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    Thanks for your reply. Could you please share our tool’s scan logs with us? so that we can check and fix it. Here’s a guide on how to share scan logs with us:

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    Yes, it will work with all the realtek cards. Here’s their LAN Driver: Download Link

    The Realtek LAN onboard card provides a 10/100Mbps speed as well as data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps via its RJ-45 connector when it’s running at full capacity. It also features a maximum data transfer rate of 2Gbps when it’s running at half capacity.

    Right now, I am on Acer’s Veriton E430 specification page, but they haven’t provided such details. I got this detail from another website. According to this website, your E430 Motherboard can support speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s over a local network or on the Internet.

    If you would like to know your network speed in Windows 10 then check the “link speed details” on the network page. Here’s a step-by-step¬† guide on how to check your network card speed.

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    This means that you’re getting a “System Disabled” error instead of prompting the BIOS password.

    Frankly speaking, if you have forgotten the BIOS password then you’ll have to clear the BIOS battery to make it RESET. Check out this video tutorial to do so:

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    If the full feature driver doesn’t work then try to install its basic driver as well: Download QHMPL WiFi basic driver.

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    You may use the following driver: Download Driver. It will work on QHMPL1218UL wifi dongle as well.

    Alternatively, we’ll help you provide the requested driver. However, if you provide the hardware ID of your WiFi adapter then it would be more helpful to search for its driver in our database. Here’s how you can check the hardware ID of any computer device.

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    I have a few tips to resolve this issue:

    1) Check to see if your antivirus is blocking Hitmanpro. If so, keep it whitelisted.

    2) Restart your computer in “safe mode with networking” mode and try to register Hitmanpro with the license key there.

    3) If this doesn’t work, then disable your antivirus for a while and then try to register it now.

    4) If step 3 doesn’t work for you, then I suggest you uninstall the HitmanPro application completely from the computer and then re-download it again and try to register it now with the same key.

    Please keep me updated with the results.

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    In order to fix this rebooting issue, you will have to diagnose it step-by-step. My name is Ashok, and I’ll be assisting you with that. You just need to keep me updated with the results.

    I am sharing some diagnostic steps with you below. Please apply them one by one and do let me know if there is any problem in applying the steps

    Let’s get started……

    Reboot the computer in safe mode and check if the same problem is occurring in safe mode as well.

    Scenario 1: If everything works well in safemode, it means there is a problem with applications, so apply the following steps to resolve the issue.

    Scenario 2: If the safe mode does not work properly and you are experiencing the same issue, it indicates that there is a problem with Windows itself. In this case, please don’t apply the following steps. Do let me know if you are on this.


    1) Start your computer in safe mode.

    2) Make sure you don’t have two antiviruses running simultaneously on this PC. If so, remove the one you don’t like.

    3) Uninstall all the unwanted / unknown applications from your computer’s control panel.

    4) Remove/disable all unwanted/unknown browser add-ons/extensions.

    5) Remove / disable all the unwanted / unknown applications from your computer’s startup – from MSCONFIG and other sources.

    6) Unwanted or unknown events in the event manager should be removed or disabled.

    7) Once you’ve completed all of these steps, restart your computer in normal mode to see if everything is fixed or if you’re still experiencing the same issue. If it doesn’t fix, then apply the 8th step as well.

    8) Open the event viewer and check for any errors that occur while your computer is restarting. If you get the error there, then open it for the details and find the source file and uninstall its associated application.

    That’s it for now. Please keep me updated with the results.

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    Hi Muka,

    For this particular issue, I would like to refer you to this particular solution:

    Additionally, I want to give you a trick (quick solution) as well, that really worked for me last time. Just plug this pen drive to your android phone and re-format the pen drive through your mobile phone. It should be reformatted that way.

    Please keep me updated.

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    We have created a dedicated page where we have mentioned the steps to fix this error 0x0000011b printer Error that you have displayed. Please check that out:

    Please keep me informed on the outcome.

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    The tool (Adware Removal Tool) will be scanned for Adware-infected files and clean them up, but it is not able to catch Malware yet. If you face any difficulties in removing the adware then do let me know again here.


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    Sure, I’ll send you its driver and software. Can you send me a picture of the QHMPL device that you have, please?

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    The battery might have gone drained completely, try to connect to the power supply and then check it after 15 minutes. If the problem still persists then the it could be a hardware issue. Call their customer support to get it repaired.

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    Does this happen with every application or any particular application?

    Have you tried to reboot the computer? Try to power drain your computer / laptop. Here’s a guide to power-drain the computer:

    Additionally, we recommend the following additional adware removal tools that will help you in solving the problem. Please see them below.

    Download the Adcleaner and run its scan once.
    Download Zemana and run its scan.
    Download HitmanPro and run its scan.

    Note: All the listed tools are free or trial edition for 30days. Use them and then uninstall them before 30days, you don’t need to buy.

    TSA Team (

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    Can you provide the whole error message with me here? Are you getting this error message on your printer screen or computer screen? Also provide me with your model number.

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