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(Solved) How to fix Print spooler not running error ?

Guide to Fix Print Spooler Service Errors.

About Print Spooler Service.

Print spooler service is a service which gives the print command to printer. It is manage the multiple print commands and gives to the print one by one when last print is done. Printer spooler service works with two system files spoolss.dll / spoolsv.exe and one service.


One of following error you may be occurs when give the print command.

  • Local print spooler is not running. please restart the spooler.
  • Print spooler is not working.
  • Print spooler won’t start.
  • Printer spooler service can’t start.
  • Print Spooler service getting the error message while printing.
  • Says, start the print spooler service first, then try to print again.


There are lots of causes of “print spooler is not working” issue. Actually, most of the Viruses and Trojans does target the “print spooler service” to corrupt. they can also corrupt the registry of print spooler service because Print spooler service is only the one service which will effect most of the users who use the printer. Users wants to take print out however they getting the error message “Print spooler service has stopped please restart the service, the local print spooler is not running. please restart the spooler”.

How to Fix “Print Spooler Service”

In order to fix print spooler service. Run our tool to fix it, click on below link to download “Print Spooler Repair Tool” (Freeware). It will reset print spooler service as default.

Download Print Spooler Repair Tool.exe (Freeware) for windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.


After finished, please Restart your computer, and then try to printout something, your print spooler problem will be fixed.

What Errors it can solve.

  • Print spooler service is not working
  • Print spooler error 1053
  • Print spooler error 1068
  • Print spooler error 1058
  • Print spooler service can’t start

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Cannot add printer error messages comes “print spooler service had stopped please start the print spooler service”

Don’t worry about this error message here is the proper solution for these type of spooler problems. after this fix your problem will be solved,  Your spooler will be repaired automatically, and get start, it will restore the spooler service as per default stage, which they does usually.

Please download this tool, it will fix all the corruption of  print spooler. you just need to run this repiar tool (Freeware) and restart the computer once, after restart your spooler problem will be solved.

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  1. dear,sir i am using this tool . but steel problem not sloved .
    frist i am install the toools . than restart machine . after restart machine print ok ,
    but next print in not good , error this print spooler services not start

    pls solution me.

    • Hi,

      The possibility is that our “spooler repair tool” did not run properly due to some reasons, might be the reason was the tool did not have the administrative rights to do so. Anyway, don’t worry we are giving you a manually solution for that.

      More advanced steps
      1. Open Services.msc page
      2. Go to “print spooler” service and then do double click it.
      3. Go to Recovery tab.
      4. Set what that service should do when it fails.
      5. Set first Failure as ‘Restart the Service’
      6. Set second failure as ‘Restart the Service’
      7. Then click on apply and Ok
      8. Ensure that the RPC service in running stage.

      Now do restart your computer.
      If the problem still persist then please let me know, or you can send me a e-mail directly at info@techsupportall.com

    • Thanks, that old print spooler of mine (windows 8) kept dying.

      Put your fix on it and it’s fixed.

      Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for your spooler repair tool, it’s worked for me and it was very quickly, i have windows 7 64bit. thanks a lot, we spend lots of time on researching for that but did not get the solution, However i got your tool and it’s worked like a charm…

  3. thanks,after hours of looking and trying so many things ,this was fixed in less than 1 minute.

  4. Dear Sir,I would request your support to deal with my current error of print spooler in windows 8 64bit. The service of print spooler is worked, but i still can not add printer. the window error message was displayed when i click on add printer. i don\’t know why the service is working. I tried with your repair tool, but it still not work. please help me to solve this problems. thanks,sara

  5. Solved the problem for me on my Windows 7 machine, thanks a lot.

  6. i try to install it.. hope it work

  7. fantastic. Just used your Printer Spool Repair Windows & and it fixed my print spool not starting, after hours of frustration

  8. I have downloaded this windows 7 print spooler file and it’s worked perfectly fine. Thanks

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    that is working !!!!!! thanks

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  13. Put computer into safe mode but it states ‘not connected to the internet’. Perhaps start windows in safe mode with command prompt? Can’t run an internet program if there is no internet connection!
    I appreciate your time,


  14. spooler problems fixed
    tanx so much i havent been able to fix it for a while an nw i can .

