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    I have already created a dedicated article for this particular issue (GPU over heating), where I have explained the fix on how to solve this issue. Please check out the article and let me know: https://www.techsupportall.com/how-to-fix-gpu-overheating-problem/

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    The last thing I forgot to suggest to you is: create a new user profile of your Windows and then reboot your computer. Afterwards, login to your new user profile that you have just created and check if the same issue persists with the new profile as well. If the issue still persists, it means it is a hardware issue.

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    Okay, by the way the Ethernet card looks like this:

    ethernet card on laptop

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    Yes, uninstall all of them. But before uninstalling the WiFi driver, take a backup of your WIFI adapter driver so that if it doesn’t install automatically then you can install it manually. Download the driver from its official website.

    You can try this once but the problem seems like a hardware problem with your Ethernet adapter.

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    The Ethernet adapter is not listed on the “Network Adapter” page or on the “Device Manager” (even under “Other Devices”), which is an exact sign that your Ethernet card is not being detected.

    Try the following steps:

    1) Download and run this Net Adapter Repair Tool. – It has all the commands that you said microsoft guys ran in the command prompt.

    Disclaimer: In step 2, if the driver doesn’t install itself after you restart the computer, your internet connectivity might hamper.

    2) Uninstall all the devices under the “Network Adapter” from “Device Manager” and reboot your computer. It will be reinstalled automatically when your computer is rebooted.

    3) Open your laptop cover and reinstall the network adapter – remove it and place it again.

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    Please provide one more screenshot of your network adapter page – where all the network adapters are listed. To open to the “Network Adapter” page: press Window+R keys together to open the RUN box and type there NCPA.CPL and press the OK button, the network adapter page will open up. Please provide that page’s screenshot. After that, I can suggest further steps.

    Like this:



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    Sure, I will help you with that.
    There are two conditions when a device is connected to a computer: either it is shown in the device’s category (network adaptor) or it goes to “other devices” in the “device manager.” If the driver is installed for the device, it goes to its category; otherwise, it goes to “other devices.”

    If your device is connected to your computer, it must be listed in its category (network adaptor) or under “other devices” in the device manager. So first, make sure that your Realtek Ethernet controller is detected or not in the “device manager.”

    If it isn’t found in either “network adaptor” or “other devices,” it means that your Realtek card isn’t physically connected to the laptop properly or that it has a hardware problem. To fix this issue, open the laptop’s back cover, remove the network card, and then re-insert it. Don’t forget to clean both of its ends.

    If you can provide me with a screenshot from the device manager, then it will be very easy for me to diagnose the issue for you. When you take a screenshot, make sure that all of the other devices and networks are properly expanded and shown.

    Through the command prompt, you can apply the command to a particular card, even though it must be detected by your computer. If your card is not detected on your computer, the command won’t work.

    Try updating your network card driver, here it is: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/r0per07w.exe

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    This is not related to your computer’s time, it is related to the website’s SSL certification validation. It might be possible that the website certificate has gone expired. And some it works or some it doesn’t. So make sure about that. Ask the website owner about it. If this is not the case then try the following fix and let me know.

    Try to change the time zone (any other time zone) and reboot your computer, don’t shutdown, just reboot it.  After restarting, change the time back to yours and let me know if it works for you.

    If this doesn’t work, then reset your Google Chrome settings to default factory settings. This will help, but make sure you take a backup of your bookmarks and saved password as it may be lost while resetting it.

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    Do you want to just turn off and on the Camera of your laptop? There is no switch to turn it off in Windows. You can disable it from the device manager. It is the simplest and easiest way to turn off your Laptop camera. If you are facing any other problems with the camera then you may troubleshoot the Camera with the help of this article: https://www.techsupportall.com/reinstall-microsoft-camera-app/

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    Please check this article for this particular issue:


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    To download and setup Windows 7 theme on a Windows 10 computer, follow this article’s steps: https://www.techsupportall.com/download-windows-7-theme-for-windows-10/

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    Try the following advanced tools to remove adware.

    1) Download Adwcleaner and run its scan once.
    2) Download Zemana and run its scan.
    3) Download HitmanPro and run its scan.


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    It depends on how many files are on your computer but usually it takes 10-45 minutes. If there is any problem in using Adware Removal Tool, please let me know with more explanation!! It would be my pleasure to help you.

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    Yes, you can easily retrieve your Windows 7 computer product key by getting this article help. After getting the product key you can easily upgrade it to Windows 10. You can upgrade to Windows 11 as well, but your hardware should support Windows 11 operating system.

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    Hi Rolla,

    Most of the time the cause of this type of  problem would be the Graphic card gone faulty (Hardware issue). If the diagnosis shows the same result, then you’ll have to get it repaired. Follow the following suggestions.

    1) Uninstall and then reinstall the Graphic driver of your graphics card.

    2) Shut down your desktop computer and open the CPU and pull the graphic card out. Connect your monitor’s VGA cable to the built-in basic display card VGA port. This display-card  has built-in with the computer’s motherboard.

    3) If you are already connected to the on-board VGA display port, then it means there is some hardware problem with the Motherboard or processor itself.

    4) As of till diagnosis, it doesn’t look like a software problem, it seems like a hardware faulty problem.


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