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    It seems like a hardware issue. Either your monitor’s data cable becomes loose or defective. Might be a possible problem with your monitor itself. You can start troubleshooting but unplugging and plugging the monitor’s data cable from both sides. If it doesn’t work then replace the data cable. If both don’t work then it means the problem is in the monitor itself. If so, then get it repaired.

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    To fix the “Adware Helper” issue, try the following:

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    It seems like either your startup programs are too many or your computer is heating up high. To diagnose the issue, disable all the startup programs from your computer and then check. To diagnose the high temperature issue, use the “Core Temp” application on your computer. You’ll get all the data in it.

    Do let me know what you’ll find.

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    Thanks for contacting us. 😊

    Perform the following 2 steps on your safari. If it doesn’t work then try the last 3rd step.

    1) Remove all unwanted / unknown add-ons from safari.

    2) Set up a homepage of your choice.

    3) Reset your safari browser to its default factory settings.

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    I would like to share two more methods to fix this “write protection” issue that I have experienced recently. Please apply the following methods:

    1) There might be a problem with the port itself (not in the card) where you are connecting this card. Simply use a simple SD/Micro Card hub and connect your card to that. Make sure to use a different port than what you have used before.

    2) Might be the card cannot not be formatted through the computer, you’ll need to insert this card to any of your android devices (Phone/Tabs) and there you can easily re-format the card.

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    Try to change the default app, like this:

    Otherwise, it seems like your EXE default file association has been changed to “Media Center” . You’ll need to reset the EXE file association to its default settings (factory settings). I am giving you an default file of EXE file association which will reset your exe file association. Open the given zip file and execute the inside .reg file and click on “Next” or “Yes” to update your EXE file association default app.

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    Follow the steps below and let me know the results.

    1) Install / Update Microsoft C++ Library

    2) Install / Update the latest Dot.Net framework.

    3) Run that application in administrator mode (Run as administrator)

    4) Make sure you are logged in to your Administrative Privileges account.

    5) Run the application in compatibility mode.

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    Try this article. This will help you fix the problem:

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    There are several driver files and registry paths are different in Windows 11 than Windows 10. Without reinstalling it won’t be possible to start printing again. Eventually, reinstall the driver on the client’s computer.

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    We have created a dedicated article on this, please check it out:
    And do let me know if it doesn’t work.

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    Yes, this is the main cause of NO boot.

    Bad clusters are also called bad sectors. They are a small area on a disk which is not readable by the system. A bad cluster can be caused by several different factors including physical damage, file system corruption, and so on.

    A bad cluster is usually caused by physical damage to the disk or file system corruption. Bad sectors are often caused by wear-and-tear on the disk platter, or from power surges or brownouts.

    How to backup Raid 0

    A Raid 0 array is a setup of two or more hard drives in which the data on all drives is simultaneously accessible. This type of setup offers speed and redundancy, but it has one major flaw: If one drive fails, all data on the array is lost. To avoid this, we need to backup the Raid 0 array into an external drive.

    There are two ways to do this:

    1) Backup the Raid 0 array manually by connecting an external drive to your computer and copying all files from your hard drive to it.

    2) Use a third-party software such as Acronis True Image that can automatically back up your hard disk with just one click.

    The best way to set up a raid 0 drive is to use the software that comes with your motherboard. You can also use third party software for this task.

    The raid 0 setup will allow you to take backups at any time without the need for any interruption.

    Raid 0 is a type of disk array that combines multiple hard disks into one logical unit. It is also known as striping. Raid 0 provides the fastest read and write speeds, but it does not provide any redundancy.

    The steps to set up raid 0 HDD are:

    1) Create a raid 0 volume with two or more hard drives

    2) Format the volume

    3) Create a backup plan for the data on the volume

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    It is possible that the monitor is not receiving the video signal from the computer. To fix this, you will need to plug in a different monitor and restart your computer. If the monitor still does not work, it might be time to replace it.

    If you are using a laptop, try plugging in an external monitor and see if it works. If it does not work, there might be an issue with your laptop’s graphics card or motherboard.

    Eventually, restart your computer in safe mode. If the problem still persists while in safemode, this means that this could be a hardware issue.

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    I am still waiting for your reply. Do let me know if you face any problems while providing the scan logs.

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