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    my problem is i dont know how to fix the spooler

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    Many thanks,

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  31. I bought a printer HP Deskjet 1515. I am having problem in printing with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. With my PC/laptop I can scan & print i.e. Diagnostic print & alignment print (HP software provided) successfully but from other applications i.e. Photoshop, Word or Windows test print, printing is not possible. I am not getting any error message. It is working with Windows 8 (tried with HP notebook) and it is also working with Windows 7 Professional. Please give appropriate guidance. Is it possible Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit is not working properly? Please give appropriate guidance.

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    For Soluation

  34. My computer error:
    1. The print spooler service is not running.
    2. windows could not start the print spooler on local computer error code 129: 0x81
    help me!

  35. so I ran your tool, rebooted and tried again, for some reason my spoolers still are not running and I can install my printer – its giving me error code 216 //0xd8 – i am on windows 7

    • If you ran our tool and didn’t get any error message while running, it means your print spooler is successfully restored back to factory setting. But in your case seems like there must a problem in your windows. We recommend you a Tool (Combofix Tool ^(http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/combofix/dl/12/)) which will fix windows issue. Please try Combofix tool and let us know again.

  36. printer error

  37. I ran Printer-Spool-Repair (on Windows 7) after a print job was stuck in the Q saying it was printing (but would not print). In the past I would run Services to RESTART PRINT SPOOLER which would release the print job. The only thing your tool did was to release my print job and restart my computer. However, after I ran another print sussecfully, the next print job would hang up again. Any ideas?


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  51. Can we be notified if a solution is found for 8.1 /x64?

    And for those who do not know how they can print:
    1. Right click start icon
    2. Select ‘Run’
    3. Enter ‘services.msc’ (without the quotes)
    4. Click OK
    5. Scroll to ‘Print Spooler’ and dblclick on it
    6. Click on ‘Start’

  52. I was having a problem installing my Dymo thermal printer on my desktop, As a hunch I downloaded your software and it worked! I will be donating to you next week my friend ( payday) I assure you. Great job!

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  93. Running XP on my back-up computer, printer stopped running. Tried to update drivers, no go. Contacted Samsung who spent 20 mins who tried four times to install their universal driver. No help. Finally got Win error message Print spooler service not running. Checked your amazing website, found suggested auto-fix, tried it and fixed in a flash! Many thanks… you guys are the best!

  94. Hello. And Bye.

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  96. I’m afraid the tool still doesn’t work for windows 8.1

    • The newer version properly works with windows 8.1 as well. But as you stated it did not work in your computer. So please provide us your exact problem which you are facing and also let us know if our tool gives you any error message?

  97. I used it and it worked, but the next day I had to use it again, will I have to use it every time I restart my computer?

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    But, it still won’t print.
    All it gives me is a save option for the page to documents, no print option.

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  105. Oh my god your method finally works, and all the problems are fixed properly!
    Thank you for saving my time on this annoying problem, and stopped me from re-install the whole system ^_^
    I’ll share my experiences with friends and certainly about your vital support!
    Once again, a great THANK YOU!

  106. Did not work for me but I have tried everything. When I attempt to start the print spooler from Service.msc I get an “error 0x800706b9.

    I have tried everything that is available currently even close to this particular issue; even a great video posted by this forum that I really thought was going to solve the problem but still did not.

    There are currently no printers listed and there is in fact no printer option in the ‘Device Manager’ settings either. Could this be a virus? It occurred just after a Windows Update and upon the installation of Webroot security software from Best Buy. My Windows Restore is not functioning either.

    If ANYONE has a solution to this problem please let me know.



