have two antivirus enabled in an account then this type of problem may occur.

    If this does not happen to you, then uninstall the latest Windows update from the computer or try clean boot your computer except Trend-micro one.

    If this may be incompatible with the new Windows 10 update, then see this:

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    Maybe the IP address of your router has been changed since it was replaced. Since it has been changed, the communication with your computer and printer through router is broken. In this case, you’ll need to re-configure the printer by reinstalling its driver & software. Don’t forget to uninstall the driver completely before planning to reinstall it.

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