  107. Windows7 with HP Color Laser Jet – CM 1015 MFP.

    I tried your tool, I tried to fix it manually, but nothing. All started, I think, with a BSOD reported by my wife. After a restart and a “delete restauration data and continue with nomal Windows start-up”, everything seemed to be normal until I tried to print. In Device Manager it shows the printer but it is not default, and context menu shows only the troubleshooting option, wich doesn’t work. Also, add printer is not working: it either gives an error about spooler not starting (1068): The service stopped unexpectedly, or an error about Windows can’t open Add printer. Error 0x000006be – Operation could not be completed (something about windows firewall as I’ve read somewhere). I’ve tried, with windows firewall on and off, to start manually the spooler service, after 2-3 tries it goes on, but when clicking add printer, it immediatly turns off. Other then re-installing windows, I don’t know what to do anymore… And that will be an option after a system upgrade only… Virus scan negative with multiple antiviruses. Thank you for your great work anyways…

  108. Thank you so very much! I’ve been trying and trying for two days to figure out how to get my printer to work again!! My kids had homework they needed to print out, my oldest son had scholarship applications to print out and turn in….and the darn printer would NOT work!!!Someone sent me a link to your page and in under a minute the printer is working again!!! You are wonderful!! Thank you, thank you!!

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  110. it is an old xp Hp Pavilion
    running Lexmark x5200
    after a untility clean up and defrag
    spooler stopped working
    Had to uninstall and reinstall to get drivers and spooler to respond
    Thought old system was TOAST but then software responed and gave me Lexmark Centre and ink level showed on clicking
    Thank You for this valuable tool

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  117. I tried your printer spooler repair tool in my Windows 7 OS. I stopped the print spooler service as admin before running your repair tool. The repair tool reported a successful finish and it restarted the printer service. Looking at the spoolsv and spoolss files in Windows Explorer, I did not notice a new modification date. Also, I noticed that the file sizes were those of the old spooler files. My conclusion is that nothing was done but the restart of my printer service with the same old files. Your response would be appreciated.

  118. Hello, this tool did not work for me neither. I tried everything found on the net.. until I disable Printer Notifications and Disable Advanced Printing Features under Printing Preferences/Advanced. Thanks!!

  119. Hi,

    Extremely thankful for the piece of advice you gave here. It wonderfully worked & have no issues now whatsoever. Am able to add the printer & also the error about print spool no more appears. This is the only way out if you have installed many printers in your system earlier. Thanks a lot again.

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  128. Not working for my Windows 8.1. If I create new document in CorelDRAW, it takes forever to open, but when I stop Print Spooler, CorelDRAW files open instantly. And when I start Print Spooler, CorelDRAW stuck again when open and/or printing files.

    What is the relation between Print Spooler and opening files in CorelDRAW…? It’s so frustrating, I have to restart Print Spooler many times to make it works. And when it’s working, it’s fine until I turn off /restart my PC.

  129. My computer had no record of any installed printers and I got a message when I tried printing a PDF doc on XP that my print spooler is not working, but after installing your product and ‘repairing’ it, it works perfectly again. Thank you!

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  131. I have been trying to print out resume’s and my printer just seemed to have problem after problem and everywhere I looked had solutions that didn’t fix diddly-squat. After much frustration and doing search after search, I finally found a link to this repair service, and it totally fixed the problem. Huzzah! Thanks!!

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  134. I cant fix printer Spoler. I did First Control Panal- Administration tools – Printer spooler – double click – select automatic – start – apply – Ok but printer bring one time then it be stop. please help

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    give me please solution.

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  179. Hi, this is not work in windows 10 i am getting this error

    Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.

    • As of now, our tool is not compatible with windows 10 operating system. Our team is still working on this particular issue in windows 10 and will resolve it as soon as possible. We’ll update the status of the research as soon as it will done.
      Thanks for your reply on this matter.

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  184. The repair tool worked perfectly. The computer was upgraded from W7 to W10 and the print spooler stopped working immediately thereafter. The service did show HTTP listed as a dependency, no HTTP service listed. Performing the manual steps to correct that did not fix the entire problem, neither did performing all the other manual steps. To tool worked perfectly. Thanks!

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  191. Happily we have announce that we have solved this print spooler “Error 0x800706b9: How to fix Error 0x800706b9: Not enough resources are available to complete this operation” issue. To fix this Error 0x800706b9 you have to perform the manual steps. We are sharing this research with all you guys: https://www.techsupportall.com/how-to-fix-print-spooler-error-0x800706b9-not-enough-resources-are-available-to-complete-this-operation/

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  193. Hi. This is not working in my windows 10 laptop with Hp printer.
    I used this twice already after my printer stopped printing for no reasons at all.
    I used this and it said “SUCCEssFUL’.
    But the HP printer still not printing at all.
    I checked the following and all are normal: ink level, pc detection, paper jams, pc restart, printer restart, document in queue-cleared.

    THIs is not working.

    • Hi,
      We’ll help you if you explain more about the issue.
      1. What happens when you give a print command? explain more about it.
      2. Did you get any error message when you give print command?
      3. Which operating system do you have?
      4. How many printers do you use on this PC?

  194. WOW!!! It worked great! I have been without print capabilities on my Vista system for the past few months, as I was unable to find any fixes that worked or put more time into trying to resolve the issue. Thought maybe I had a virus. Found your tool, downloaded, did the fix and rebooted, and was printing within minutes. Thank you so much- I will be donating. GREAT TOOL!

  195. 4 hours farting around and your download worked in less than 5 minutes. Thank You!

  196. go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers location and delete the all installed drivers in driver folder.
    and re-install the printer again It will work and resolve the issue on network-domain printer

  197. It worked perfectly for me!! Thank you so much! It said successfully finished and once I printed, all the error messages had been removed 🙂

  198. I have a dell xps with windows 8.1. The printer is a Hp laserjet 2025. The print spooler was corrupt and caused the printer to continually turn on and off with an error7 9 msg. Your spooler autofix software repaired the spooler. The printer works great. Thanks guys for a quality product.

  199. Thanks. Very good program!

  200. Windows 10, worked perfectly…so far.

  201. great work…..unbelievable…..!!!!

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  203. Print Spooler Repair Tool really work, my problem solved. Thank u so much.

  204. I’ve tried this print spooler repair tool without any difficulties and works successfully. Thanks.

  205. your tool is very good i am solved the problems

  206. Worked perfectly on Windows 7. Been struggling with this for hours but all sweet now.

  207. Used to work, doesn’t work or fix anything anymore,..
    I hit Repair, it says fixed it shows the printer is repairs but then instantly it is NOT.

    • If our tool finishd without error means that your print spooler starts fine but it stopped working just after it start. Do one thing, start and stop your service manually from service.msc page and let us know if you get any error message.

  208. Installed the repair tool, printer works great again. This was after 3 different repair shop visits. Thank you!!

  209. awesome tool I’ve lost my printer several times and can download the repair tool and get it back in roughly a minute….excellent job people

  210. awesome tool..Salute 2 u all for dis wonderfull job ..Thakyou Very much
    My printer is working smoothly now..

  211. Thank you guys. This worked after spending hours trying other methods. Good work and much appreciated.

  212. Thank you very much. the problem has been successfully resolved

  213. Downloaded and ran repair tool to fix Error 1068, get “Successfully finished” dialogue, but print spooler still does not work. Services tells me it and all its dependencies are running, have stopped and restarted all but to no avail. Problem appears to have started with W8.1 upgrade. Printer is networked through homegroup, so I deleted it so as to add it again, but cannot do that because spooler needs to be running. Latest drivers are installed. Help!

    • OK, Please try to start your print spooler service manually and let us know if you get any error message.

      • Started spooler manually ok with no error message with no error message, reset it to auto, shut down and restarted, and services shows me it is still running, though RPC is not. Tried to add printer and found that it did not work because Network Discovery was not running. Tried to start that but the dependencies UpNP, Device Host, SSDP Discovery, and Function Discovery would not start and each time I tried, I received the 1068 error. DNS Client started OK, and remains running. RPC is also a dependency of Function Discovery, which is where I found it was not working. Every time I apply start changes to these dependencies, they reset to manual start and don’t run. HTTP seems to be the common service in both the spooler and Network Discovery dependencies, but it does not appear in the services list, and I have full functionality in my web browser.
        Wondering if a clean install could be the only solution.

        • Main cause could be the windows 8.1 upgrade was not done properly. Anyway, we are giving you the solution to fix this as well. We have made an article on windows 10 upgrade issues, which you can apply on your windows 8.1 upgrade as well. Please try it, it should work definitely.
          Please let us know if doesn’t work.
          Please follow the following article steps: Follow both of the methods in the article, method1 and method2.

          • We have a satellite connection, which on many occasions has caused corruption of downloaded .exe files, possibly due to the uneven, even stop start download speeds, which is why I suspected the 8.1 upgrade from the start. Was considering upgrading laptop and two PC’s to W10, and then a clean install of W10 on the ailing computer. However, I read that the spooler problem is occasionally still a problem in W10 [and has been around since XP], hence the clean install idea. Decide this morning to go ahead with the W10 upgrade, and not trusting my satellite link, went to the local library for the free wi-fi to download the Media Creation Tool to the laptop.That downloaded ok, then the W10 download froze at 6% for forty minutes and never recovered. You can probably understand why I never buy lottery tickets.
            Will try your suggestions above before I go any further with W10, so if nothing else, it may create answers for others.

          • Don’t install windows 10. Try our given suggested article’s steps on windows 8.1. Try it and let us know if doesn’t work.

  214. Cheers mate the tool worked like a charm & has also saved me a lot of trouble. Hope to see more of such innovative tools & sw-s from you guys. Also I would like to suggest a little improvement on this great SW – if you could tweak it to auto-call the services page (i.e. the page which opens using services.msc) after the change so then the users can change the option for startup to be “Automatically”; as it is not known to many, i suppose.

    • Your most welcome!! Sure, we’ll definitely implement your suggestion in our next version.
      Again thank you for sharing your thought of our tool. It is enough to inspire us to do something more better.

  215. @echo off
    REM Stops and Starts the Print Spooler service
    net stop “print spooler”
    net start “print spooler”
    echo Print Spooler service has been restarted

    Please copy and paste above cmd in notepad and save as .bat file and .put its to Scheduled task every two minutes . it will restate spooler

    • Yogesh,
      If this suggestion is directed to me, you may need to elaborate a little, you’ve mostly lost me after ‘REM’, though I do know what a cmd is. Which part of the first four lines is the cmd I need to copy? I’m lost again after “notepad’. Regards. PS, only REM I know is a band form the ’70’s

      • Yes you are right, I think the syntax was wrong. Here we provide you the right syntax. You just need to copy the following two lines in the notepad and then save to .bat file format:

        Net stop spooler
        Net start spooler

        But I don’t understand why you put it into schedule task to keep print spooler service start. Because this is not the right way to keep start your print spooler service.

  216. Worked for me, thank you so very much!

  217. I LOVE THIS. I’ve been trying to setup my printer for the past 24 hours!!! I’ve watched like 10 YouTube videos, and this fixed everything in a matter of seconds. AWESOME. I’m so grateful, thank you so much!

  218. windows 10 ASUS computer — your print spooler repair tool worked wonderfully –very grateful — was able to install the printer —checked it completely works (it’s an all in one) and rebooted to make sure no issue there and all is well — thanks again

  219. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, that’s all I can say!! Thank you for you generous knowledge

  220. WIN 7 Pro SP 1, AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Minolta Magicolor 3730. Worked like a charm. I sincerely appreciate your help!

  221. Man, thank you so much I mean your just a saint, you are and inpirational leader to your country,to my country, to the world, to this website, to the internet, to every human being on earth,to every fish-dog-rabbit-goat-lettuce that has ever breathed and finally to me.

    I will never know how to say thank to such a wonderful man, I honestly mean it; I thank you so much. Thank you so much for not making a rubbish virus but instead making a glorious and amazing piece of software.

    If God is real may he give you a beautiful wife (or husband), 3.6 amazing children and goat like no other.

    For the past three days I have had no other thoughts than of you your silky hair, glistening eyes, shiny teeth and mysterious nostrils.

    You have allowed me to continue my life, allowing my family to live without fear.
    Thank you good sir for fixing my printer spooler.

    (P.S I sincerely apologise if your a girl I thought you had a boys name, if you are a girl than that’s pretty annoying because I’d have to change an enourmous amount of my speech)

    Thank you, thank you and thank you Pawan Kumar and freinds/fellow glorious workers for fixing my printer spooler.

    • It’s my pleasure! You’re most welcome! Your appreciation is enough to inspire us to do more better. Happy to know that our tool has fixed your print spooler issue. Thanks

  222. successfully resolved.very good software.thanks a lot.

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    The installation of the printerdriver for epson 432 win7-64 crashed and this solve the problem

  225. Worked great for my HP Envy 20. So happy after wasting all afternoon trying to install a new printer. I will be donating

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  228. Tried Microsoft’s fixit tool for print spooler problems and it didn’t work. Yours did! Hats off! Well done!

  229. It worked .Thank you. I had been trying to delete printing command for 4 days. Today I had more time to attend to it. It took some time to find this but it worked within 3 minutes.

  230. It worked right away

  231. David Cleavinger

    I was troubleshooting the problem between my mom’s laptop and wireless printer. Was looking for driver issues, updating drivers, generally beating my head on the wall. Finally got set up with a helpful wizard from HP and began running through it. Was directed to this tool after I could not start the print spooler. It worked. Thanks, I don’t know if or not I would have ever solved the problem without your tool fixing the spooler.

    Windows 8.1, connected wirelessly to hp photosmart 5520e

  232. Great fix for printer spooler problem in Windows 10. Easy to use tool and fixed it straight away. Many thanks.

  233. I can’t believe it worked. I hope it’s permanent

  234. Thanks..

    This tool work prefectly..

  235. Awesome guys, been struggling with my printer for 4 hours before we realised it’s a spooler issue, you guys are amazing !

    • Great!! You’re welcome!!

      • it worked but eventually the spooler subsystem app error message keeps showing again. all of printers listed in printers and faxes are disappeared. im using windows xp pro sp3 32 bit and epson printer L120 model. please advise, thanks.

        • You’re welcome!!
          To fix this Print spooler subsystem app error message, follow the following instruction given below:

          1. Go to Programs and Features under Control panel –>> click on turn Windows features on or off
          2. You’ll get ‘windows features’ window, click on plus (+) sign of “Print services” or “print & documents services” there.
          3. Un-tick the checkbox of “Remove Internet Printing Client”
          3. Tick the check box of LPD and LPR.
          4. Now restart your computer and install / Add your printer again.

          Let us know if this works for you.

          • I can’t find the Programs and Features under Control Panel.
            I’m using Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit.
            Is there any way to resolve my issue?
            Please advise.

          • Actually in windows XP the option “Turn windows feature on & off” is “Add / Remove Windows Components”. But there is no option to turn on and off “LPD” & “LPR” in windows XP. You can share your complete problem with us in detail, we’ll help you.

            Click on “Start button”
            Click on “Control panel”
            Click on “Add or Remove Program”
            Click on “Add / Remove Windows Components”

  236. So Thanks … So Thanks … So Thanks

  237. Oh my gosh!Thanks a lot. My mom had a very important file to print and it tensed me when i saw the printer spooler crash at the time. Thanks a lot really..Thank you thank you thank you….

  238. After much frustration trying to correct the problem, I finally applied your tool to Windows 7 environment and it works. Great stuff. Will watch carefully to see if problem re-occurs.

  239. Back again. Turned on the pc this morning and the same old ‘print spooler’ problem surfaced – no printers showing and could not add a printer. Ran the tool again (downloaded from website) and it appears all is well again. I will turn the pc off and wait a few hours before turning it on, to see if the problem re-occurs. keep your fingers crossed that printing on the pc will work perfectly.

  240. Thank you so much. This tool has saved me.

  241. Great tool, thankyou fixed my issue in 2mins after spending hours trying other methods.

  242. Windows 10 / HP Deskjet F300 Series

    I’ve tried everything and anything for the last 6 hours straight but nothing worked.
    THIS IS THE ONLY TOOL THAT WORKED and actually helped me!
    Other fix suggestions were so cumbersome, so many instructions BUT they didn’t work in the end.
    On the other hand, all I needed to do was install this tool and it did all the job!
    Thank you sooooo much!

  243. thanks!!! Its works

  244. Really very nice tools thanks

  245. hasan kabipour

    excellent tool. thanks alot.

  246. Excellent Solution giver. Kudos to the team

  247. Used on hp with windows 10, it worked great.

  248. Windows 8.1, Toshiba Satellite-worked great

  249. Thanks for solving my problem,right now I can able to take printout of my printer.

  250. Jorge Oliveira

    A energy flicker shutdown the computer and all installed printers disapeared. This small tool make the service to restablish all printers.

  251. had problem with device and printers no displaying at all. the fix software magically fixed everthing thank you very much you all made my day thank you

  252. Hello, I have tried all of your suggestions and somehow I still have an error. I ran the scan through command prompt and the results came back saying windows could not fix all errors. I have the log files. Am I able to send them to you to check for me please?


    Log Name: System
    Source: Service Control Manager
    Date: 6/9/2016 8:50:36 AM
    Event ID: 7034
    Task Category: None
    Level: Error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Computer: Stuart
    The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 5 time(s).
    Event Xml:




    Print Spooler

    • This error logs doesn’t show the “Faulty path” or faulty program name, normally the error log shows faulty path. Without faulty path we can’t find out the main cause of this issue.
      Do two steps and let me know.
      1. Run our tool in safemode (Print spooler repair tool)
      2. Do manual steps to repair print spooler service manually. Here is the link: Print Spooler Repair Tool.
      Let us know again if this trick doesn’t work.

      • I tried what you said but it’s still not working

        • Ok, No problem, we’ll help you to fix this issue.
          You need follow my next instructions and give me the result what happens.
          1. Open Services page
          2. Find ‘Print Spooler’ service and do double click on it and then click on start button there.
          Please let me know if you get any error message while doing this and its status. After that I can give you further steps.

          • ok I can start it but then it terminates after less than 1 minute. It is not giving me any error message

          • It means any third party application of any system application is crashing printer spooler service. Note down the time when your print spooler crashes. And check computer’s even viewer logs, there must be a log at that time which will show you the main cause of the crashing. And let us know the even logs at info@techsupportall.com then we’ll give you further solution.

  254. Thank you very much…. I can now print after repairing the printing spool problem..

    Appreciated it so muchhh

  255. ok do you mean the computers event viewer logs? I have noticed there are a few errors in there saying the following: Windows cannot load classes registry file.
    DETAIL – The configuration registry database is corrupt.
    Could this have anything to do with it? It doesn’t seem to happen at the same time as the print spooler crashing. In fact I cannot see any logs from other applications that occured at the same time. Where should I be looking: Windows Logs/System or Windows Logs/Application?

  256. wow!! the software was of great help to me. Thanks

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  263. I was helpless after a rough cleanup of my computer ; not able to simply get pdf creator working at least.
    I went on the web, saw an article about this software, ran it and a couple of minutes afterwards, it was working.
    Thanks a lot, great tool !

  264. I tried many things to restart the Spooler myself but i was unsuccessful until i tried the Automatically FixIt Method; this is great!!! Thank you so much!

  265. Dear specialist

    windows xp sp3
    printer hp laserjet 1010
    It works well

  266. This is very helpful to me. More often I had to reinstall my windows xp. Now it makes me easy to work. Thanks.

  267. This program usually solves my spooler problem or conection of our net work printer. But sometimes not solves

  268. Hi, After many years of using Windows XP I never had such unexpected spooler problem…until suddenly today; Your facility did the repair on the very first attempt. Thank you so much.

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